All you need to know about the TAO Expedition in The Philippines.

Tao tour Philippines

Are you an Adventurous Traveller? Do you need a break from modern society? If so, this 5-day boat tour in the Philippines is the escape for you!

Sail into paradise and explore the most remote islands between Coron and El Nido in the North of Palawan! This is everything you need to know before booking the Tao Expedition in the Philippines.


You will experience the local way of living during this expedition. Wi-Fi? Not on the TAO Expedition sailing boats! Sometimes there is a possibility to use power, but that’s it. Consequently, this is a good way to take time for yourself and get away from all those Social Media Notifications popping-up all the time, right? While you are on the boat with 15 to 20 other explorers, you are completely free in the things you want to do! Try to catch some tuna while fishing from the back of the boat, help the chef preparing a meal, get behind the wheel like a real sailor or share your travel stories with the crew while you enjoy your jungle-Juice. 


Tao Expedition is all about adventure

Your days on the tour are packed with adventure! First of all, the great thing about this trip is that you are never sure where you end up. Because of the climate in the Philippines the weather isn’t always your best friend. Therefore they change routes all the time and you are never sure what you see/do and where you will be sleeping. However there are some highlights you are definitely NOT going to miss while exploring the islands and waters between Coron and El Nido.

Tao Expedition tour Philippines

Jump in the turquoise blue waters and Snorkel in the most amazing spots of this tropical archipelago. Enjoy the Beautiful sunsets and after a long day on the boat, chill on the beach and watch the milky way sparkle in the sky. This Tao expedition brings you back to basics, it disconnects you from the modern world and re-connects you with nature! In fact, the crew exists of local people who know everything about the area you are sailing in, they have respect for nature and everything you can find there. 

Beach Philippines

What is the best time for the TAO Expedition?

Generally, the best time to take this tour in the Philippines is between October and May, this is the dry season. There is also the possibility to ​book an expedition​ during the rainy season from June till September, but expect some rainy days! It is not possible book during the month September. 


A 5-day Tao Expedition will cost you $545,- (Php26.900,-) in low season and $655,- (Php32.400,-) in peak season. Of course this is a lot of money, but if you look to it in a different way it is not that bad.
This price includes:
● 5 days of travel
● 4 nights of TAO style camping
● Wild open nature and island living
● Freshly prepared meals, snacks and drinks (drinking water, tea, coffee, sunset
● Mask and snorkels (no fins)

TIP: Bring some extra cash upon checking in for Alcoholic drinks and Merchandise. Recommended amount: $60,- (Php3.000,-) – $100,- (Php5.000,-) per person

Filipino fresh fish
Fresh food at the TAO Expedition

Everyday you have an activity, from snorkeling to fishing! You have the transport covered from A to B, Coron to El Nido or the other way around! All meals are included and you get the most amazing beaches to sleep on every night! If you see it this way, $109,- (Php5.380,-) / $131,- (Php6.480,-) for a day is a good price for an unforgettable trip in the Philippines!

Other Experiences

TAO offers way more then just this tour. The following tours are available at the moment:
● Boat Expeditions (5 day, 3 day, sailing or private)
● Island Stay
● Combo Experience
● Mountain Treks & Retreat
Take a look ​here for more information about the different tours.

Sleeping on the beach, Philippines
Not a 5-star hotel, but a priceless view (photo by

How to get there?

You can book this tour from either Coron to El Nido or the other way around. To get to Coron you can take a Domestic Flight with a 40 minute transfer to the town. When you are in Manilla there is also the possibility to take a Ferry to Coron which leaves once a week and will take you 12 to 14 hours. For price details and time schedules visit the 2GO​ website. Start your Boat tour from El Nido and there are two options. Fly direct to El Nido, or fly to Puerto Princesa and take a 6 hour bus ride to El Nido.

Good To Know

All things considered, is not everyone’s idea of a holiday. It might be bad weather, it might be rough waves, limited privacy, barking dogs, crowing roosters, mosquito bites, jellyfish stings, sunburns. But that is all part of the experience: the unexpected, the unknown, stepping outside of your comfort zone. Still interested? Book early to avoid disappointment. (and early is months in advance, especially during the high season) Also, always check if you need any vaccinations.

Keep on exploring!


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  • Naldo
    Posted at 11:01h, 25 september Beantwoorden

    I’m very interested in taking your tour.
    Please email me with more news, island names, etc

    • Wander-lust
      Posted at 13:19h, 25 september Beantwoorden

      Hi Naldo, please note that we are not a tour provider, but an information platform. 🙂

  • Mary Jorjane O. puig
    Posted at 15:30h, 13 juli Beantwoorden


    Is the price here per person or do Tao have a package tour, say for 9 adults and 4 children. I would like my family to experience the Tao expedition. Kindly contact me through my email.

    Many Thanks!

  • Jashwin
    Posted at 08:33h, 26 november Beantwoorden

    Other than disconnecting and going “offline”, I enjoy the beautiful experience of beach camping in some of the most beautiful sites in our beloved country.

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