Shocking! These restaurants in Amsterdam are dirty!

RTL News channel just released a shocking report that tells you which restaurants in The Netherlands are below the hygiene standard. Find out which restaurants in Amsterdam are well.. read for yourself.

The report that was written in 2017, shows that 450 restaurants and foodbars in The Netherlands are well below the health standard. Normally reports like these remain closed but in January 2018, RTL News asked the Nederlandse Voedsel en Warenautoriteit for the reports that were made during inspections of restaurants that were under stricter supervision in 2017. Under supervision means that those restaurants have received at least three fines in a two-year period because of their poor hygiene. The NVWA recently decided that the news channel could receive these documents. This makes them public and accessible to everyone!

In more than half of the checked kitchens, animal droppings were found


From roaches in the oven to moldy spare ribs: more hospitality outlets under strict supervision

Some names you know
In the article by RTL News you can find out exactly which restaurants near you are bad news when it comes to the kitchen. In some restaurants the NVWA found many cockroaches, mice poo & urine next to the cutting boards and dripping grease from the kitchen ceilings. We were shocked to find favorites such as Thai Bird and Oriental Express on the list. Even healthy foodspot SNCKBR (now closed) is on this list! We must say, that not all reports are as shocking as others. Favorite hotspot Coffee & Coconuts is also on the 2017 list but they had no animal invested problem, but their ice machine was extremely dirty on the inside. 

Some are less surprising. Fast food restaurants like Burger King and Vapiano, that have been around for ages are under supervision.The inspection means that food samples are taken and the results weren’t pretty.. Restaurants that are under new ownership have not been added to this list. 

Find out if your favourite restaurant is on the list and check the detailed reports per restaurant!



The Best Bits of the Overtoom, Amsterdam

It’s the street where you will find me a lot. Tram 1 runs straight through the middle of it which eventually takes you to Leidseplein and back. It’s the street that’s great for coffee, food, shops, gym’s and get-togethers. I’m talking about the never ending street the Overtoom, Amsterdam. Time to highlight the best bits according to us!

BUUF, Overtoom 495
Let’s start with my all time favorite and perhaps even my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam, Buuf. I’ve been coming to this place for years now. The concept is great; You order your food at the bar and choose from the menu that changes every day. You can choose between 2 meat, 2 fish and 2 vegetarian dishes or their a la card menu which includes their famous buuf burger. Food is freshly prepared and home made. Because they don’t have table service, the prices are extremely low. You only pay 8,80 for a main and 5,50 for a large plate vegetarian buffet. You will find me here at least once a month.


This coffee bar has just been open since this year and a huge succes. Drink coffee, ginger/orange tea and try their healthy bars and cakes. You can buy the art on the wall if you like and bring your laptop for a few hours work. It’s not a large shop but it’s certainly cozy!

FRIDAY NEXT, Overtoom 31
This concept store is great for meet ups and freelancers! We even listed it as one of our best work spots in Amsterdam! I go here to work and enjoy lunch like their homemade soup. Their interior is to die for and you can shop while you eat!

Friday Next Amsterdam
Friday Next

OLIVITY, Overtoom 239
This cute Greek deli serves home cooked meals by a Greek lady that has moved to Amsterdam many years ago. She also does a killer catering and you can buy Greek products like traditional olive oil.

Olivity, Overtoom Amsterdam
Source: Olivity

KINKY KAPPERS, Overtoom 245
One of my favorite hairdressers in Amsterdam. Why? They’re edgy, friendly and they always have time to cut my fringe! (which needs a cut about every 3 weeks). It’s a perfect hairdresser if you’re looking for a kinky haircut and good conversation.

VONDELGYM, Overtoom 143
The gym owned by one of Amsterdam’s hottest TV presenters and his mates. You will find hip Amsterdam here working their butts off. They have just opened their 2nd location in Amsterdam East because this one was fully booked with members. You’re always welcome to try one of their smoothie bowls though!

You will find Sarah in the Vondelgym

GOLLEM’S PROEFLOKAALOvertoom 160 – 162
Here it’s all about beers. Belgium and international beers to be exact. This cafe is one of 4 in Amsterdam and is perfect for after work drinks or beer tasting. On Mondays they host a pub quiz and on Saturdays you can enjoy live jazz music.

MARQT, Overtoom 21
It’s the organic supermarket where all the conscious and healthy people go to. Yes, the groceries taste better and you know where your food comes from but you will pay a fair bit more if you compare it to your usual supermarket. Bring your bankpass because they don’t accept cash.

Marqt, Overtoom Amsterdam
Source: Marqt Facebook

A sustainable hotel that I love! Conscious hotels has been around for a few years and was one of the first hotels to set the bar when it comes to sustainability. They use led lights, no cash policy, the tables in your r oom are made from recycled coffee cup holders and the energy they use to power the hotel comes from renewable sources. Everything has pretty much been designed to be kind to the planet. Saying this, it’s also got a hip, contemporary feel to it. Book you room here and find out.

Worlds come together at Global Kitchen. Here you can try different sandwiches, quiches and salads from all different continents. I really should go here more often. Even if it’s just for their cakes, yummie!

Dish Global Kitchen, Overtoom Amsterdam
Source: Global Kitchen

BOUNCESPACE, Overtoom 141
You will find an espresso bar (Lot Sixty One), a hairdresser (Bubblekid) and a interior company (MADE). Members have a working space upstairs. We love these creative spaces in Amsterdam!

COCO-MAT, Overtoom 91
A lovely store where you can find mattresses, pillows, towels and furniture made out of natural products. Their factory has a virtually neutral carbon footprint and recycling reach 96{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b}.

Coco-mat Overtoom

What’s your favorite spot on the Overtoom, Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments below!



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