The best comfy & stylish travel outfits

Travel in style!
I’m not like the usual backpacker, meaning; wearing the baggy travel pants with flip flops and a basic tank top. It’s easy to end up looking quite messy whilst traveling, though it’s definitely possible to look stylish and wear comfy clothes when doing this!! You can also find fashionable travel outfits in light weight fabrics, wrinkle free, quick drying etc.

I have some favorite pieces that I always bring with me, and I will tell you why these are handy for countries where it’s hot and where you sweet a lot, like in Asia. Of course you need to keep in mind that you will have to carry your back quite some time, therefore packing light is a must!

“The most comfy but stylish travel outfits for your next adventure!”

Hereby my all time favorites:

1. Levi’s denim short
Levi's short Pinterestsaar
source image

The 501 short Travel Outfits
Photo by David Stegenga

The iconic 501 short is something what can’t miss in your backpack. You look hot (at least, we try to!), it’s easy to combine and it’s very handy! Think about chilling in the park or when you are on a boat, wearing a short will give you the flexibility sitting cross-legged.
Even for jungle trekking a short can be useful.
Check out this Levi’s 501 vintage short

2. Maxi skirt
Maxi skirt pinterest Travel Outfits - Skirt Sarah
source image

Like a denim short, the maxi skirt is comfortable, flattering and it never go out of style.
The best maxi skirt is the one that hits above the ankle so it doesn’t sweep the floor! Not to worry when you are at the beach, but when you are walking in a city your skirt can get very dirty at the bottom. It also comes in handy to keep the mosquito’s away and a good choice when your legs are sunburned. They’re easy to add layers over as hide layers under – when it’s gets chill in the night. The nice thing about a maxi skirt is that you can easily dress up fancy for in the evening.

My faves of this moment:

river islandSister Jane Portobello
Asos: 44.12 | Asos: 59.56 |

3. Beach Towel / Beach dress
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset Beach kaftan Travel Outfits

Over years I struggled to find space in my backpack, so what to leave out? Towels take up a lot of space and take forever to dry, so why not bring a linen/cotton towel instead? These towels are extremely compact, very light, easy to hang up, dry very quick, big enough to cover all your belongings and great to wear as a dress! A lot of shops in different countries offer these kind of towels for a very cheap price, so need to order them right away! But if you want to be sure, here are some very nice ones that will save you a lot of space:

beach towel 1towel 2
Boudewijn: 178.00 USD | Remodelista: 45.00 USD |

4. Sexy and comfy travel pants
Yes, Pockets are maybe great, handy and necessary in some cases, but just bring a small backpack to put your staff in and go for a nice pants instead! You can look classy even while trekking! Important is to choose a pants with thin fabric and stretch which fit easily in your backpack. Have a look to these cool pants that you also can wear in the evening with a nice top:

pants asos 2pants asos
pants asos 3 travel outfits asos
: 132.35 | Asos: 147.06 | Asos: 32.35 | Asos: 44.12



More essentials? Check here!




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  • Zoe
    Posted at 08:43h, 09 December Reply

    Nice post! When I go to Ibiza I basically live in my vintage Levi shorts and maxi skirts 😉

  • Katie
    Posted at 22:27h, 02 March Reply

    I love a good maxi skirt! Thank you for sharing these tips, I can use them on my next trip at the end of the month!

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