Waku Waku Utrecht, The largest vegan restaurant in Europe

Vegan food is hot hot hot! Everywhere you look, a new vegan restaurant pops up in Holland. We already wrote about the Vegan Junk Food Barand some secret vegan spots in Amsterdam. But there’s now also a new vegan restaurant in Utrecht, which is the biggest plant based restaurant in Europe: SNCKBR IV.


They used to be called SNCKBR but changed their name into Waku Waku. The restaurant in Utrecht is very special, mainly because it is 100% vegan ánd has 110 seats which makes it the biggest vegan restaurant in the whole of Europe. So it’s 100% VGN and 0% BULLSHIT, to use their own words. The place is a perfect hotspot for people who like both guilty pleasures as well as healthy and cruelty free food and snacks. The name might suggest a snackbar kind of place, but that’s not the case at all. They serve all kinds of international classics like Chinese bao buns, Indian curry, but also Dutch kapsalon and various pizza’s. Everything is cruelty free, so you don’t have to feel guilty. Even the interior is 100% vegan and the clothes of the staff are fair-trade.


100% VGN, 0% BLLSHT

Delicious vegan bites and dishes

I have to admit: I think I have never eaten vegan before. Shame on me, I know…Every time I’ve eaten a vegetarian dinner, it was topped with cheese, cream or eggs. I am curious about vegan food, but never cooked something for myself nor did I try it in a restaurant before. You can imagine my excitement when I got invited to the press dinner in the new SNCKBR. I really had no idea what to expect.

SNCKBR Utrecht Avo Toast
Avo special on toast anyone?

SNCKBR Utrecht 2

The restaurant arranged a six course menu for us so we would be able to taste a variety of nice dishes. We started off with Gyozas, made with spiced tofu, shiitake, leek and peanuts. Then we got the Peking Luck which were thin pancakes we could fill with soy protein, spring onion, cucumber and plum sauce. The protein really tasted like duck, which was very surprising. My favorite dish was the third one, the Bao Bun with eggplant, panko zucchini, mayo and cucumber. It was very crunchy and tasteful. And it didn’t stop there!

SNCKBR Utrecht food

We also had the delicious Mushroom Wellington, which tasted much like beef Wellington, but without the meat. And we had two small burgers, one made of chickpeas, miso and chestnut mushrooms and one which was filled with mushrooms, seaweed, beetroot and soy protein. We finished with a tasteful Chocolate Ganesha made of chocolate, dates, mixed nuts and custard together with a scoop of rice ice cream.

Vegan desert SNCKRBR

Wow, who knew vegan food tasted so good! I really liked it and I am definitely going to check them out another time to try something else from their big menu. The WAKU WAKU menu changes every few weeks so make sure you check them out regularly. They have many delicious recipes coming up!



Vredenburg 28, Utrecht

*Merel is one of our guest editors from Utrecht and describes herself as a daydreaming student who has wanderlust ever since she traveled sround Jamaica for 3 months. She can’t wait to travel the whole wide world after she finishes her bachelor. 

Guilty free pleasures at this healthy snack bar!

Amsterdam has a long history with snack bars. The Dutch eat their fries in all sorts of combinations ( just mayonnaise isn’t enough for us) and you can even buy food out of the wall.
But times have changed in our city of food. People are more healthy and interested in different kinds of food now more than ever.
The 4 gentlemen who launched new hotspot SNCKBR have brought the 2 concepts together. A healthy snack bar.

SNCKBR healthy snack bar

A healthy snack bar? Yes, they have done it. Situated in the trendy neighborhood “De Pijp”, this new hotspot offers a variety of healthy snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
To start off with, the interior design feels very green. Plants inside of washing basins and cool lights make SNCKBR the hottest new ticket in town.

healthy snack bar
Watering your plants has never been so easy!

I was invited for lunch and enjoyed a tasty pumpkin soup and tomato salad. As I am trying to eat as much vegan food as possible, I was happy to see their vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. And they completely surprised me with vegan ice-cream from professor Grunschnabel! Wow, that was delicious!
Dishes like the Zucchini spaghetti,  healthy pizza (on toasted Swedish flatbread) and the sweet potato fries make this snack bar a guilty free pleasure!
They use as many local and organic products as possible and they even have an egg free skinny mayonnaise. 
Check the full menu here.

healthy snack bar food

A nice little touch has to be the food out of the wall concept. (I once had the idea of starting my own healthy food wall so I love this)
Instead of greasy croquet’s, burgers or other deep fried food they offer fresh fruit, juice shots and healthy bars.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Healthy food out of the wall? Yep!

breakfast at SNCKBR
Their Acai breakfast bowl is a favorite

Apart from the food, they also serve late night cocktails that they describe as the good, the bad and the healthy.
Midnight snacking has never felt so good.

Van Woustraat 34
Amsterdam | snckbr.com | 020 890 3113
Zondag – Donderdag: 08:00 – 01:00 | Vrijdag – Zaterdag: 08:00 – 03:00