The Health Food Wall in Amsterdam

The typical Dutch snack wall concept, has been re-invented into a healthy option; Health Food Wall. And you can find it in Amsterdam West.

If you’re not Dutch, this needs a small introduction. The Dutch like to snack. Deep fried croquettes, hot cheesesoufflé, burgers, you name it. If you’re hungry, and crave for a quick snack, you walk over to your nearest snackbar, and you may just find yourself a wall full of small glass doors that you can open with 1 or 2 euro. Behind the glass is a warm (mostly deep fried) snack. It’s a thing that has been around for decades and the “food from the wall” has become part of the Dutch culture. 

The Health Food Wall
Anouk Snelders took this popular concept, and turned it into something healthy, for everyone! She founded the world’s first Health Food Wall and opened on the 1st of September 2018. In her first flagship store, located on the kinkerstraat in Amsterdam, you can not only enjoy our vegetarian and vegan meals from the infamous wall automat, but you can also great coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, breakfast bowls and vegan sweets. 

Healthy food

The Health Food Wall works digitally, and you can find the menu on the wall and on a screen, where you can select. The menu consist organic, and local ingredients to make sure that it’s tasty and nutritious. All meals are prepared in the kitchen located on the first floor, where you can also lounge on the pink sofa or chairs. 

Health Food Wall

Health Food Wall
Select, pay and eat

Health Food Wall

The veggie and vegan menu keeps changing per season, and as of the 1st of November you can choose between homemade beet burger with feta spread, or black rice noodles with tempeh. Feeling lazy to 

Health Food Wall
Kinkerstraat 66a, Amsterdam
Website / Instagram



Pop-Up Vegetaria serves Vegetarian Dutch Snacks

Being a vegetarian has never been so easy. Every modern restaurant offers at least one or two veggie meals on their menu and the larger supermarkets are selling more vegetarian options than ever before. Even the traditional Dutch snacks couldn’t stay behind. As of today, you can find these vegetarian snacks in the freezer at Albert Heijn and Jumbo supermarkets, and to celebrate, Beckers snacks is opening a pop-up snackbar; Vegetaria.

After months of development and consumer testing, there are now the perfect vegetarian frikandel and croquettes available that can hardly be distinguished from the original. Beter for the environment and for animal welfare! The veggie snack line is an initiative from Beckers

vegetarian crocuette

To celebrate the launch of this new Veggie food, Beckers opens a pop-up named VEGETARIA in Amsterdam on World Animal Day on October 4. The pop-up will be located in the heart of Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome to try a delicious vegetarian croquette sandwich, frikandel special, a portion of bitterballen or veggie nuggets. All snacks are sold for a promotional price of €1,- only.

Pop-Up Vegetaria by Beckers
Nieuwezijds Kolk 25, Amsterdamis
Open from 4 to 7 October between 12:00 and 19:00



Our favourite Veggie Pita spot in Amsterdam is now open daily!

If you’ve been to a Dutch food festival or the Sunday Market, you must have heard of Vleesch noch Visch. This famous veggie stand is one of those places you keep coming back for. They started off with a tiny stand on food markets and expanded over the years where they opened a kiosk in Amsterdam West, near the Westerpark. Good news for those who can’t wait for the weekend, they are now open daily from 12 till 9pm!

Veggie pita Vleesch noch Visch
The famous Greek veggie pita 

Vleesch noch Visch became famous because of their Greek veggie pita that has people queuing up for. At the kiosk they also offer other meals such as a Mi Gado pita, fries, soups and salads. Vegans don’t worry, most meals are easily turned into vegan. There are tables and benches to enjoy your favourite meal at, and you will find that people from all over the city come here for a bite. I have been a fan since the beginning but now that more people starting to embrace vegetarian and vegan meals, this place is set to be even more popular than ever.

Happy eating!


Vleesch noch Visch
Schaepmansstraat 2, Amsterdam

*Header photo source: Vleesch noch Visch

5 Vegan Spots in Amsterdam you probably haven’t heard of

Amsterdam has recently become the vegan capital of Europe with a large number of vegan restaurants & snack bars. Other restaurants offer more vegan options than ever. You have probably heard of a few big names such as the Vegan Junk Food Bar, Meatless District, Dophert and the list goes on. But I’m pretty sure you haven’t heard of these vegan spots in Amsterdam..

MKZ, Eerste Schinkelstraat 16

This all vegan spot is kind of special. Why? Well, it’s a collective run restaurant and you can get a 3-course meal for only 5 euro! That’s right, that little green piece of paper you always buy nothing with. Okok, the food isn’t served on a Instagram worthy plate and there is no table service, but reading all the reviews, people are extremely positive about this hidden spot. You get a vegan soup to start, a big plate with vegan food and if you are lucky, the dessert is something with chocolate. Oh, and there is just one thing; you need to wash your own dishes at the end. No biggie I think, considering you practically eat for free. They are open for dinner only and you need to give them a call to book a table. 0206790712

At MKZ you eat a plate like this for only 5 euro!

Mezebar Bodrum, Surinamestraat 5

Right at the end (or beginning) of the Overtoom, you will find the Surinameplein where tram 1 and 17 come together. Just over the bridge that connects the west with the center, you have a small passage with small take away joints such as Asian, Suriname and Italian food. In the middle of this, you will find this hidden vegan spot. I discovered it by chance because I walked passed and saw a sign that said: vegan pitta. I got curious and took a look inside where I spoke to a lovely Dutch lady. One of the owners has been a vegan for over 15 years and she decided to offer a full vegan meze plate to her customers. Something I haven’t heard of before in Amsterdam! They have also received a Happy Cow recommendation, a platform that is holy to all vegan’s & veggies around the world. Having their sticker stuck onto your restaurant window is like receiving 5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor in vegan land. Instagram

Mezebar Bodrum, vegan spots in Amsterdam
One of the most undiscovered vegan spots in Amsterdam!

Spirit, Czaar Peterstraat 2a

Coming from Rotterdam, this buffet restaurant offers a whole lot of vegan food that you will love! There is vegan beer, vegan wine, vegan everything! You pay by weight and trust me, you will fill up your plate! I first saw this concept in Prague where I couldn’t stop coming to this vegetarian buffet restaurant and I was hoping that something like this would come to Amsterdam. All the dishes at Spirit are homemade, organic and created with love. No bullshit, no chemicals, just pure food that you will love.


Loving Hut, Admiraal de Ruijterweg 334

Tucked away in Amsterdam Old West (sounds like a Western movie doesn’t it?), you will find the Loving Hut. It’s been around in Amsterdam since 2015 but they are part of the Loving Hut chain that you can find elsewhere in the world. They have more than 200 outlets in major cities all over the world! So what do they offer? Mostly Asian dishes plus some of the famous Dutch fast food snacks you will wake up for. Burgers, “broodje croquet” and more. Yup, the Vegan Junk Food Bar isn’t the only vegan comfort food joint in tha house! At Loving Hut the food is simple, cheap and tasty. And we must admit, we didn’t know it existed since 2 weeks ago! Join us in discovering this award winning vegan spot.

loving-hut, vegan spots in Amsterdam

Zest For Life raw food cafe, Van Baerlestraat, 45

More than just a raw food bat for sure! This place offers detox vacations in Turkey, juice that will clear your body and exercises that will clear your head. But let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about the raw food cafe for a minute. At the raw food cafe they show you that raw food doesn’t have to be boring. On the menu you will find slow juices, pancakes, cakes, wraps, pizza and even a pad thai noodle dish. It’s not big inside but they have a little garden! They are open everyday till 6pm except on Mondays.

Zest for life, vegan spots in Amsterdam

Maybe you’ve heard of a few, but we are sure you haven’t heard of them all! Enjoy discovering!



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Vegetarian hotspot > Hearth Amsterdam

Whoopwhoop, another vegetarian hotspot has opened in Amsterdam. Yes, this makes us happy, knowing that more alternative food joints are opening up in our city. This time alongside the Albert Cuyp Street, where you can find one of Amsterdam’s oldest markets. 

“Our purpose is to create a warm and creative space where people can hangout and connect” – Hearth Amsterdam

Hearth Amsterdam was created by Valentino Vacca and Marco Ceglia who met each other in the restaurant business in Amsterdam. Heart (H/eart.h) has 2 meanings; Heart and Earth which stand for the things they love and the importance of the earth. That’s why they only serve vegetarian food, in order to keep it sustainable as possible. When you enter you see a lot of wood elements, of which some are self made. In the middle you will find a large wooden table with swings on each side, how playful! 

Table with swings at Hearth Amsterdam

They are specialized in vegetarian soups (like roasted sweet potato soup) but also serve a killer Tiramisu. (Valentino is Italian so this one must be good!) Besides delicious food, they also sell items in their shop such as T-shirts, art and furniture. They are cconstantlylooking for creatives, designers,photographers and artists who would like to show their creations in the shop.

Soup at Hearth Amsterdam
Coconut Green Curry Soup at Hearth Amsterdam

You will find us here very very soon! P.S: Check out their window shutter when you walk past. (so so wanderlust..)

AlbertCuypstraat 208, Amsterdam



Recipe » Japanese Tofu Salad

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a recipe but when we do post it, it’s gonna be good!
One of the new foodtrends of 2016 is to eat less meat or explore vegetarian and vegan recipes.
At Wander-Lust we always post recipes inspired by travels or countries.
This time we go Japanese! This vegan Japanese Tofu Salad recipe is so easy, you can be done within 15 minutes!
The ideal lunch for when you’re rushing but feeling like something healthy.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Colorful ingredients from Albert Heijn

Ingredients for 2 persons:
» 1 firm tofu block chopped in small squares
» 2 carrots (grated)
» 1 zucchini (grated)
» 1 avocado » sesame seeds
» 2 tbs of sesame oil
» 1 tbs of rice wine vinegar (you can also use red wine vinegar)
» 1 tbs of ginger (finely chopped)
» 2 tbs of miso paste (available at most toko’s)
» 2 tbs of clear honey

flaxseed oil for the japanse tofu salad
Flaxseed oil is very good for you because of it’s Omega-3

Optional extra’s :
» 1 small can of Sweetcorn
» 1 tsp of Java sambal (hot!)
» 1 tbs of soy sauce

How to prepare:
Wash the zucchini and carrots and use a grater to create thin and long strings.
Cut the tofu in half and take some kitchen paper and press this onto the tofu to soak up the the water. If you don’t do this, your salad will be too moist!
Add the carrots, courgette and tofu in a bowl and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

japanse tofu salad

“This Japanese Tofu Salad is ready within 15 minutes!”

The dressing:
To create the dressing you firstly take 2 spoons of miso paste, 1 table spoon of sesame oil (I love this oil so I use a little more), the flaxseed oil and the chopped ginger. If you want you can use a garlic press for this! Add the honey for extra thickness and sweet flavors.
Mix everything until you have your finished dressing. You can add some Japanese soy sauce for a bit of salt but that’s up to you.
I love a bit of spice so I always add a spoon (or 2) of “Javaanse sambal“.
Finally, pour the dressing over your vegetables and steer. Easy peasy!

finished Japanese tofu salad

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Et voila, your healthy vegan Japanese Tofu salad!

Tip » Leave the salad in the fridge for a couple of hours so all the flavors can soak into the tofu.
You can keep the salad for 2 days if refrigerated.

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Leonardo Dicaprio is the executive producer of this revealing documentary and he didn’t just do this to make some extra cash.
The man is very passionate about the environment and helps where he can. A man to my heart. (and eh.. I loved Titanic!)
But the main reason for him to financially back this documentary is, because he wants to raise awareness for a major problem that most of us don’t realize; Animal Agriculture
Animal what? Exactly. That’s what I thought.
I don’t want to scare you but did you know that only 15{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b} of greenhouse gas emissions are due to transport. (cars, rail, planes, boats)
You’ll be shocked if I told you that 51{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b} of emissions are due to livestock and their byproducts.


1-2 acres Rainforrest are being cut down every minute to make room for animal agriculture. Just so that the animals can feed so we, humans, can enjoy that steak or burger.
It’s it’s also crazy to think that about a quarter of the world is starving while 45{8b669be72a7f340f9ef2d6d852585cd40ddf0e79ccf763f3ea93c1234c3d888b} of the worlds land is used to feed the animals!

“Cowspiracy may be the most important film made to inspire saving the planet.”

If we all make a change in our diet, it will help more than driving an electric car..

What we seem to forget is, that back in the days we didn’t live on the planet with  7,2 billion people.

I have been a non meat eater since I was 13 years old (I say non meat, because I eat fish). I knew that it was better for the environment to eat less meat but I didn’t realize that the impact was so large. Animal products like milk, cheese and eggs are also a reason for the devastating results and this is something I didn’t know.
Of course, we can look back in time and say; ‘Back in the the year 1900 everybody was eating meat, it’s only natural.’ But what we seem to forget is, that back in the days we weren’t living on the planet with the 7,2 billion people as we are now. We are with so many of us and the number is still growing. How many more trees need to be cut, how many species need to die and how many oceans need to be empty? We need to change.

So what can we do?
If you are a regular meat eater, it’s not a bad idea to have a meatless day or two. The same applies to fish.
Yes, it’s not easy to change our natural habits, but as a vegetarian, I know how many nice things you can eat without having to use meat or fish.
Check this website for amazing vegetarian and vegan blogs or recipes. You can also join the 30 day Vegan Challenge.

I recently started to eat a vegan diet. I am finishing the last milk and eggs in my refrigerator and I need to have a last meal of sushi. (This is also hard for me!)
But I will not buy animal products anymore.
Why? Because I love this planet. And I really really don’t want to give it up.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
One of my first vegan meals, while writing this article at restaurant Golden Temple.


Watch Cowspiracy and decide on your own. After all, it’s also your planet.
Click here for the trailer.



» To read more about Cowspiracy go to their website. The movie is now available on Netflix.
» To see my 5 reasons to love the world, check here.