During wintertime, the Netherlands may seem gloomy and grey. But from April onwards, the country transforms into a colourful display of flowers! People from all over the world come to our Holland to see the best tulip fields.

If you have never seen the Dutch tulips before, you are in for a treat. There are several ways to explore the fields across the country – by car, bicycle or touring bus (we discourage the last option though). But now there is also a sustainable and unique way to explore the Dutch tulips. 

Electric Tulip Tour

Renzy is a relatively new tour operator that is 100% electric and let’s you discover the Netherlands in a Renault Twizy! They also offer other tours through the Netherlands like the Dune & Beach Tour, the Countryside & Windmill Tour and the History & Castle Tour. But because it’s almost Tulip season, we’ve recently tried and tested their Tulip & Flower Fields Tour to see what it is all about.

Tulip tour Renzy

Off the Beaten Track

Well, this tour couldn’t be more suitable for us! (As you know, we’ve written a book called Off the Beaten Track) Finding tulip and flower fields in Holland isn’t that difficult. What is difficult however, is finding a tour or route that doesn’t includes busses full of tourists! If you book an electric Twizy tour with Renzy, you get the chance to drive yourself, stop wherever you want, and listen to an audioguide in English, German or Dutch. Every Twizy is equipped with a GPS system so you won’t get lost. The Twizy is suitable for 2 adults or one adult and a child (children seats are available). The tour also passes a tulip farm (De Tulperij or Annemiekes Pluktuin) where you can stop and walk around in the tulip fields.

Renzy GPS

How to Book

Pre-book your tour now before it’s full! The tulip tour is available from 21 March to 10 May and they depart 4 times a day. For €85,- you get a 120 minute audio guided tour. Are you ready for a new way of exploring the Netherlands?

Electric GPS Audio Tours
Meer en Duin 36A


*This article was written in collaboration with Renzy. We always pick our collaborations wisely, looking at a background and the message we want to spread

Where to find the best Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

The tulip season is almost here and they are more popular than ever! We’ve selected a few regions in the Netherlands that are just out of this world..

Here are the best tulip fields in the Netherlands.

Best Tulip fields Netherlands


This tiny place is located in the Flevoland province and has an amazing backdrop with windmills and the sea. Car and bicycle routes have been voted one of the best in the world because of the tulip fields you are about to see here.

Noordoostpolder Tulips
Photo by Peter Abbes

Tulips are only blooming between April and May


If you’re looking for beautiful purple tulip fields and flowers, you need to visit the area of Schagerbrug. The fields here look like a Dutch painting because of the windmill that is situated here. If you come during the morning, you will have the best photo’s at sunrise.

Tulip field North Holland
Photo by GroovyPat


Another lesser known area to spot some of the largest and most beautiful tulip fields in the Netherlands. Goeree-Overflakkee is an island located in Zeeland, which is the south west of Holland. There are around 18 tulip fields on the island, in all different colours. Because these tulip fields are less known, you won’t find many tourists or locals walking around, winning! From Amsterdam, it’s about 2 hours drive. Find more Off the Beaten Track places!

Goeree-Overflakkee, Netherlands

Tulips were originally imported from Turkey in the 16th century, and later produced in The Netherlands

Bollenstreek: Lisse / Hillegom / Noorwijkerhout

One of the more popular tulip destinations. Lisse is near Amsterdam, so it explains why so many people go here. If you can, visit these tulip fields during the week, and early morning. If you go by car, you can drive through the whole area and make several stops.

Lisse tulip fileds

Polderbaan Schiphol

Next to the longest runway in Amsterdam Schiphol, you will find a few tulip fields. Combine this with a trip to the Polderbaan to see airplanes take off and land. This is also the tulip field you see in the header photo of this article.

Tulip Field next to Polderbaan
Relaxing in the Tulip field next to the Polderbaan


We have the Van Gogh Museum, and we have the Keukenhof. It’s the one place all travelers know about. Mind you, if you visit the Keukenhof, you will share the tulip watching with thousands of tourists from all over the world. Buy tickets to the Keukenhof

There are over 150 species of tulips with over 3,000 different varieties.

Important note:
Please be aware that you cannot walk into every tulip field. If you see the farmer, please ask for permission. Otherwise respect their crop and do not walk in between the flowers (only the ground/sandy parts). There are wider area’s that you can take photo’s from. This year many tulip farmers have decided to close their fields with gates because there are so many tourists ruining their tulip field. 

Treat yourself to some flowers at the Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam!


Are you looking for a special way to see the tulips? Book a tour with Renzy, an electric buggy which provides a fun audio tour so you can easily self-explore!