O’Neill launches sustainable active wear

Last week I was invited to take part in a special yoga sup session in the most beautiful swimming pool of the world, The Noorderparkbad. Together with 19 other (fit)girls, I managed to squeeze myself in a short top and leggings that felt surprisingly comfortable. Relaxing music, tropical plants, healthy snacks and drinks.. The new Sustainable Active Wear collection was being celebrated in full O’Neill style.

Oneill sustainable active wear
Sup yoga at the Noorderparkbad

O’Neill picked the special location for the Active Wear launch with good reason. This swimming pool is a real must see! Last year the swimming pool was voted the most beautiful swimming pool in the world. Located in the Northern part of Amsterdam, the swimming pool is also fully sustainable, because the rainwater is collected and then filtered and used in the swimming pool. This was an ideal fit with O’Neill’s sustainable active wear collection, which is made out of recycled ocean plastic.

O'Neill Active Wear
Wearing the new Active Wear collection

The collection was inspired by the American Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is renowned for its cool waters and beautiful mountain scenery. Hiking and water sports go hand in hand with this magical place. O’Neill has designed the active wear collection in a way that is both suitable for water and on land. When I was wearing it, it felt soft, flexible (believe me, I have tried to do some heavy yoga moves) comfortable, so it’s hard to imagine that the fabric is recycled out of plastic waste!

O'Neill sustainable active wear O'Neill sustainable active wear collection

O’Neill Blue
Last year O’Neill presented O’Neill Blue, a
n initiative that creates surf-related products, all made out of recycled beach plastic. The O’Neill Blue Active Wear collection consists of various surf / yoga leggings and tops that are recognized by the blue Bionic label. The Blue line is simplistic and clean, with eclectic and mountain prints.

By recycling beach and ocean plastic, doesn’t mean the plastic problem in the ocean is being solved but O’Neill hopes that the program will inspire consumers and businesses, operating in the surf industry, to raise awareness when it comes to polluted oceans.
Experience the new Sustainable Active Wear from O’Neill and let me know what you think of it! Do you want to try some SUP yoga? You can contact the ladies from M&M Stand Up Paddling Amsterdam
*All images were shot by Jan Bijl

Protest comes with a brand new SUP Collection

Normally I take you on food bucket list proof tours in Amsterdam or surroundings. But surprise surprise, this time I had to burn some calories! Protest invited Wander-Lust for their launch of the Spring / Summer collection SS18 and I was one of the first people to try & test it!

To celebrate this happening, Protest organised a fun SUP clinic through the charming canals of Amsterdam with healthy snacks and fresh juices.  

The Protest SS18 collection in a nutshell

Let’s zoom in on the background of the colorful Spring / Summer collection. It’s a return to nature, freedom and above all living life. Expect a combination of great designs, styles and fashion trends that highlights the real passion of sun, fun and active sports with a sprinkling of spiritualism. During the presentation of the new collection for 2018 they impressed me with the number of trends they take into account. For example, take the women street- and swimwear. Expect high necks, ruffles, knotted details and exciting designs. I’ve seen really unique items. Also check the Mix & Match swimwear with mixed & matching patterns. These great combinations will certainly not bore you, believe me. To be honest, I wasn’t that much aware of the Protest collections before the recently organised event. They really surprised me with their trendy SUP, spring and summer collection! And nice to know: the high quality items are all reasonably priced. In no time I had my hands full of pretty items. Especially loved the diversity in styles, colors and fittings. Are you more a type for sexy, exciting Brazilian fits, do you prefer the classic, elegant Northern European styles or are you a real fit girl? Protest has the right fit for you! Click here and get inspired.


Brand new SUP collection

Last year Protest had a fantastic start with the first SUP wear collection, which is why they’re expanding it with at least one year. Because the SUP board collaboration with Lokahi boards was such a success, they’re extending it. They’ve designed a very colorful limited edition inflatable Protest Air SUP board that you’ll steal the SUP show with.

Protest sup-board

Guest editor Sharmaine in Protest gear
Trying to stay on the SUP Board

I can’t wait to show off my new SUP suit as much as possible!