The gate to good food » Restaurant Stripes

Eyes searching, travel trolleys which follow their owners and flight information screens hanging above your head like they’re restaurant menus for countries: Schiphol Airport. For many the start of their vacation, the last step before going back to reality or for good food. Food? Yes, there’s more to it than just a dry hamburger or pre-packaged sandwiches. Restaurant Stripes lifts the ‘Schiphol-bite’ to a new level.

The gate to good food is just a 2 minute walk from Schiphol Plaza at the Sheraton Hotel. While entering the hotel surprised by the difference two minutes can make, I let go of the rushed Schiphol vibe while I enter the building. The spacious layout of the hotel, bright light and luxurious materials make me feel like standing in the middle of a hotel in downtown Manhattan (I’ve actually never been to New York, but watch a millions of American movies so that’s pretty much the same as going there, right?). Rarely do I see a spot so close to Amsterdam City with that much space, great!

restaurant stripes Sharaton
Restaurant Stripes at the Sharaton Schiphol (Source: Sheraton)

The elevator takes me away from the fun looking man-in-suit after work gathering on the ground floor and brings me to Restaurant Stripes. The international appeal also endures on this floor. Everything looks sleek and spacious. There is a digital band passionately playing cover songs, a few men dreaming away while looking at the large assortment of alcoholic beverages behind the bar and a few couples relaxing after a satisfying meal.
It’s a shame that the lights of the restaurant are very bright, too bright. This results in the restaurant looking a little bit more like a lunchroom or business meeting space instead of the cozy wine-drinking-with-candle-light type of restaurant. But, I’ve been told the light dimmers have been ordered, so no worries. Altogether it’s a relaxed atmosphere but I do miss some authenticity and coziness. On the other hand, that makes it really accessible for all type of audiences.

The cuisine is international within a Dutch sauce, baked in the passion for meat. The Dutch dishes can be found on the menu card by simply following the symbolic windmills. A ‘Zaanse Schans’, but a little different. Do not expect grandma’s stew or ‘Febo’ croquettes, in a original way they integrate the somewhat simplistic Dutch cuisine with cultural delights. For example, a ‘Bitterbal’ made of veal, polenta, green peas, black garlic just and apple compote. It even feels a little bit wrong to call it a ‘Bitterbal’. God.. that was tasty.

Menu Restaurant Stripes

Let’s talk meat. The offer is simple but good, all the meat is prepared in a Josper Grill to retain the juiciness but gain the BBQ crispiness. This gift from an animal is the foundation for your main course. Choose your type of meat, varying from a 160g Lady Filet Mignon to a 800g Roasted Prime Rib, the sauce and rub you prefer. To upgrade your dish with some vitamins you can add vegetables (the Quinoa salad is to die for, just saying).

Besides the well-prepared meat, a few pieces of fish and beautiful combined dishes you will find a lover letter to the potato on the menu. Strips shows us that Vincent van Gogh made a great point while creating a painting dedicated to potatoes called ‘De Aardappeleters”, which means potato eaters. You can choose between different potatoes, each with different roots, a different story and different background. Meet Bintje, Nicola, Eigenheimer and Opperdoezer. Yep, still talking about potatoes, how cute! Eat them smashed, fried or out of the oven, it’s up to you.

Butternut squash & yellow lentil Soup Grilled tomatoes


Although the food would be a perfect fit on a lazy Sunday, I understand that you are not too motivated to go to Schiphol just to eat. But in many other situations this » location is actually really nice. Just to mention a few:
» Business appointments, the covered parking of Sheraton makes it ideal
» Flight transfer at Schiphol
»…or just because you missed your train

Whenever you arrive (just like me) three hours before check-in at the airport – just to be safe- and then dying because of the hunger
Or simply because you, as a true Amsterdam local, think its ridiculously far to go to visit your friend in Leiden, and meet up here in the middle.

Restaurant Stripes
Sheraton Schiphol Boulevard 101, Schiphol



*Eva is one of our guest bloggers from Amsterdam. She’s a city girl who only leaves her heals at home when wearing a backpack. Living by the urge to be where she’s not, to explore, experience, fall and get up. You can follow her on Instagram.

Restaurant Bureau » Amsterdam’s Hidden Rooftop

This could well be one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets. Restaurant Bureau is a rooftop restaurant in Amsterdam West with a story of it’s own. Bureau Amsterdam is part of B-Amsterdam. The building was originally build for the IBM headquarters but when they departed it was empty for 12 years until it finally became a new opportunity for start-up businesses. You can book a work spot for as little as 75 euro’s per month or if you’re beginning a new venture you can rent office space and share the building with tons of creative people. You can find restaurant Bureau in a secluded area where you will find businesses, hospitals and other industrial buildings. But this place is definitely worth the extra bicycle ride.

Entrace Restaurant Bureau Amsterdam
We serve people, not titles. The entrance of Bureau

The Rooftop
This one is different than any rooftop you will come across. The rooftop garden was designed and built by Rooftop Doctors and GrownDownTown and you can compare it to a fun park with lot’s of green. There are old car wrecks, a small beach area and a pont with fish. You want a fresh mint tea? You can pick it yourself from the herb garden! Wanna play some Jeu de Boules? No problem. 75{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b} that grows here, you can eat. Herbs and plants are maintained by recycled rainwater that falls on the roof. They even have a strawberry hill with several types of strawberries and a hen of chickens that provide the restaurant with some daily fresh eggs.

Rooftop Restaurant Bureau Amsterdam

The Restaurant
Bureau only opened a few weeks ago and you can feel the buzz, even if they intentionally didn’t want to promote it. “We want our customers by word of mouth and let them experience it for themselves.”- Explains manager Laurens. I was dying to see it so I walked in last Friday to see it with my own eyes. The interior is spacious, yet cozy with a bar molded out of the steel plates that once lay on the roof. The lights are all individually made and you can pull a cord in order to change their height. If you look closely, you can see that they are made out of porcelain plates! Chef Niels Veenvliet (you may know him from restaurant Choux), works with a new menu every 2 months so people come back to taste different flavors. If you love wine you might like the fact that they serve Vinos Naturales at restaurant Bureau. This basically means nothing weird is added and you drink the wine in it’s purest vorm. This may taste a bit different than you’re used to but I loved it!

Restaurant Bureau

Something unique, the lights at restaurant Bureau

bureau amsterdam

Rooftop restaurant bureau amsterdam
When the sun is out, you have plenty of choice

When you have dinner, you will receive a small amuse and you can bet on it that they’ve used something from the garden. I ordered the fish soup with langoustine as a starter and the vegetarian risotto as a main course. Both very tasty in their own right plus the bread they serve at restaurant Bureau is to die for. When you’re a dessert kind of person, make sure you order a coffee because it’s roasted by a Dutch label named Moyee coffee. They focus on Fairtrade so the farmers in the country of origin (Ethiopia) get their fair share. 

Diiner at restaurant Bureau
Tasty and healthy!

sunset at restaurant bureau
Sunset at restaurant Bureau

Amsterdam is a new rooftop richer and this one is right up my street. Creative, sustainable and they truly serve people, not titles.

Restaurant Bureau
B. Amsterdam – 5th Floor
Johan huizingalaan 763a Amsterdam
020 723 84 92



Looiedet Coffee & Toast in Amsterdam New West

I live outside the “ring” in Amsterdam which means I don’t live in the center but this doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do around here! I live in Amsterdam new west and I’m happily surprised to see new cafe’s, restaurants and shops opening up by the month. So has Looiedet Coffee & Toast.

Even though they’ve been open for weeks now, I had never heard from this cool lunchroom yet. It all started with the motorcycle lessons school. They used the space to fix bikes and it quickly became a hangout for friends, family and acquaintances. So why not expand right? The result was a place to book your motorcycle lessons, a barbershop, a vintage bike store and a coffee/lunch bar. The perfect combination for people on the go that enjoy coffee and a simple but tasty meal. On the menu you can choose out of 15 different toasts from mozzarella with pesto to banana and nutella.

Looiedet Coffee & Toast
The original toasts as we know it

Looiedet Coffee & Toast recently invested in the king of coffee machines and even held a party to celebrate it. The Sanremo Opera is the best technical coffee machine out there and you can really taste the purity of the beans after it’s roasted and pressed into your cup. The only downside is that they don’t serve soy milk so that’s a shame for the peeps that have an intolerance to milk. Maybe this is a sneaky hint..? Besides coffee they also serve delicious leaf tea’s and with that the occasional cakes or scones.

Looiedet Coffee & Toast
The king of the coffee machines is ready for you!

The building has a very nice industrial look and feel and looks like a place where hip Amsterdam would normally sit. However, the owner told me: “we like to keep this place low key and gain customers by word of mouth. Bike lovers, men with beards and people who enjoy good coffee and a killer toasty are at the right address here. “Everything we serve is Halal too so whether you own a bike or not, everybody is welcome!” In the store you will find jeans, shirts and cool vintage biker stuff while upstairs the men can get their  beard pimped. If you’re an early bird, you can get a coffee for just 2 euros until 10am.

Barber shop Looiedet
Hair did. Beard did.

For me it’s just around the corner but even if you’re not in the neighborhood, this place is definitely worth the extra bicycle (or motorcycle) ride!

Looiedet Coffee & Toast
Burgemeester Rendorpstraat 11-15, Amsterdam
Tel: 020 411 6688 / Opening hours: 9am – 6pm Mon – Sun



Restaurant Jala, Langkawi

After checking out the skyscrapers in the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, local food tasting at the Filipino night market in Kota Kinabalu, a snorkeling trip in Manukan and an exciting jungle trekking in Kuching it was time to relax for a while!

How to get there
We traveled from Penang to Langkawi by ferry (Langkawi ferry service).
» Departure Times of boats from Penang to Langkawi : Three boats a day – 8.15am (via Pulau Payar), 8.30am and 2pm.

» The costs for an Adult are RM60 one way – RM120 return.
» The high speed boats are scheduled to take 1.5 hours to reach Pulau Payar and 2.45 minutes to Langkawi.
Keep in mind that it often takes a bit longer, depending on the weather conditions.

Langkawi is THE place to be for excellent diving spots, tropical hidden gems, turquoise sea, duty-free shopping and chocolate.



Along this journey I experienced an abundance of fresh and delicious food. I couldn’t wish for more great food experiences during this trip, on the contrary I got even more I wished for! I was invited by Jala restaurant in Langkawi. A restaurant that is part of the beautiful Andaman resort, nestled between lush tropical rainforest and crystal blue waters lead by chef Thorsten Killian. Thorsten came to our table where I got the chance to get to know him a bit better. I must say that this man from Thai-German origin, has lots of skills! He initially started his career back in 2003 as a commis de cuisine at the Hanner Restaurant in Austria and worked in various high quality Hotels and restaurants before he started working at Jala. From five-star hotels in Switzerland to Michelin-starred Restaurant São Gabriel in Portugal and finally made his way to Asia where he became chef in

The man himself, Thorsten Killian Source

Together with his team of experts he lives next to the Andaman resort where he starts in the very early morning to prepare the food and serves his unique top quality dishes in the evening. The beautiful part of Jala restaurant is that they partner with local fishermen to ensure the freshest catch arrives daily on the shores of The Andaman, at the Nelayan Hut (a fisherman’s hut in Malay). Every afternoon, guests can look forward to walk down the beach to watch the fish and the chefs of Jala in action dealing and negotiating with local fishermen on the purchases of fresh seafood.



It was such a beautiful evening when we had dinner at Jala. What makes it so unique is the magnificent quiet surrounding, hearing the gentle breeze of the ocean on the background, your feet tucked in the sand, with comfortable temperatures, far away from the hustle and bustle, a very unique setting with friendly waiting staff, an unique open-air beachside experience where you overlook the glistening blue waters where you watch the breathtaking sunset while having dinner.

Jala offers the finest fresh seafood in an open kitchen concept, prepared in a fusion of Western and Asian cooking styles, located on a secluded part of Langkawi. A very unique experience which I will never forget!

Time to taste some of the best seafood signature dishes:

dinner at Jala, Langkawi
Step 1: Choose your fish from the fresh seafood display/bar

dinner at Jala, Langkawi
Pomfret fish caught from Andaman waters

dinner at Jala, Langkawi
Chocolate hazelnut cake with chocolate ganache and ice cream

More info:
Address: Jalan Teluk Datai · Langkawi, 07000 · Malaysia

I hope you will get the chance to visit to wonderful place in Malaysia



More tips about Malaysia? Check here!




Amsterdam » Best (secret) Indonesian food spots

My father is half Indonesian so I grew up with the flavors of this beautiful country.
Thank god I live in the Netherlands where Indonesian food has almost become part of the Dutch culture. This is because Indonesia has been a colony of the Netherlands from 1800 to 1942 so you will see many Elke look-alikes wandering around here! 😉

But saying that, it doesn’t always mean that every Indonesian restaurant is good. Over the years in I have come across a few Indonesian jewels that totally stand out but are not that well known by all. Time to put them in the limelight!

1. Sie Joe
This very small and very tucked away restaurant is situated in Amsterdam’s shopping districts. Just around the corner of the famous Dam Square you will find this tiny Indonesian secret.
They don’t have a large menu but the food is pure and delicious! I always go for the vegetarian Gado Gado with peanut sauce. 
You will find locals here and the occasional lost tourist.
Sie Joe has been tipped by the media before so this little restaurant is doing something right!

You won’t know it until you’ve heard about it!

Sie Joe
Gravenstraat 24-A, Amsterdam

2. Indonesian Kitchen
Only open since 2 weeks and discovered by chance! I walked past it yesterday evening on my way to an event and I needed a quick bite.
It’s because of the large sign by the door that I noticed it. Too curious to walk past, I entered. Tucked away in a basement, the old walls remain intact as do the wooden beams on the ceiling. I ordered the vegetarian dish and received a tasty corn cake as a starter on the house.
The main dish looked neat and yummie. Tofu, Tempeh and Gaddo Gaddo with another delicious vegetable dish I haven’t had before. The peanut sauce was so nice that I asked for an extra bowl! I was the only person in the restaurant because they literally just opened and I was early. There’s room for about 20 people which makes this restaurant nice and cozy. You should definitely try it!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Indonesian Kitchen
Herengracht 287, Amsterdam

3. Kartika 
The Overtoom in Amsterdam keeps surprising me! This restaurant has been here for years but I only found out about it last year.
It’s been around for over 50 years in different generations. You can’t get it any more authentic than this one!
They are most famous for their Indonesian Rice Tables: Ramayana and Shinta (pictured below). They will bring everything on the table for you to feast your eyes on.

(Source: Kartika)

Overtoom 68, Amsterdam

4. Toko Kokkita
Not a restaurant but a great place to get a tasty Indonesian take away. This might not be a secret for the people who live nearby, but certainly good to know for the rest of Amsterdam and surroundings!
Besides the take away menu, they offer catering and you can buy authentic Indonesian products in the store.
They always have discounts going on, so check their website before ordering. YumYum!

Shop & Eat at Kokkita (sourse: Kokkita)

Toko Kokkita
Amstelveenseweg 166, Amsterdam

So no need to search for those authentic Indonesian flavors. They are right here and all very affordable! 



The Rock » Dinner in the middle of the Indian ocean

We knew that Zanzibar was kinda special but since they’ve opened The Rock restaurant in the sea, it’s one more reason to visit.
The restaurant is situated just off shore and build on an existing rock in the water. The water disappears when it’s low tide so it’s easy to walk to. When the tide is in, you need a small boat to get there, but ey, that’s pretty cool though!


They have about 12 tables which make it even more exclusive. The menu exist of the freshest sea food combined with pasta and more. 
Outside the restaurant is a patio where you can chill and enjoy the Indian Ocean view. Reservation can be made via their website. All you need now is a ticket!

Expect the best sea food at The Rock

“Eating at Rock Restaurant is an experience you can’t miss: colors, relish and sensations blend together in unique magic”

Chilling on the Rock
Chillin’ and eating



*Source pictures are from The Rock, Zanzibar

Amsterdams new Asian Hotspot » HappyHappyJoyJoy

I love Asian food! Whether it’s Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean or Japanese, these cuisines bring a little spice to my life. So I was thrilled when I heard about this new Asian kid in town: HappyHappyJoyJoy. Yes the name is very Asian too and I love it.

This Asian hotspot is situated in the Bilderdijkstraat and around the corner of the buzzing Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam. Their concept is simple but effective. They serve Asian Streetfood. Not your usual starters or mains but small and surprising Asian dishes to share and taste. Taste typical Asian dishes like Har Kau and Shao Mai or red hot specialties like ‘hot & spicy shrimps’ or steamed mussels in XO sauce.

Happyhappyjoyjoy serves streetfood with Thai, Malaysian , Indonesian, Chinese and Korean influences.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

The first thing you notice when you enter is the interior. It’s awesome. Red umbrella’s cover the ceiling and typical Asian propaganda cover the walls.
You can dine right across from the open kitchen, sit at the bar or book a private room in the back. It can get quite busy during the week so make sure you reserve yourself a table. In the weekends you should be able to walk in for lunch.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Food and business, 2 things that go very well together in Asia. Book your private table here.

I tried the Mussels, Thai fishcakes, Korean salad and the famous Pad Thai. All delicious and you can really taste the different flavors. They serve a variety of Asian tea’s, beers and drinks such as fresh coconuts, palm juice and sparkling lychee ramune. The only negative thing I have to say is that they don’t serve vegetarian DimSum, only meat. This was a disappointment because I’m always on a quest to find the best DimSum in Amsterdam.

HappyHappyJoyJoy Mussels
Spicy steamed mussels, yummie!

HappyHappyJoyJoy also does take away and you can book small or bigger events. Diner cards, special chopsticks and their signature sweet chilly sauce are all available through their WebshopSo whatever your Asian preference is, I think you can say (with an Asian accent); I’m very happy happy! 



Bilderdijkstraat 158hs

1053 LC Amsterdam
+31(0)20 344 6433
Open for Lunch & Dinner 

Review » Restaurant/Bar THE DUCHESS

Last week we received a very prestigious invite to the opening of The Duchess Amsterdam.
Not sure whether this was the opening of a club, restaurant or hotel, it certainly made us guessing which is always a good thing!

We were told to dress up very nicely and shine shine shine! So that’s exactly what we did! (well, at least we tried to)

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
THE invite made us curious!

The mystery was unveiled when we entered the beautiful location in the heart of Amsterdam.
Located in the former Kasbank, our first impression was very positive. My god what an amazing place!

The ambiance, impressive interior, high quality food, very friendly people, name it; it was all there!
Owner Yossi Eliyahoo (the brain behind MOMO, Izakaya & The Butcher) says: “There’s no such thing as a finish in a race for quality”

There’s no such thing as a finish in a race for quality 

2015-06-25 08.38.14 1_resized
The grand entrance of the DUCHESS

During the night they served some top notch bites: Oysters with Tomato Consommé, Prawn and Artichoke Salad, Royal Beef Tartar and some very tasty cocktails!
But there’s more to the DUCHESS than amazing food and cocktails. From the morning on they open the Tearoom for high tea and champagne so we will be back for that!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Funky house and colourful cocktails always do well with us!

We are very excited about this lavish restaurant/bar which looks like it’s going to be the new hit in town!


For more info check their website
The Duchess
Spuistraat 172, Amsterdam