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Eyes searching, travel trolleys which follow their owners and flight information screens hanging above your head like they’re restaurant menus for countries: Schiphol Airport. For many the start of their vacation, the last step before going back to reality or for good food. Food? Yes, there’s more to it than just a dry hamburger or pre-packaged sandwiches. Restaurant Stripes lifts the ‘Schiphol-bite’ to a new level.

The gate to good food is just a 2 minute walk from Schiphol Plaza at the Sheraton Hotel. While entering the hotel surprised by the difference two minutes can make, I let go of the rushed Schiphol vibe while I enter the building. The spacious layout of the hotel, bright light and luxurious materials make me feel like standing in the middle of a hotel in downtown Manhattan (I’ve actually never been to New York, but watch a millions of American movies so that’s pretty much the same as going there, right?). Rarely do I see a spot so close to Amsterdam City with that much space, great!

restaurant stripes Sharaton
Restaurant Stripes at the Sharaton Schiphol (Source: Sheraton)

The elevator takes me away from the fun looking man-in-suit after work gathering on the ground floor and brings me to Restaurant Stripes. The international appeal also endures on this floor. Everything looks sleek and spacious. There is a digital band passionately playing cover songs, a few men dreaming away while looking at the large assortment of alcoholic beverages behind the bar and a few couples relaxing after a satisfying meal.
It’s a shame that the lights of the restaurant are very bright, too bright. This results in the restaurant looking a little bit more like a lunchroom or business meeting space instead of the cozy wine-drinking-with-candle-light type of restaurant. But, I’ve been told the light dimmers have been ordered, so no worries. Altogether it’s a relaxed atmosphere but I do miss some authenticity and coziness. On the other hand, that makes it really accessible for all type of audiences.

The cuisine is international within a Dutch sauce, baked in the passion for meat. The Dutch dishes can be found on the menu card by simply following the symbolic windmills. A ‘Zaanse Schans’, but a little different. Do not expect grandma’s stew or ‘Febo’ croquettes, in a original way they integrate the somewhat simplistic Dutch cuisine with cultural delights. For example, a ‘Bitterbal’ made of veal, polenta, green peas, black garlic just and apple compote. It even feels a little bit wrong to call it a ‘Bitterbal’. God.. that was tasty.

Menu Restaurant Stripes

Let’s talk meat. The offer is simple but good, all the meat is prepared in a Josper Grill to retain the juiciness but gain the BBQ crispiness. This gift from an animal is the foundation for your main course. Choose your type of meat, varying from a 160g Lady Filet Mignon to a 800g Roasted Prime Rib, the sauce and rub you prefer. To upgrade your dish with some vitamins you can add vegetables (the Quinoa salad is to die for, just saying).

Besides the well-prepared meat, a few pieces of fish and beautiful combined dishes you will find a lover letter to the potato on the menu. Strips shows us that Vincent van Gogh made a great point while creating a painting dedicated to potatoes called ‘De Aardappeleters”, which means potato eaters. You can choose between different potatoes, each with different roots, a different story and different background. Meet Bintje, Nicola, Eigenheimer and Opperdoezer. Yep, still talking about potatoes, how cute! Eat them smashed, fried or out of the oven, it’s up to you.

Butternut squash & yellow lentil Soup Grilled tomatoes


Although the food would be a perfect fit on a lazy Sunday, I understand that you are not too motivated to go to Schiphol just to eat. But in many other situations this » location is actually really nice. Just to mention a few:
» Business appointments, the covered parking of Sheraton makes it ideal
» Flight transfer at Schiphol
»…or just because you missed your train

Whenever you arrive (just like me) three hours before check-in at the airport – just to be safe- and then dying because of the hunger
Or simply because you, as a true Amsterdam local, think its ridiculously far to go to visit your friend in Leiden, and meet up here in the middle.

Restaurant Stripes
Sheraton Schiphol Boulevard 101, Schiphol



*Eva is one of our guest bloggers from Amsterdam. She’s a city girl who only leaves her heals at home when wearing a backpack. Living by the urge to be where she’s not, to explore, experience, fall and get up. You can follow her on Instagram.

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