Discover North Western Sicily

We all know that Italy is for lovers. And so is Sicily. Lovers of people, lovers of food, lovers of ocean views and mountain roads. It doesn’t really matter what kind of love, Sicily is the perfect place to enjoy it. And here’s exactly where to do that in the North-Western side of this stunning island.

Dine your way through Trapani

The small city of Trapani isn’t the first spot people think of when they want to book a trip to Sicily. Which leaves Trapani a little bit undiscovered, always a good thing! It’s the type of town where you will get lost the first few times you walk around the city-center and every time you’ll discover something else to marvel about. Maybe an ancient church, the magnificent views from the boardwalk or a cute little cafe in a corner somewhere. Here you will find the most delicious food and drinks in narrow Italian alleys or on grand marble boulevards. Everything for very reasonable prices. And by reasonable I mean you can go for breakfast, lunch and dinner every night without a worry in your wallet. Feeling romantic? A must-go is Osteria I Vitelloni, situated in one of the main streets in the centre of Trapani. Order the tuna in a pistachio crust and let them pick the wine. Go for amazing ice-cream at Panna & Co. If that isn’t love in a cone.. You can thank me later.

Osteria I Vitelloni


Scooter your way around

Trapani is also a perfect gateway to a ton of other places you must see while you are on this side of the island. A scooter will take you and your loved one(s) everywhere! Go to Marsala for instance, a famous wine town a little drive to the south. Along the way you’ll see the salt pans this area is known for and feel the wind in your hair. A little more inland (after a fun drive) you can find the majestic temple complex of Segesta. Another piece of the past can be found in Erice, a medieval town which you can find hovering on a mountain above Trapani. Get there by scooter or by cable car! Although I didn’t try it, I have been told you can buy the best canolli on the whole island here (why I didn’t try it myself will always be a mystery).


Whatever you do in Trapani, don’t forget to visits the Egadi Islands. They are only a boat ride away but you’ll feel as if you travelled back years in time. The little villages cannot be any more picturesque and the surrounding waters couldn’t be more azure. If you have the chance to stay a few days on one of these islands, go for it. Opting for a day trip? Don’t fall for the tourist trap, the packed boats. If you are on a ‘everything is possible’ trip, book the catamaran. 

Little more of a budget? Just take the ferry to one of the islands and rent a bike once you are there.

San Vito Lo Capo, just the sound of it makes you want to go

Trapani is the perfect place to stay and to explore this side of Sicily. However, if you are a beach lover, this town’s city beach won’t fulfil your sandy and salty dreams. Luckily, there are some options for you to get your toes touching some lovely blue water. When traveling a lot to find that perfect spot isn’t your cup of tea, then head over to San Vito Lo Capo. It’s possible to scooter there for a day trip from Trapani, or if you want to lounge around the beach for a few days you can book a place to stay even though it’s is a bit more touristy. This little coastal village offers a beach that makes you feel as if you are on a tropical island. There are plenty of cute shops and spots to grab a bite, put on your holiday hat and enjoy. Every year in September they host the Cous Cous Fest in San Vito. 

Not far from San Vito Lo Capo lies the Riserva Naturale Orientata Dello Zingaro, a nature reserve which holds some beautiful bays with rocky beaches and ridiculously azure water. Bring your goggles for some underwater fun with the fish! 

Chill in Cefalu

Want to head over to a different side of Sicily to chill? Cefalu is your town! From Trapani you can book a ticket with public transport and it will take little over half a day of travel by bus and train. Cefalu looks like the Italian coastal towns that you see in paintings. It’s got the maximum idyllic factor. There’s lots to do here if you want to, from sailing to an active volcano-island to day trips to other well-know Sicilian places like Taormina. Or you can just stroll through the paved alleys, have an iced-cappuccino every once in a while and stretch your legs on the beach. I have to admit, that latter was how I filled my days in Cefalu.

Sicily Cefalu view point

Take a hike!

Even if you are feeling the lazy vibe, you should get of your beach bed once to climb Rocca di Cefalu. This massive rock towers above Cefalu and will give you some breathtaking views and historical facts. It is quite the climb, leave your flip flops at home and put on some more solid footwear. Once you’re on the top, there are loads of spots for that perfect lovey-dovey selfie. Just like in Trapani, San Vito Lo Capo and probably all the Sicilian towns, the food in Cefalu is amazing and the amount of restaurants to try is enormous. You cannot leave without trying at least five different types of pasta (more is better in this case). Many restaurants have hidden terraces overlooking the sea, be there in time for sunset!

Club Med Cefalù

Give each other a kiss, and book that ticket to the North Western side of Sicily!



Club Med Cefalù on Sicily re-opened and it’s amazing!

 at If you would have asked me a few years ago, I would never have gone for an all inclusive resort. I love adventure, the unknown, and “All Inclusive” was only something families would book. Well, after experiencing Club Med Palmiye 2 years ago as a babymoon (I was 23 weeks pregnant at the time), I completely changed my opinion. You can imagine my joy, when I was invited to experience the newly opened 5* Club Med Cefalù resort in Sicily.

The perfect location

Club Med Cefalù is one of the Club’s oldest resorts, that they have completely transformed and constructed. Now, fresh and vibrant, the resort re-opened their doors in June 2018. Your luxury experience starts as soon as you fly into Sicily. The impressive mountains and stunning coastlines will take your breath away. From the airport, it’s around 1,5 drive to Cefalù bay, where the Club Med resort is located. You are welcomed Club Med style, with an introduction, refreshment and positive vibes by the staff. They will treat you like royalty over the course of your stay.

Club Med Cafalù

They will treat you like royalty over the course of your stay.

Club Med Cafalù

Club Med Cefalù

Relax or Explore

People tend to go to a Club Med resort because they want to relax and not think about their busy life back home. But apart from the resort, Sicily offers a wide range of activities. For example; we hired a Fiat 500 and drove up the mountain to one of the oldest wineries, that used to be a hiding place to one of the most legendary mafia bosses of the island. You can also take a day trip to Palermo, Sicily’s capital, which is full of history and culture.

For a more local experience, you should really visit the town of Cefalù or Castelbuono. Eat at one of the traditional restaurants, or try locals treats such as Panettone. 


Palermo Sicily
Palermo, Sicily

A courtyard in Palermo

Food & Drink

One of the things you gotta love about an All Inclusive concept is the food & drink. And Club Med Cefalù knows how to wow it’s guests with their food choices. There are three restaurants and 4 bars to choose from; La Rocca, the main buffet restaurant, Palazzo Gourmet Lounge for local Sicilian flavours, the seafood restaurant located next to the water. If you want to have a lay in, just use the breakfast room service (tried & tested). Club Med wouldn’t be Club Med if they didn’t have something going on at the pool bar. Learn the Club Med dance, participate in a music quiz, or taste the new cocktails on offer.

breakfast Club Med
Breakfast at La Rocca

Room Service Club Med
Breakfast delivered to your room? No problemo!

Things To Do

The resort is quite big and widely spread out, so there are buggy’s to take you around the premises. (I admit calling for one a few times when I was running late for dinner). Club Med Cafalù offers a Spa by Carita to pamper yourself with a massage of facial. All products used are from the Carita brand which is high class. For the active individuals there is a tennis court, a gym with daily classes (free to join), a sup and kayaking area and snorkling. I opted for some supping which never fails to disappoint. This water area is located in between the rocks and overlooks the pretty town of Cefalù.

Club Med Cafalù
Supping and Kayaking

Supping at Club Med Cafalù
Supping at Club Med Cefalú

The Rooms

There are different rooms available; but all accommodations have a natural look & feel to them. I stayed in sea view deluxe villetta with a huge bath in the middle of my bathroom, a rain shower, a super large bed and an outside patio. 

Bathroom Club Med Cafelù

Rates start at just €1000,- per person which includes your flight, accommodation and food & drink (as much as you want) for 4 nights! The resort opens back in April, so get booking!

Club Med Cefalù
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