Fed up with Algorithms? Vero is the new social platform we have been waiting for

Bloggers, influencers and businesses can’t stop complaining about the algorithms on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Like us, we’ve seen a big shift in numbers, likes and engagement. You are trying your hardest to post beautiful or creative content but at least half of your followers won’t even see it. Time for something new? People have been wondering whether someone would create a new platform where algorithms would be a thing of the past and where you could make your own decisions. Well, we have news for you, Vero.

Vero has been around for a little while but more and more people and blogs are talking about it. Time to figure out what this new social media app is all about. They created a platform that is free of advertisement and has no annoying algorithms to worry about. Meaning; posts will show up chronologically. Yes, this is how Facebook and Instagram used to be (remember those good times?). 

Vero calls themselves the “True Social”

How does it work?
Like most social platforms, you will have a profile, people can follow you, you can connect with people and you can post content. Nothing new here. There are some features that are worth mentioning:

  • Connections
    You can choose to connect with people as friends or acquaintances. Obviously, acquaintances will see less of your content. You can change this into your settings.
  • Music, Books, Movies & Places
    Show more about your preferences. Add your favourite songs, movies or places. This reminds us a little bit of Myspace, where you have a page full of all your favourite things.
  • Chat
    You can only chat with people you are connected with. Just following someone though, isn’t enough to be able to chat with them on the app.

Share what you want

So how will they earn money?
Well, the idea is that you pay a “small annual fee”. How much this will be hasn’t been communicated yet. However, the first 1 million users have a free membership, for life. They have around 500.000 downloads right now so hurry up if you want to benefit!

The Bad 
Because the app is relatively small and gained so much popularity over the last weeks, they have become a victim of their own success. The app is unable to handle so many new subscribers and is crashing more than it should do. Another bad thing is that it’s slow…very slow. These days, we want our user experience to be fast because we have no time to waste. Vero really needs to step up it’s game if they want to join the big players. But, these are all things that can be solved.

Will it be as popular as Instagram or Facebook? No. We don’t think so. Mainly because they want to keep out the big companies and marketing giants. Companies can post content, but they are only allowed to add links or a button. No advertising will be allowed (for now). Vero claims to be authentic and social, for the people. But let’s be honest, we are happy that at least there is someone out there that took the time to invest in a new app that is all we have been waiting for. And for that, we thank you Vero!

Vero is available for IOS and the Playstore. We’ve singed up as Wander-Lust! Sign up here.

See you there?


How To Create A Successful Travel Blog

When you start writing, you do it because you love doing it. But don’t we all just want to do what we love? Yes, the bills need to get paid of course, but there is nothing better than working at something you have created yourself, out of passion, out of love. Well, that’s what happened with Wander-Lust. It started with a crazy idea and grew into something that I could not have dreamed of. A successful travel blog.

A few weeks ago I talked about how I became a fulltime travel blogger and I noticed that a lot of people had more questions after the article. All very positive (thanks for that!) but there are certainly more tips that I can give you so you head in the path of successful blogging.

Elke & Sarah

Set Up Your Blog On WordPress
Many of you already know this but when you first start, you may not have a clue just like I did. I was a WordPress dummie and believe me, I’m still learning! Go and buy yourself a theme and don’t go for one of those free versions because they will give you headaches in the end when you want to expand. At themeforrest there are many options but ask around and compare the idea in your head with the themes you see online. We used the Brooklyn Theme but changed it around to suit our needs. Think before you do this as it may slow down your website! Also, add content onto your blog so you don’t start with an empty website when you go live.

Invest Time & Money
When I started Wander-Lust with Sarah, we didn’t have a lot of time but we made sure we made time. We worked into the early hours to get it right. Thank god we had so many articles in our heads ready to be written! We also didn’t have a great deal to spend but we did it anyway. When you want a professional blog, you need to look it. Yes, it starts with the theme but also your server host, plugins you may need and any technical support. We saved a lot of money by getting friendly people to help us for a trade of lunch or gifts. Also, if you want to become a travel blogger, you need to get your hands on a good camera to shoot your pictures. We both use the Olympus PEN and OMD camera’s but I am also making most of my photo’s with my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. (almost all our Instagram photo’s are made with this phone)

Get Your Social Media Game On
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more. Start creating accounts for all of these platforms and make sure they look good. (use the same filter for example) It all starts with your header picture, name and description. Social Media is important because this way you will grow your audience to your blog. We started out with Instagram because we are very visual but find out what platform works best for you. Facebook is still great for gaining traffic to your blog so keep some budget aside to promote your page in order to gain more likes. 

Social Media Wander-Lust

Connect with Fellow Travel Bloggers
This may seem a bit weird at first but don’t be scared, travel bloggers are really nice people! 😉 It’s good to learn from each other plus you will also make a bunch of new friends! Sarah and I met a lot of nice bloggers over the years and we even collaborate with some of them now! How to get in touch? Well, you will meet them at PR events most of the time but if you’re just starting out, you can just reach out via Social Media and ask them for a coffee or advice!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Connect with fellow bloggers (Elke with @MrsJamieli and Lotte from @beautify)

Be Different
This doesn’t always mean that you need to have a niche but it means you bring something fresh to the table. Find your writing style, your layout, your photo filter on social media and get people to recognize your blog. Try to be better in everything that has been written before. Yes, many people have visited Los Angeles, but make your story 10 times more interesting. How? That’s totally up to you. Be creative and find your style.

Set A Goal For Yourself But Be Realistic
Setting a new blogging goal is a good idea but be realistic about it because getting a successful travel blog doesn’t happen overnight. My goal was as follows; Get at least 600 people to read my blog in the first week. That seems like a lot but spam the hell out of your friends and family and trust me, it will happen. Now, if your content is good and your blog looks like a million dollars, people will read it again. Another goal could be to get your first press trip within 1 year. Work towards it by gaining followers, creating a smashing Media Kit and meeting with PR Agencies within your region. Find the relevant agencies by checking their client list so you know if they represent any travel related brands that suit your blog.

Travel and Share Tips!
Well, you didn’t see that one coming right? 😉 Yes, if you want to be a travel blogger you need to travel as much as you possibly can. In the beginning it’s hard but if it’s your passion, you will spend all of your free days abroad anyways so you might as well write about it. Check if you still have stories to tell about your previous adventures so you have a start ahead. Share as many tips as possible, your readers are not just interested about you but need to feel like they gained some new information after reading your blogpost. 

I hope these tips will help and get you that successful travel blog you’ve been dreaming of! And maybe the most important tip: never forget to enjoy it. We travel for love, at least I do.



Read Elke’s story on how she became a professional travel blogger here: