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If you have backpacked in Australia, Thailand, The Philippines and Europe as we did, you probably know that there is always some bus travel included. But did you know that travelling by bus is becoming more popular in the years to come. Here is why.

We live in a time where new ways of travel are up for discussion. Should we travel less? Or should we travel more sustainable? As before, domestic flights were very popular before Covid happened. But now, we see a shift coming and travelling by bus is included. We are going to tell you why bus travel has many advantages and we would like to highlight one of our favourite bus routes by Bookaway. This is a company that offers various travel routes around the world, by bus!

The advantages of travelling by bus

  • It’s cheap. This an important fact that most backpackers will love. Travelling by plane or renting a car is often more expensive.
  • It’s less stressful. Like train travel, travelling by bus is relaxing because all you need to do is to get in and look out of the window.
  • It’s better for the environment than flying or travelling by car. For example, many busses are becoming electric or cleaner in western countries, let’s hope Asia is quick to follow this trend. Also, a bus can carry more people, so in comparison to a passenger car is has a lower greenhouse gas emissions per passenger mile.
  • You see more. Obviously! We found ourselves staring outside the window for hours on end. We must admit, rocking around in those comfy chairs will make you sleepy though!
  • If you travel at night you save yourself a hotel booking! Saved money you can use on your trip! (find how how to save money while you travel)

Bus seats comfort

There is a better way to book ground transportation

Busroute Thailand Bangkok – Chiang Mai

When you travel from Bangkok to Chiang Mai you can travel by night train like most people do, but you don’t see much! Here’s a convenient bus route that travel company Bookaway offers and will take you straight from the city of Bangkok to the tropics of Chiang Mai in 9 hours. Good to know; this VIP bus has a toilet, WIFI (oh yes, very important these days), food & drinks and reclining chairs, TV and AC. The bus currently departs at 4pm or 21:45 but always take a look at the website for possible changes. Travelling at night has the advantage that you will save a night in a hotel and you arrive before you know it! That being said, if you travel around 4pm, you see much more of the local Thai route which is also nice.

Bangkok City

By the same token, they also offer mini van bookings from Chiang Mai to Pai (must visit if you are in this region!) So, will you take the bus next time you travel around?


*This article was written in collaboration with Bookaway. We choose our collabs carefully to make sure you get the best and honest tips.

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