Do you know a heavenly feeling? I had that sensation when I got the sympathetic invitation from airline SWISS to discover Zurich.

OK to be honest, I’ve seen a lot of our beautiful world, but I ‘used’ Switzerland only as a handy transit country. Why did I never go there for a holiday? Maybe because of my prejudices: ‘Oh boy, it’s far too expensive, too quiet for me and perhaps more fun for the elderly.’ I grabbed the opportunity to uncover if those ideas were real and flew to Switzerland for a city trip to Zurich (and if the chocolate is that yummy!)

Zurich in a nutshell

Where Amsterdam is full of hipsters, clumsy tourists on bikes and busy city sounds, Zurich is a bit of the opposite. It’s as big as our intimate Utrecht. When I arrived in the afternoon I was surprised by the calmness in the picturesque downtown streets. But when it became dusky and when the festive Christmas lights went on, Zurich seemed to awaken. One moment I thought I stepped into a scene, loved it! Not even to mention the cute Christmas stalls with the mulled wine and raclette smells throughout the city. Add the majestic buildings to that and you’ll get a very nice winter holiday feeling.

The town of Zurich
The cutest streets

Where to sleep?

After an active day full of impressions there’s nothing as good as ‘coming home’ in a nice boutique hotel room. My amazing, stylish room in the Marktgasse hotel did it for a 100 procent. I don’t know what it is, but I’m in love with boutique hotels and this great, tad upscale place from the 15th century has captured my heart. Nice to know: try the handsome cocktail bar on the ground floor. Tell the cocktail shaker what you prefer and he’ll blow you away with a custom made mix, just do it! www.marktgassehotel.ch/en


What to do

So just so you know, I had less then 24 hours discovery time, but I can tell you that Zurich is very suitable for short city trips. Recommended is to do the traditional culinary Gourmet Tour or learn more about the interesting stories of the old city with the Old Town Tour, like I did. For sure they also have a lot of cool shops, like grocery shop Schwarzenback or taste the best sausages of Zurich at Sternen Grill.

Where to eat

I know it’s not my best kept secret that I’m a food lover, sweet tooth and gourmet to the max. Not so surprisingly I was so excited to discover if the Swiss had a good flavor…no doubt they have! I had my lunch break at Baltho Restaurant & Bar – it’s part of the Marktgasse hotel. My gosh, it was a food walhalla to share that opened in front of me: falafel with homemade baba ganoush, juicy Boeuf Bourguinon, bang-bang chicken and so on. You name it, we had it. Mouth watering, right?

Food at the Marktgasse Hotel
Typical Swiss food at the Marktgasse Hotel

Another food tip:

HILTL. According to the Guinness Book of World Records they are the first registered vegetarian restaurant in the world and nowadays they’re even the supplier of the vegetarian meals on SWISS flights, how cool. HILTL started more than one century ago with this very trendy and successful concept. In addition to their à la carte, they also have a buffet. Although ‘buffets’ often haven’t the best associations for Dutchies, I gave it a try. Wow, I’ve never seen something like that before – fresh, veggie food all over. Funny fact: they let you weight your food on a large scale as you know it from the supermarket. You pay a certain amount per 100 grams, as they want to avoid food waste. Good thinking!

Breakfast tip

Delish is the other restaurant of Marktgasse Hotel. The crew is so enormously hospitable – Amsterdam can learn a lot of this welcoming, pure people – plus my poached eggs with avocado where very tasty. Give it definitely a spot on your food bucket list!

Salads at Delish

My Verdict

So this was exploring a city trip to Zurich through the eyes of a 26-year-old ‘wanderlust’ enthusiast. It’s a city that I would visit once in about five years again. For this it’s perfect. Big pluses were the fresh food and the hospitality in every shop, restaurant and bar. But one side note for your wallet: please be aware of the enormously high prices. I paid almost 11 euros for a healthy, takeaway shake at Juicery21 << hotspot alert >> So my prejudice about it’s far too expensive became a harsh reality, but the yummy Swiss chocolate made me forget it for a sec.

Juicery 21 Zurich
Juicery 21

The blogger crew in Zurich (Sharmaine 3rd from left)



*Sharmaine is one of our guest bloggers from the Netherlands with a sweet tooth. The sweeter, the better! She’s no kitchen princess but always in search for the best hotspots in Amsterdam! You can expect an article from her once a month! Check her out on @sharriefromsandmountains!

Sharmaine flew to Zurich in style! Check her review here:
Swiss in the sky

Switzerland Guide 2020 by Wander-Lust

Switzerland is simply one of the most beautiful places in the world! We never received so many direct messages on social media as we did on Elke’s last trip to the Swiss Bern region.

So here it is, the Switzerland Guide 2020 with all those amazing places you so loved on Instagram.

Getting There

If you live in Europe, Switzerland is perfectly set in the middle and pretty easy to get to. We decided to make it a car roadtrip because of the many places we wanted to visit, plus it’s a better option for the environment too! Tip: get yourself a Swiss vignette for on your car window so you can use the toll roads. It will cost you about €35,- and it will be valid for 1 year. Notably, Diesel in Switzerland is more expensive compared to normal fuel so keep that in mind. Also, speeding tickets are extremely high, so keep your foot off the gas a little and watch out for those speeding camera’s.

Switzerland roads
Stunning roads in Switzerland

Jungfrau Region

I started my trip in Meiringen / Hasliberg, where you will find mountains and cute villages.If you can, try to bring your GoPro camera to film your driving route because it is really amazing. This route is also very popular with motorcyclist because of the many corners and pretty surroundings. I checked in at Hotel Wetterhorn, just 40 minutes from Luzerne. Waking up here is a dream. The hotel used to be a lush holiday home back in 1907 and was recently turned into a modern style Swiss hotel.

Hotel Wetterhorn
Spritze up your life!

The hotel has a large garden area where you can relax on the wooden swing, or enjoy an Apérol Spritze on the terrace which is connected to the Wetterhorn restaurant. The restaurant serves a great buffet breakfast (appreciated by those who love healthy food), and a 4-course set dinner which is ever changing. Nice to know: Underneath the restaurant you will find a club where concerts and performances are held during special occasions. I stayed in a Wetterhorn Suite which has a balcony, equipped kitchen and lounge area. Great for families!

Hotel Wetterhorn Switzerland
Comfy bed at Hotel Wetterhorn

The Gelmerbahn

If you have a fear of heights, I would normally tell you not to even think about doing this, but having experienced this myself, I highly recommend the Gelmerbahn to anyone! So what is it? It’s basically a cable train which takes you all the way up Handegg mountain and Gelmersee lake. With an incline of 106%, it’s the 2nd steepest train ride in Europe! Tickets are 32CHF and you need to book a time as the train only has space for 24 people. At the top you can wander around the Gelmersee (lake) and wait for the train to come up again.

Gelmersee | Switzerland Guide
At the top of the Gelmerbahn you find Gelmersee

Off the Beaten Track

When you drive back, you must stop by the Rosenlaui Glacier. The drive there is impressive enough if you decide not to climb up the 5-km glacier after all. The walk up the glacier takes about 1 hour (back and forth). Nearby the entrance is a nice restaurant that serves soup, salads and decent coffee. Notably, getting here by car is possible but quite narrow. We did it with our Peugeot 508 and it worked fine. (plus you can stop where ever you want to take photo’s!) I was there during high season and it wasn’t busy at all!

Rosenlaui Glacier Switzerland
Coming up to the Glacier, you’ll find this stunning backdrop


From the Rosenlaui Glacier it’s only an hour drive to your next stop; Lauterbrunnen. Oh yes, this picturesque Swiss town is not to be missed. First of all, you are welcomed by massive mountains as you drive through the valley. Secondly, the waterfalls! fairytales really do exist and you’ll realize it here. Read more here about the fairytale guide to Lauterbrunnen. On the contrary, it is not the cheapest of places. We stayed in a fantastic Airbnb, but you can also opt for a day trip.

Lauterbrunen village

Mänlichen / Junfraujong

From Lauterbrunnen you can go up the mountain by train. This is a must do because the train ride itself is super nice! Buy your tickets at the train station which is located near the COOP supermarket. You can park your car for 24 hours or less which will cost you a maximum of €17,-. The train passes Wengen for nice photo opportunities but we continued all the way up to Kleine Scheidegg. There you can have lunch in one of the café’s on the hill and enjoy the sunshine before heading back down.

Train Lauterbrunnen Switzerland
The train ride takes about 40 minutes

Kleine Scheidegg Switzerland


Our next stop was Kandersteg. This time I stayed in a traditional Swiss hotel named Hotel Alfa Soleil which is family owned. The hotel has been around for years but a located at a great spot for those that want to hike the next day. Secondly, our room had the best balcony view! The hotel’s restaurant Nico’s, is known for their great set courses and wonderful outside seating area. Most of their veggies and herbs come from the Hotel’s garden and you can taste that! 

Switzerland Guide 2019
The village of Kandersteg

But the main reason people stay in this hotel is because from here you can easily visit the famous and beautiful Oeschinnen lake. Nice to know: The hotel includes a free gondola ride up to Oeschinen valley, together with many discounts around the area. The village of Kandersteg is nice to walk around with a view shops and café’s, plus there is a public pool to cool off during summer.

Switzerland Guide 2019
Hotel Alfa Soleil balcony view

Oeschinen Lake

One of Switzerland’s most famous lakes, yet I needed to see it. From our hotel, it was only a 10 minute walk to the gondola that takes you up in about 7 minutes. Upon arrival you will see a Swiss Rodelnbahn that you must try! For just €4,- you can enjoy a ride overlooking the Swiss Alps. If you do this before 11am, it’s not so busy.

Switzerland Guide 2019
This was fun!

To begin with, the walk to Oeschinen Lake is beautiful. Tip: wear a pair of good walking shoes and bring enough water! If you are traveling with kids, make sure you take the easy route. Not all paths are suitable for strollers. At the lake itself you can relax in the shade and enjoy a picnic. Many people bring their own food and make a controlled fire which is allowed. At the same time, there are about 3 restaurants nearby, but prices are very high due to the popularity of this spot.

Switzerland Guide 2019
Stunning colours at Oeschinen Lake

Another popular lake is Blausee. It is stunning but very touristic which made it less enjoyable for me though. For example, hurdles of people trying to take a good photo and “influencers” that see the lake through their screen instead of enjoying the nature around them. However, if you are near, you could take a peek as the entrance is only 8CHF. There is a restaurant located overlooking the lake and playground for kids. If you do decide to go, walk around the forest area just behind the lake. Not many people go there, so it’s quiet and serene.

Blausee Switzerland
Blausee, stunning but too many people


For the last part of my Switzerland trip, we decided to treat ourselves to some luxury. From Kandersteg we drove to Adelboden, located on the other side of the mountain which is about a 35 minutes drive. The best hotel in Adelboden is definitely The Cambrian. This boutique modern style hotel is high class and offers wonderful rooms with comfortable beds and stunning views. Their pool is so popular on Instagram, that they have restricted photo times so other guests won’t be bothered. Good on them! With this in mind, I also made the cheesy pool shot when I was allowed of course.

Switzerland guide 2019
Cheesy shots at The Cambrian.

The Cambrian bed

The restaurant and breakfast area is wonderful with great service from the staff. I was surprised to see such a diversity of guests at the hotel. From the Chinese tourists to young couples and families. Our little guy enjoyed the large playroom that offers games, toys and Disney movies. From The Cambrian you walk straight into Adelboden’s town center and the gondola that takes you up the mountain. You can buy return tickets for 24CHF at the tourist office which is located across the gondola.

Coffee in Switzerland

Restaurant Tschentenalp

One reason to go up is restaurant Tschentenalp. If you are here on a Sunday, you must check out this restaurant. They offer a special Sunday lunch with unlimited salad, grilled meat and veggies. The views, again, are stunning. We relaxed here for a bit before walking around and checking out the newest edition to Adelboden; The Giant Swing. This brand new summer attraction just opened a few weeks ago and its already such a hit, that travelers take a de-tour just to try it.

Schnentenalp Switzerland
Swiss restaurant with a view

Schnentenalp Switzerland Guide

The Giant Swing Adelboden
The Giant Swing

On the whole, it was the perfect ending to a wonderful week in Switzerland, and I highly recommend that everybody should go. Grab your car in order to be mobile enough, and don’t hesitate to bring your kid(s).

Switzerland is for anyone that loves stunning nature, great food and is willing to trade the beach for some mountains. This beach girl didn’t miss the beach at all this summer.

Happy travels,


Fairytale guide to Lauterbrunnen

Arriving in the Jungfrau region in Switzerland is rather special to say the least. The landscape changes and massive mountains will pop up around you. Lauterbrunnen is the cherry on the cake.

Lauterbrunnen is situated in the Swiss area of Bern in an area known as the Jungfrau Region. The town finds itself in a lush valley with several waterfalls and is a hit amongst travelers on Instagram. If you have never visited this place, you will soon after seeing these pictures.

Lauterbrunen village
Entering the stunning village of Lauterbrunnen

Where to stay

You have a few options, but we decided to stay in an Airbnb. The reason why I love staying in someones house or apartment, is because it gives my trip a more personal experience. It feels like home away from home. As a result, my eye caught one of the most amazing Airbnb’s I have ever stayed at. Waking up with a waterfall in the backyard was not something I had experienced before.


The apartment was big enough for 4 people and was equipped with an open kitchen, a spacious bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a living area. And last but not least, the outside terrace was facing the 2 waterfalls. Priceless! My experience was pleasant, the apartment was clean and everything was explained clearly. Book it here!

Lauterbrunnen Airbnb
My Airbnb in Lauterbrunnen

What to do

  • Hiking
    Most people visit Lauterbrunnen because they are going to hike around the area such as Mänlichen, Jungfraujoch or Grindewald. From Lauterbrunnen you take the train that passes Wengen (a must stop for photo’s of the valley!) and it will take you as far as Kleine Scheidegg. From there you can also take the train up to Jungfraujoch and the platform with its magnificent view over the Aletsch Glacier, the largest glacier in the Alps!
  • Visit the Trummelbach Waterfalls
    These are the eye catchers of Lauterbrunnen and you can walk straight behind the falls with stairs going up. Tip: If you visit them around 7pm, it won’t be busy at all, even during high season.
  • Go Paragliding
    If you visit the Bern region, you will see a lot of parachutes and paragliders in the air. This is the ultimate activity for thrill seekers because the backdrop is stunning. Would you dare?
  • Explore Lauterbrunnen Village
    Because of its popularity, the town center can be quite busy during high season. However, this is the case in the morning, so get up early if you want to take some good photo’s.

Train Lauterbrunnen Switzerland
Traveling by Swiss train

Where to eat

Because we stayed in an Airbnb we opted for the local COOP supermarket in the village and enjoyed a home cooked meal. Restaurant prices can be extremely high unfortunately but there are a few places in Lauterbrunnen that are worth visiting and won’t leave you with empty pockets.

Café Lauterbrunnen | Wander-Lust

  • Coffee Bar Airtime
    They serve flat whites so I was sold. This cute coffee bar is located in the middle of the main street so you can’t miss it. They serve breakfast, cakes, healthy juices and lunch. They only accept cash so bring some!
  • Flavours
    Sandwiches are made to order, the coffee is actually done well and they serve homemade Focaccias! Burgers and salads are also on the menu.
  • Eiger Guesthouse Restaurant
    This place offers nice take away pizza’s that you can enjoy on a bench looking at the waterfall.

Tip: If you have kid(s); there is a nice playground near the waterfall and just 10 minutes walk from the main street. The best view from a children’s playground I’ve ever seen!

Read more about Switzerland!



Is this the coolest slide in the world?

Sometimes we just need to feel like a little kid again and what better than a super long slide! But what if you combine this with an amazing backdrop in Switzerland? Well, it’s called the Switzerland Mountain Coaster and you can visit it!
This mountain coaster, as they call it, can be found in the town of Kandersteg near the Oeschinensee Lake.

World's coolest slide photo by martin-sattler

The slide is about 700 meters long and is open from May till September. Instead of burning your behind, you sit inside a slede which takes you down the hill and can reach speeds up to 40km per hour!
Yes, there is a leaver so make sure you pull the breaks now and then. Watch the video here:

Bucketlist anyone?



Travel to Zurich in style with SWISS

My first media trip for Wander-Lust was a fact. The destination to discover: Zurich! I never really had this city in my top 10 bucket list, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t worth exploring. Time to give it a try with SWISS!

Book a budget proof ticket with SWISS
So last week I tested the airline SWISS and flew to Zurich – two days, one night. Yehesss, I felt like a lucky bastard. Some nice to know facts of SWISS: They fly four times a day from Schiphol to Zurich and a retour economy class ticket only costs €129,- (incl. taxes and fees). For an airline with so much comfort and good service, I think this is a very good price to pay. Despite the fact I have wanderlust, flying is not my cup of tea but that didn’t spoil the fun. During my first flight with this airline I noticed that the service and seats were really Swiss style and definitely worth repeating. Small side note: the cold croissant has some room for improvement, but the Swiss chocolate was de-li-ci-ous!

Did you know that Swiss is part of the Lufthansa Group that exist out of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings?

SWISS economy seats..not bad!

Airplane meals with a story
What really makes  SWISS so interesting for me as a food lover, is the story behind their airplane meals: SWISS taste of Switzerland. Every 4 months they ask the crème de la crème among the top chefs to prepare a menu. Just one great chef from one of the Swiss regions is the lucky one. The big challenge for the master chef is to come up with airplane business and first class proof meals that are made with typical local, seasonable ingredients and specialties of that amazing region. During this trip I was at the food presentation for spring 2017, an overwhelming food walhalla created by the famous and commended Thomas Neeser. My oh my, so great to see so much passion, fun and creativity in one person. Not so surprising that SWISS have won so many awards with this unique food concept, thumbs up! Are you a vegetarian than this would be great news for you: SWISS cooperates with the world’s first vegetarian restaurant HILTL, who caters the vegetarian airplane meals day after day. Next week I tell you more about this extraordinary hotspot.

Checking out the new Swiss menu
Checking out the new menu for spring 2017

The chefs at Swiss
Thomas Neeser (left) at the menu presentation

Let’s go business class
The part of my trip I’ll never forget was my flight back. SWISS surprised me with a business class seat, OMG! Maybe you know what that means: entrance to the business lounge! A world full of food opened for me including my all-time favorite M&Ms – please, squeeze me here – chocolate desserts, oh and let’s not forget the champagne! It was all you can imagine. I flew back to Amsterdam, totally relaxed with,…more food and wine! I could get used to this. I hear you thinking: ‘my wallet does not allow me to buy a business ticket.’ No, mine does neither. But from €900,- you can fly business class during international flights. That means for a bit more you get much more luxury: lounge access, extra luggage, better meals, more legroom etc. The price differences in economy and business class aren’t always so huge, it was an eye opener for me. Tip » Always check the economy and business class prices, include a Saturday into your trip and book well in advance to get the scharpest price!

Business Class food at Swiss
Enjoying the business class food on the way back

Food allergies? No problem for SWISS
Last but not least, SWISS is an ideal airline if you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, they even were the first allergy-friendly one in the world. You can contact the customer service prior to your flight and they’ll do everything they can do for you! They even have lactose free chocolate, that’s what I call Swiss service!

Wanna check out SWISS yourself? Visit the website.



*Sharmaine is one of our guest bloggers from the Netherlands with a sweet tooth. The sweeter, the better! She’s no kitchen princess but always in search for the best hotspots in Amsterdam! You can expect an article from her once a month! Check her out on @sharriefromsandmountains!

Our Favorite Wanderlust Moments of 2016

Damn, 2016 is coming to an end and wow, did it go by fast! Many new memories have been made and adventures shared. Time to look back at some of our favorite wanderlust moments of 2016!

Elke’s trip to the Philippines December – January 
It was on our bucketlist forever and Elke finally crossed it off her list last Dec-Jan. She traveled to Cebu, Bohol and Palawan where she saw the most amazing islands. “It’s like Thailand 20 years ago and even more beautiful” To read all her tips about The Philippines, have a look here: wander-lust.nl/the-philippines/

Favorite Wanderlust Moments of 2016
In El Nido, Palawan

Sarah’s trip to Malaysia – November
For 3 weeks Sarah traveled through Malaysia visiting Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi and Borneo. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Malaysian people are extremely creative and you will see street art, local handmade goods and delicious food everywhere. If you’re planning to go, you must read her articles about Malaysia: wander-lust.nl/malaysia/

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Our city trip to Prague – April
It was our first trip together funny enough and we had so much fun! The life is cheap in Prague so we enjoyed it to the max trying out all the best food spots and checking out the nightlife. From cycling tours to getting lost, finding a hipster Vietnamese bar and drinking a lot of beer. We also discovered that we are perfect travel partners! Read our city guide to Prague here: wander-lust.nl/falling-in-love-with-prague/

Wanderlust in Prague
Perfect travel partners 

Switzerland during Springtime – May
If there is something you should do when you live in Europe, is to grab your car and drive up to Switzerland during springtime. The incredible nature, mountains and lakes are stunning! Elke drove up to Lutcerne, Vitznau and hiked up the Rigi Mountain. It’s not the cheapest place to visit but the views are more than worth it! Must do for 1017! wander-lust.nl/why-you-should-visit-switzerland-this-summer/

Hotel Rigi Kaltbad, Switzerland
Stunning views from the Rigi mountain

Our secret trip to Valencia – June
We didn’t know where we were going and found out at the airport when we scrashed our SRPRS.me card. Valencia it was! The weather was great, the food was great and the whole city break was great. Although it was Sarah’s 2nd time, we managed to discover so many new spots! wander-lust.nl/our-secret-trip-to-valencia/

Watermelon in Valencia
Eating watermelons in Valencia

Glamping in Portugal – June
This was a very special trip because we didn’t really know what to expect. We got invited by Into The Wild Algarve, a couple that left their hectic lives in Amsterdam to move to Portugal and start a Eco-Glamping Resort. We were their first official guests and they made us feel so at home. The care that they treated us with, really touched us. We enjoyed outside Yoga, Supping, Vegan Cooking and discovered the beaches of the Algarve. Check our report here: into-the-wild-algarve/

Into the Wild Algarve Tent
Our bohemian glamping tent

Swedish Lapland – June
After our visit to the travel bloggers conference (TBEX) in Stockholm, Sarah checked out the Swedish Lapland for a few days. She discovered the untouched nature, fishing, ice sculpture, spa’s and sleeping in the light. (it doesn’t get dark there in June!) wander-lust.nl/relaxing-activities-in-kukkolaforsen-swedish-lapland/

Grilled fish
Smoking freshly caught fish in Sweden

Elke’s trip to Norway – August
“Cried when they landed, in the bus and cried when I saw the first mountain.” All because it was so beautiful. What a stunning place! Together with Visit Norway Elke and a bunch of journalists visited the Fjords where she learned how to kayak. wander-lust.nl/my-amazing-trip-through-north-west-norway/

Visit North West Norway
Crying 3.0

So there you have it, new memories were made, hidden gems were discovered and many new hotspots were found. These were our favorite wanderlust moments of 2016. We hope we’ve inspired you this past year! It was great to see that some of you actually did the trips or took the route we wrote about! Get ready for 2017 as we have more exiting things planned!

For more impressions about all our trips, check our YOUTUBE Channel where we add all our travel memories! We need more subscribers so hopefully you guys can help us out! 😉


Elke & Sarah

Why you should visit Switzerland this summer

In my previous blogpost about summer in Switzerland, I visited the city of Bern and its surroundings. It was time to continue my roadtrip through this stunning country. It was time to find my inner Heidi and walk through the hills. We decided to continue our way up to Emmental and Lucerne.


This region is made up out of small 42 villages situated between the green (or snowy) hills of Switzerland. Emmental got it’s name from the Emme river that flows through the area but Emmental is most famous for the cheese with all the holes in it. I started my tour through Emmental after a meeting with the pr manager of Emmental Tourism. She took me on a hike through the hills and although it rained a little when I arrived but that didn’t stop us from walking to a great viewing point. Fun Fact! In Emmental it’s very common to see a small house right next to a larger house. This is when the children take over the farm and the parents move into a smaller house right next door!

Wanderweg sign Switzerland
Wanderweg. I didn’t make this up 

Where did I sleep?

My accommodation was pretty cool. I stayed in a bed & breakfast in an old farmhouse owned by a dairy farmer and his wife, Evelyn & Ernst. I love B&B’s because it’s so much more personal than a large hotel for example. My room was large and on the top floor. The whole floor was pretty much mine to use which also featured a nice bathroom, TV room and children’s bedroom. We were asked to join dinner downstairs and because I am a vegetarian, they especially prepared some wonderful salads. Book your stay at the farm here.

Bed & Breakfast Emmental
The Bed & Breakfast I stayed at in the mitst of nature

Cow in Emmental Switzerland
Cuddling the cows


If you visit Switzerland, be prepared to walk a few miles. Not because you have to but because you want to. There are so many beautiful viewing points and hills to climb, that you should definitely leave your heels at home. So the next day, when the natural alarm clock woke me up (read: Cow’s moo-ing), I was ready for a hike. The weather was beautiful and I walked from the farm through the forest and all the way up to where I can imagine Heidi running around in between te flowers. (I couldn’t help myself of doing the same, check the after movie!) Passing by little piglets, running (happy) cows and stunning views, we walked all the way up to a hotel/restaurant called Moosegg where we had an amazing lunch. At Moosegg you enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the Emmental and Langnau hills plus on a clear day you can see the Swiss Alps in the background. The restaurant’s chef took the time to explain that they’ve just finished a new renovation of the hotel, which has 22 rooms. Chef Daniel is a highly acclaimed chef which earned the restaurant it’s 16 awarded Gault Millau points.

Hotel Moosegg
Moosegg hotel/restaurant on the hills of Emmental

Restaurant Moosegg Switzerland
Danke Restaurant Moosegg!

Restaurant Moosegg Switzerland
Lunch with a view..

Lucerne | Vitznau

From Emmental you can drive in several directions but we decided to drive towards Lutzern. (Lucerne) We avoided the highway again and drove through the cutest villages and green hills. The weather was sunny and this makes Switzerland even better. When you arrive in Vitznau you will drive pass Lake Lucerne which is surrounded by mountains and is really impressive to see. Apon arrival, we parked our car and took the Rigi rails up Mount Rigi. This is a steep rail that runs through the area and pretty much the only way to get up the mountain. 

The Rigi Railways are the highest standard gauge railway in Europe.

Rigi Railways, Switzerland
Rigi Railways

Mount Rigi is popular with people, old and young, get up early for a fresh hike.

Around Rigi

After 5 stops we arrived at our accommodation, Hotel Rigi Kaltbad. Rooms are simple but the views are stunning. From green hills to snowy mountains within a few hours! Hotel Rigi Kaltbad has a spa which hotel guest can use and I couldn’t pass on this option of course! Enjoy an in and outside area with a view of the snowy mountains. This area is a lot more expensive than Emmental so don’t be shocked when you order lunch or dinner around here. (a cup of tea will cost you around €4,50) We took the Rigi Train all the way up the top and as stupid as I was, I didn’t bring any hiking boots. God, I really needed them because there was still a lot of snow at the top of the mountain. Tip: Have lunch place in the middle of Rigi Mount called Chalet Schild. Just opened, they serve homemade salads, soup, Swiss specialties and freshly baked pastries.

Travel blogger or not, when you stand here at 1700 meters above sea level, you’re gonna have yourself a cry-moment or two.

Hotel Rigi Kaltbad, Switzerland
Just chillin’ (OMG this view!)

Lunch at Chalet Schild, Mount Rigi, Switzerland
Lunch at Chalet Schild

From there the snow disappeared underneath our feet and we could walk on a straight path overlooking the lake of Lucerne. I had a moment of extreme gratitude and joy when I saw the view from here. It was so beautiful that I almost cried. This is the world’s true beauty. Everybody that comes here, is here to enjoy the nature of Switzerland and nothing more. 

Cry-moment #1
Cry-moment #1

Cry-moment #2
Cry-moment #2

After our 2 hour hike, we got back to the hotel to pick up our stuff and take the Rigi Train back down the mountain. We still had a few hours to kill so we decided to take a boat tour over the lake. Boat tickets are available from the ticket desks at the boat docks along the lake. You get a discount or even free travel if you own a rail pass. A ticket will cost you around €20,- and takes you from Vitznau to Lucerne and back. Our car was parked back in Vitznau so we needed to go back but otherwise it’s nice to spend a few hours in high end city Lucerne.

Boat trip over Lake Lucerne
The boat trip is well worth it

The last few days in Switzerland really took my breath away and just imagine it in a few months when everything is even greener! I can highly recommend to grab your car or train and visit Switzerland this summer!

Check our video about Switzerland!



In and around Bern, Switzerland

Europe has so much to offer and one of my favourite countries has to be Switzerland. Green hills, snowy mountains, waterfalls and wonderful towns. It was time to see if those Instagram images would live up to my expectations. First stop: Bern!

For this roadtrip I needed a car that would have enough power to drive through a landscape full of hills and yet, feel comfortable at the same time. I took the Peugeot 308GT and boy did I make a good decision there! This baby was perfect for the German highway (no lazy speed limits like in the Netherlands) and I felt pretty cool too 😉 Tip » If you want to see more (and save some cash) then try to avoid the Swiss Toll roads where you need to buy a vignette for. This normally cost you around €35,- and it’s valid for one year. We took the small roads and drove through a beautiful landscape. Careful, the navigation will try to get you on the highway again so use your google maps as navigation on the small roads.

Driving around Switzerland in the Peugeot 308GT
Going from A to B in style

Around Bern

My first stop was at a rather special one. A big landhouse called Schloss Hünigen. The property is run by a gentleman with the same family name as me! This was such a coincidence! (we later discovered that we come from the same tree of life) I was warmly welcomed and given a spacious room overlooking the garden. The hotel currently has 49 rooms and the Schloss dates back from 1555. All guests have free entry to the nice spa which features a steam room, 2 sauna’s and a bubble bath. The city Bern is only a 30 min drive and you can also take the train which is only a short walk away from Schloss Hünigen.

Food & More

The food which is served in restaurant, Rosarium, is very very tasty. You can enjoy typical Swiss and international cuisine with good wine. (believe me, I tried) In the restaurant or on the terrace, everything is themed around roses. The outside garden and terras is surrounded by 3500 roses and wedding guests can plant their own rose branch with their names on it. Golf and hiking are popular activities nearby but I enjoyed the garden and my room for as long as I could. It was just what I needed after a few hours in the car. For a peaceful and romantic stopover near Bern, this is the perfect place to stay. Book your stay here.

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The impressive Schloss Hünigen

Schloss Hunigen
My spacious bedroom

Dinner at Schloss Hunigen
Fresh salad from local produce

Bern City

I didn’t know much about Bern, only that the bear is their national symbol and it’s a city surrounded by fresh mountain water. From Schloss Huningen I drove to Bern in about 30 minutes and had a guided tour booked. I did this because I only had one day in Bern so I needed to make the most of it. The tour lasted 1,5 hours which is enough to learn about the history and Bern’s most famous marks. We started the tour with the story how Bern got his name. (well, at least so legend says). Berchtold V, Duke of Zähringen, (names back in the days were so much cooler) the founder of the City of Bern, vowed to name the city after the first animal he met on the hunt; as this turned out to be a bear, the city had both its name and its heraldic beast. You will find bears everywhere. On the flags, souvenir shops, cups and it’s the only city that owns 3 real bears in the city center.


Things to do in Bern

Bern is a quiet city but don’t be fooled! There are lot’s of things to do, especially during summer. Here are a few examples:
» Visit a market. Food Markets are on Tuesday and Saturdays right in front of the Parliaments House
» City tour “Follow your nose in Bern” Let you be seduced by the world of fragrances and the historic centre of Bern. Just literally follow your nose on a guided tour and learn more about the history and the smells of the City. From sandstone to liquorice up to cocoa flavour – Bern can offer many unique scents with a thrilling past. After the tour you will create your own Bern-perfume in the Shop “Art of scent” managed by the perfume specialist Brigitte Witschi.Website
» Urban Swimming If you ever come to visit Bern in summer don’t miss to jump into the refreshingly cold and clean water of the Aare river. It is indeed one of the best experience during hot summer days and typically Bern! An activity which fascinates young and old alike. It’s a local thing so if you want to blend in, take a leap in the refreshing water. During summer, locals walk up the hill and take their rubber boats into the water and let the current take them down the river which takes about 2 hours. There is also a swimming pool which is free for everyone! There’s also a new trend, Urban Surfing coming up. A young and motivated surf teacher gives surf lessons to everyone interested. http://bungeesurfen.ch/
Tip! » Get yourself a Bern ticket. This ticket let’s you use the public transport for free, even the the elevator to the Cathedral Platform, and travels to and from Bern Airport. Every guest automatically receives a “Bern Ticket” when staying overnight in Bern. www.bern.com/en/bernticket

The clock of Bern

Dates not to miss

Buskers Bern Street Festival / 11-13 August / Street musicians all over Bern! www.buskersbern.ch
Gurten Festival Bern / 14-17 July / The program includes more than 60 live acts and 60 DJs representing the pop, rock, punk, elektro, funk, soul, R&B, hip hop, country, singer-songwriter and blues genres. All on top of the mountain overlooking Bern. www.gurtenfestival.ch

Overlooking Bern
Overlooking the River with Restaurant Schwellenmaeatteli across the water

Where to eat?

» Restaurant Lötschberg Original Swissdom does hype. Centrally located in the upper Old Town. With youthful open-mindedness, Lötschberg will treat you to Swiss specialities in their light, urban and trendy restaurant. www.loetschberg-aoc.ch
» Klösterli Weincafé Small yet classy – Bern’s first address for all wine and coffee aficionados. Premium Italian coffee and a carefully selected range of around 100 wines await you in a stylish setting. A small yet delicious selection of dishes are offered. Specialty cheeses and dry-cured meats served on a slate platter. Or a tender piece of “Café de Klösterli” entrecôte. www.kloesterlibern.ch
» Tibits Tibits, derived from the word “titbits,” stands for delicious and fresh food and drink. As speedy as a fast food restaurant, but as comfortable as a top-quality café: tibits in a nutshell. The vegetarian (and partly vegan) buffet offers more than 40 different salads and a selection of warm dishes which changes daily. Alongside fresh juices, tea and coffee, wine, and cocktails, you can also enjoy sandwiches and fine pastries. Everything is also available to take away. www.tibits.ch
» Restaurant Gärtnerei This trendy self-service restaurant offers daily homemade salads and soups as well as other delicacies, some even vegan, sugar- or wheat-free. Healthy, sustainable and tasty! www.gartnerei.ch
» Schwellenmaeatteli by the river. The interplay of architecture and nature makes spending time in the sunny outdoor seating area of the pavilion a real experience. Guests can even watch the movements of the water through an opening in the wooden floor. Great for those summer nights.  www.schwellenmaetteli.ch
» Restaurant Rosengarten, for stunning views of Bern and seasonal dishes. It’s a steep walk up for about 5-10 minutes but it’s worth it. You can also visit the Rose Garden while you’re there www.rosengarten.be

The gartnerei in Bern
The healthy and sustainable Gartnerei. Source

Coffee & More

» Effinger Kaffeebar & Coworking Space Effinger Kaffeebar & Coworking Space opened in March 2016 and is the ideal place for a beer with your friends after work. It also offers coworking spaces for young and creative freelancers. www.effinger.ch
» Kaffee Montag Every day fresh and surprisingly different. At Kaffee Montag you get seasonal and fresh products from the region. It’s a great place to sit and chat with your friends while enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. And why is it called Montag (Monday)? Because Monday is their favourite day of the week! www.kaffeemontag.ch
» Adrianos This bar located just opposite the Clock Tower (Zytglogge) has a Mediterranean feel, offers a good atmosphere and serves excellent coffee, thanks to its in-house roasting plant. www.adrianos.ch
» Volver BarTapasCafé ‘Volver’ is Spanish and means ‘to come back’. To ensure that visitors to Volver do just that willingly and often, they are continually delighted with gastronomic gems from Spain and Switzerland: a morning cappuccino, a pasta lunch, chocolate cake in the afternoon, or beer, wine & tapas in the evening. Volver is small and cosy with a great atmosphere! www.barvolver.ch

Coffee & More in Bern
Kaffee Montag, underground cellars and risotto at the Rosengarten

Where to sleep?

» Hotel Landhaus A young hotel in a more than 100-year-old listed building. Situated at the heart of the Bern Old Town, right on the Aare river and next to the BearPark, the hotel is the perfect location for all lovers of the special and unconventional. The renovated rooms offer globetrotters, families, artists, businesspeople, backpackers, individualists, and even groups and school classes a home away from home. www.landhausbern.ch

One day Bern wasn’t enough to visit all these hotspots but hopefully YOU can.