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Book a movie via an app that you can watch in a luxury private cinema wherever and whenever you want. If it were up to the founders of The (Any)Thing, this will become a reality in more than 500 locations in Europe within five years. The (Any)Thing offers the world’s first on-demand movie experience in boutique private cinemas across the Netherlands and beyond.

The (Any)Thing offers the latest movies on demand in boutique private cinemas. Film lovers can easily book a movie of their choice with the app. Distributors such as Warner Brothers, Dutch FilmWorks, WW Entertainment, Independent Film, In The Air, Gusto Entertainment and Cinéart support the new initiative with their films. For the best film experience, the halls have the latest projection and sound technology.

Tiny boutique cinema’s to enjoy with friends and family

The(Any)Thing Cinema Design
Source: The(Any)thing

Escape to a new cinematic experience while relaxing in a high-end design with ultimate comfort.

How does it work

Firstly, you pick the movie you want to see via the The (Any)Thing app. From epic blockbusters, to the latest releases and special classics, anything is possible. Then choose when you want to see the film. Whether it’s a Tuesday evening with friends, Monday morning with grandma, Friday night date night or a lazy Sunday afternoon with the family – you choose the day, the time and with whom you will watch. 

During the film you as a viewer have full control over all settings of the room. Moreover, The (Any)Thing app allows you to control the temperature, sound and light in your private cinema. There is also a choice from an extensive range of food and drinks to complete the movie experience. Think of snacks, a glass of wine or a delicious dessert, sign us up!

Are you ready for a new cinema experience?

Thomas van de Weerd, one of the founders of The (Any)Thing says: “Fueled by a passion for film and a healthy obsession with innovation, we have been looking for a new way to offer that ultimate viewing experience. With The (Any)Thing we want to blow people’s socks off with a new way of experiencing film in a perfectly equipped private cinema with all the luxury and conveniences. ”

Design of The (Any)Thing cinema’s

As you would expect, the rooms are decorated with luxurious furniture and accessories. Here, they will collaborate with a variety of interior designers to give substance to the ultimate luxury movie experience that fits into any environment.

In either case, we are in for a brand new cinema experience and we can’t wait! The (Any)thing is set to open its first location early 2021 in Amsterdam. The same applies for the App. We’ll keep you updated of course! Check the website for more information!


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