Best Oliebollen in Amsterdam


In previous years, Dutch newspaper AD did the infamous oliebol testing. But because of recurring criticism (yes, the Dutch can be pretty vocal), they decided to stop. Nevertheless, we thought we should give you some sort of reference for where to score the best Oliebollen.

Just to explain, an oliebol is basically a deep-fried raisin bun. The Dutch love to eat them during the holiday period and especially on New Years Eve. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the resources or time to visit every Oliebollen stand in the Netherlands so we decided to keep it in the Dutch capital. This is where we think you can eat the Best Oliebollen in Amsterdam.



Usually, the city centre disappoints a little bit when it comes to food stands, mainly because it’s a hub for tourists and we think the quality is easily forgotten. However, this oliebollen place is pretty decent and they have been around for more than 100 years! The Lanskroon oliebollen with rum, nuts, lime blossom honey, raisins, and currants are available again and we’re pretty stoked about that. Buy a bunch and the oliebollen can easily be added to the freezer until NYE. Nice fact: this bakery also supports a few charities and they have been doing this for many years now. Find them at Singel 385.

Lanskroon bakkerij
Famous for their waffles, they also serve amazing oliebollen!


Hollandse Gebakkraam Marie Heinekenplein

First of all, they are at the perfect location so many people have tasted these, but no joke, they are seriously good. Crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Currently, they offer the Bueno bun with homemade kinder Bueno filling and a delicious chocolate topping of Nutella. We prefer their old school with raisins though ;-). The people who bake them are always in for a quick friendly chat if they have the time.

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Oliebollen kraam Tuincentrum Osdorp

We know this one pretty well because one of us used to live nearby. A visit to the garden centre Osdorp in Amsterdam Nieuw West wouldn’t be complete without grabbing an oliebol along the way, with powder sugar of course! Maybe, it’s even safe to say these are the best oliebollen in Amsterdam? Good news, because this one is open most of the year and not only during the holiday period!

fried oliebollen


Hartog’s Volkoren

If haven’t tried these, go visit soon. Known for many other things like bread and cakes, they are also famous for being one of the best oliebollen in this area. For one thing, they bake them in peanut oil (if you have a peanut allergy, please ask your doctor if this is an issue), which makes them not too greasy but still fluffy! You can get these oliebollen until the 31st of December on the Wibautstraat 77.

Hertog's Oliebollen, Best oliebollen in Amsterdam

Biolicious IJburg

By all means, this is probably the most special place to score the best oliebollen in Amsterdam because they are completely organic and use coconut oil to bake them in. Top this with coconut sugar and voila! Besides this, you can pop by for some organic veggies and goodies.

Biolicious Oliebollen

Oliebollenkraam Javastraat

Freshly baked every day and always busy. Famous foodies come by and are also positive so yes, this one deserves a spot on the best oliebollen in Amsterdam list! If you love bananas, they serve a killer bananabol too! This oliebollen stand is open 7 days a week.

Javastraat, Best Oliebollen


Gebakkraam Verwijk

In previous years they have actually won the AD Newspaper oliebollen test, and somehow they are still living up their expectation. Located on the Christiaan Huygensplein in Watergraafsmeer until the 31st of December, you should stop by if you are around.


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