The best Travel photo’s of 2015

I traveled to Malaysia in November where I experienced the spectacular wilderness of Borneo. I explored a new adventure in only 30 minutes away from KK city.
Kota Kinabalu is famous for its incredible richness of tropical rain forests where you will see and find proboscis Monkeys, orangutans, plants, rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, caves and a lot more! Sometimes its hard to capture the moment that make people wonder and want to know more, where the picture says it all and no words are needed.
I’m amazed by the work of some travel photographers, it’s sometimes hard to believe that some places really exist! Both Elke and me are trying our very best to make photo’s of our unforgettable experiences that will make you pack your bags and go!

‘Get inspired by some amazing travel photos of 2015′

Find out which people inspire us to travel even more:

1. William Patino
Photo: Australia, Illawarra
I’m a big fan of his work. We follow him on Instagram, and we always want to travel when we see his images. Unbelievably good work!
Through photography Will have developed a deep appreciation for nature and learned to understand and admire life’s simplicity. The simple act of freezing a moment in time has forever changed him, helping him through depression and changing his entire outlook on life.


2. Callum Snape
Photo: Crater Lake National Park
The only 24 year adventurous Callum captures moments which you’ve only dreamed of seeing. Specialized in landscapes he travels the world and does some amazing work. I’m not the only fan, his work is featured in different magazines like the Highline Magazine.
Callum Snape

3. Conor MacNeill
Photo: Ankor Wat, Cambodia
Conor MacNeill is a Fine-art, landscape and travel photographer based in London, UK. He built up an impressive portfolio of images from around the world and he even use his Iphone to capture some really nice image, like the image below. I’m asking myself the same question, how?
"Sunrise At Angkor Wat"

4. Drew Hopper
Photo: Lotus Garden, Myanmar
Via Instagram I found Drew Hopper, fine art travel and landscape photographer. He’s currently backpacking through Southeast Asia and when I see his images I want to go back to all these magical places. Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, these are all in my top 10 treasures!

Like us, Drew desires to travel to new and unfamiliar territories and he captures awesome pictures.
Drew Hopper

5. Sam Alive
Photo: New York City
‘Life is like an adventure, as long as I am still alive, I will continue to take pictures everyday of my life’ – Sam. Yes Same, we totally agree. Born in Taiwan and lives in NYC who makes super nice portraits, cityscape and landscape pictures and is featured in Vogue, love his work!
Sam Alive


Lift your anchors, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the wind in your sails and go on this journey with us!
Explore. Dream. Discover.



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