The Wander-Lust of..Travel Blogger & Videographer João Cajuda

Born in Portugal, he is a professional videographer with a degree in Marketing & PR that decided to turn traveling into a full time job a few years ago. He was on a job that made him fall in love with the world of travel and since then he has produced content for some of the biggest brands such as the Travel Channel, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental and our favorite airline, Emirates. We finally managed to interview this inspirational guy! This is the Wanderlust of.. João Cajuda.

Hi João! Could you please tell our readers who you are what you do?
Well, I’m a travel blogger and videographer, I also have a travel agency where I take people in adventurous trips to some destinations I love like Thailand, Morocco, Indonesia… So when i’m not traveling with people I’m exploring the world by my own, shooting videos and writing articles.

You travel the world for your job but it seems like you caught the wanderlust virus way before that, how come?
My father is a football coach, so since I was a young kid I was moving from city to city almost every year. I think I got used to it. Nowadays I can’t stay in only one place. I always need to meet new cultures, food and people!

I’m a huge fan of Morocco, but I must confess that I hated the first time.

João Cajuda

It’s a boring question but nevertheless important. What’s your favorite destination and why?
It’s not a boring question, it’s a very hard question to answer actually… I love Asia, can it be like this? haha. I love Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia… I’m also a huge fan of Morocco, but I must confess that I hated the first time. Then I spent one month there and I started to understand their culture, it’s such an incredible and diverse country. I’ve been there more than 30 times, I can´t stop going to the desert, is one of my favorite places ever!

joão cajuda-in-marrakech
Morocco, a place close to his heart

So we will hire you as our tour-guide next time we are in Morocco then! Have you ever experienced a big drama whilst traveling?
Oh so many! Like running from floods in India, getting into Typhoons in the Philippines, my drone falling into a Volcano in Indonesia, many flat tires in weird places such as the Serengeti. I even got surrounded by Lions in Tanzania and I crashed with a scooter in Thailand, do you have all day?

Wow, I guess we were lucky all these times! What about your best travel hack/tip?
To be honest I don’t have many… But I would definitely recommend people only to book the first night when going on a trip, don’t book too many things ahead like flights, hotels, etc… just go with the flow!

Traveling the world means tasting a lot of different cuisines. Name 3 restaurants in the world you think our readers should visit. Best dinner I had: Cottocrudo in Four Season Prague (I will never forget that delicious night), Any restaurant in Favignana in Sicily, is impossible you go wrong here, food is incredible everywhere. Buenos Aires in Lisbon… is near my home, I go there very often, I love the place and the food.

Voted as a favorite by João Cajuda, Cottocrudo in Prague

Good tips, we must check these out then! Let’s look ahead, how do you think we travel in the year 2025?
I hope airplanes can go a bit faster eheh and not with so many turbulence. With all the apps and electronic systems we have nowadays I think it will be much easier, cheap and secure to travel, but I don’t think the transportation will change a lot in the next 7 years.

Do you prefer to travel solo or with friends?
With friends, however, it depend of the friends eheh. Sometimes it can go wrong!

In Khao Sok, Thailand


What song can we definitely find on your travel playlist?
Arcade Fire – The suburbs, for example. But I have like 5000 songs on my Ipod, i’m always adding new ones.

What can we expect from you in 2017/2018?
I still don’t know where I’m going on vacation, but maybe Japan, maybe Seychelles or perhaps Myanmar. I have work in Morocco, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines, but the rest of the year is still unwritten 🙂

The last question we always ask everybody in this segment; what kind of traveler are you? 
I can be all at the same time. Usually I do some weeks of backpacking into remote places, so I could be explorer, I love camping… but I never say no to luxury hotels, eheh, I’m not gonna lie, I love a big bed, a big bathtub and a big breakfast!

João loves a bit of luxury

Watch João’s amazing video about Thailand here! 

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The Wanderlust of.. Travel Blogger Anne de Buck

She was one of the first travel and hotspots bloggers in the Netherlands who made her hobby into a career. You might know her from “Your Little Black Book” where she’s the first to tell you about all the hotspots!  This lady is constantly on the road but despite that, she wrote 2 books and she made some time to do this interview with us! This is the Wanderlust of..fellow wanderlusty Anne de Buck.

Hi girl! Could you tell our readers who you are and what you do?
Hi! I’m Anne de Buck and I’m the founder of (urban) travel blog I’m a travel entrepreneur and created my own dream job to travel the world for a living. For my platform Your Little Black Book I create city- and travel guides for destinations all over the world. In just 3,5 years my hobby blog grew out to be the largest travel blog in The Netherlands. Something I could have only dreamed to happen! Now I do what makes me the happiest girl in the world. I live up to my feelings of Wanderlust full time!

© Presstigieux - Wanderlust - Anne de Buck Wanderust
Wanderlust. Photo by Presstigieux

So when did you decide to become a full time travel blogger?
Good question! I think now it’s the ambition of a lot of new travel bloggers do become a full time travel blogger and get paid to travel. But for me it never started that way. I just loved traveling and hotspots and started to write about my experiences. And there they were: the first 3.500 readers, and then 10.000, 40.000, 70.000 and when I hit the 100.000 unique visitors a month I decided to quit my marketing manager job and just go for it! That’s two years ago and by now the numbers almost doubled.

Impressive stuff! What advice would you give yourself if you look back 5 years?
FOCUS. When things you do get the proper attention and love they will grow. Just like a plant!

Do you still have destinations on your bucketlist and if so, which ones?
Haha, OH YES. In my book Wanderlust (for now only available in Dutch) I shared my bucket list. And for someone who travels so much it’s surprisingly long. On #1 is my dream to make a polar bear safari once in my life. Even though my professional niche is urban travel my personal favorite holidays involve animals in the wild. Can watch them for hours! And after the polar bears? The Philippines, Rio, Buenos Aires, Sri Lanka. Oh and The Maldives. I know that everyone says that it can be very boring there, but I think boring is good for me. No hotspots to write about means true holiday!

Anne de Buck in Los Angeles
Strolling down the city of Angels

What is your favorite thing about traveling?
Exploring, wandering, discovering new places, people and cultures. I do well when I’m on the go.

What’s the worst thing that happened to you whilst traveling?
I once had a terrible bike accident in the USA. One part of my face was totally damaged, my whole body blue and bruised. After that healed my forehead was paralyzed at one side. Almost like a bad botox treatment. Luckily my hair covers the scar and you can only see the scar tissue with the changes of the weather. I think ending up in the hospital abroad is the worst thing that can happen to you while traveling.

Wow, that’s heavy! On a positive note, name one song that would definitely be on your travel playlist
Fade out lines. I still don’t get tired of this one!

“I’m more adventurous than I share on my blog” – Anne de Buck

You recently published 2 books, tell us a little more about that.
YES, so exciting! One book is a lifestyle guide that’s all about travel called Wanderlust. But for now that one is only available in Dutch. The other one however is published in both Dutch and English and called The Amsterdam City Guide. It’s really the best reward after writing about hotspots in Amsterdam for the last four years. In this book I share all my personal favorites in six different neighborhoods, an Amsterdam bucketlist, shortlists from my favorite restaurants to concept stores and tips what you can do in 24, 48 or 72 hours in the city. I still can’t believe that they’re in store now!

Books Anne de Buck
Anne’s books, The Amsterdam City Guide and Wanderlust

Being a girl from Amsterdam, what is your favorite lunch spot at the moment?
I love YAY in De Pijp! It’s just too good to be true that everything on the menu is super healthy and I can order it guilt free ;-).

If you could give one golden travel tip, what would it be?
Go where your dreams take you. Make a plan and just go! That’s actually a motto for most things in my live. I don’t really understand people that talk about something for years without taking action. Whether it’s a career change, starting a business or making your dream trip.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
The YAY Healthstore in Amsterdam (picture by wander-lust)

And finally, what kind of traveler are you? (backpacker, glampacker, adventurous, explorer etc)
I’m more adventurous than I share on my blog, but if I would put myself in a box it would be the urban travel one. It doesn’t matter where I go I’m always looking for cool and urban-style places to explore. Even when I’m on a tropical island!

Anne de Buck in Bali
Anne relaxing in Bali (source)

Anne’s books are now available to buy online or in store! You can follow her adventures on Instagram.

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