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Nestled within the heart of Europe, Austria unveils a tapestry of natural wonders. Many survey’s revealed that people are ready to explore again after the pandemic, and be in touch with nature – more than ever. In this article, we will dive into Austria’s nature, serene lakes, best waterfalls and hikes. Whether you travel with a friend, group or solo, get you hiking boots on, and travel with us to Austria.

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Nature in Austria

Nature holds a remarkable power to positively impact our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It has proven to help with stress reduction and mental clarity. Moreover, being in nature often helps with a better mood and physical health is almost mandatory. Luckily, Austria offers stunning nature as far as the eye can see, but we want to steer you into the right direction. Let’s break it down into a few categories.

Stunning lakes in Austria

There are more than 400 lakes in Austria, not to mention the options this gives to nature lovers. Here are some stunning clear lakes where you can swim, relax and play.

  • Achensee / Tirol – One of the most famous lake in Austria, but not without reason. The colour is amazing!
  • Grüner See – Tucked away in a village named Tragöß, this lake is surrounded by forests and the Hochschwab Mountains. The lake so special because in spring the mountain snow melts and makes it 12 meters deep, depending on the season, making it a perfect spot to dive and discover this beautiful underwater park, complete with benches and walking paths.
  • Weissensee / Karinthië – Located in the middle of a National Park, Weissensee offers so many activities on and around the water. It honors its nickname “playground of nature”.
  • Wörthersee – Rosental – Near the border with Slovenia and Italy, you can find this huge lake. Here you can do about anything from watersports, to relaxing or hikes. When it comes to water quality, this is superb!
  • Attersee – Officially the largest lake in Austria (20 km long!), so this gives visitors many options such as diving, windsurfing or swimming. Stay for a couple of nights, there is plenty to discover!

Weissensee Austria
Weissensee ©Lukas-Nagler

Chasing Waterfalls

Did you know that Austria has more than 700(!) waterfalls? We don’t have the space to mention them all, but here are some of our faves.

  • Bärenschützklamm – Not one waterfall, but many and more! Walk on and over wooden stairs and bridges. An adventure that will last the whole day!
  • Krimmler Waterfalls – a special one because of its natural healing powers! Because the Krimmler waterfalls are so high – the highest in Europe, the mist that appears, has been proven to help with astma for example.
  • Stockibach Waterfall – we discovered this lesser known waterfall in St. Anton am Arlberg. Walk through the forest for about 10 minutes, before you reach this waterfall, where you can climb on the stairs.
  • Stuibenfall – See this waterfall up close by walking 700 steps up, and let the power and noise of the Stuibenfall amaze you.


Krimmler-Waterfall Austria
Krimmler Waterfall ©SalzburgerLand-Tourismus-GmbH

The best hikes in Austria

You can come to Austria for the food, and the slopes, but there is one thing you cannot miss out on in this country; hiking. In Austria you can easily pick your favorite hike, for each level. Clear your head and get active! Here are some of the best hiking routes in Austria.

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Best hikes in Europe

Mondspitze – Start this hike in the middle of the night, so you can watch the sun rise over the mountain peaks of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. This is a hike that you won’t forget any time soon.

Iseltrail – This hike is for the die hards amongst us. With almost 74 KM long, this trail takes 5 days to complete. The Iseltrail opened in 2020 and is divided in 5 different stages. You will pass, glaciers, forest, rivers and cute villages. The first 3 stages are also suitable for families with children.

Hike around the Wörthersee – If you want to take it easy, or your fitness level isn’t ready for a tough incline, this hike in Austria may be for you. You can take the boat to the starting point, hike a bit, continue by boat or start hiking from the accommodation and later return by boat.

For thrill seekers

Now, these nature spots in Austria are not for the faint hearted. From rafting, to challenging hikes.

  • Liechtenstein Gorgee “Helix” spiral staircase, which rises 30 m into the depths and offers spectacular insights into the natural spectacle that is the Liechtensteinklamm. Tip: The Liechtenstein Gorge is included together with many more hotspots in the SalzburgerLand Card.
  • Kitzlochklamm – located in the Hohe Tauern National Park – the biggest nature sanctuary in Central Europe. This hiking route passes through a large gap between rocks, where water found its way. It takes up to 2 hours to complete this hike.
  • Rafting on the Ötztal in Tirol – play against the strong elements of nature, and take this challenging wild rafting route. If you want, you can even book a 3-day rafting camp at Wassercraft fort he full experience. You can also raft in Gesäuse Lupi-Spuma where you have the most amazing routes.


Gesäuse Lupi-Spuma – ©Judith-Recher

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