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One thing travellers are often struggling with is keeping track of their gym regime whilst being on the road. At home, you easily work out 3 times a week, but when you are on the go…well, we all know it’s hard to get those workouts in. PAKAMA athletics came up with a solution.

Pakama Gym Bags

Surely, you can go for a run, or go for your daily push-ups. But if you want to stay on track, you often need a little more resistance and tools to work your body. When we first got introduced to PAKAMA athletics, we had never heard such a bag. In fact, they first launched after winning an investment on Devil’s Den. Now, having sold more than tens of thousands gym bags, we got curious. 

Train anytime, anywhere!

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Pakama bag travel

Given our travel schedule, it seems perfect for people on the go. 

What’s in the PAKAMA bag

So what’s in this special bag then? Firstly, you need to know that this bag can hold up to 25L but you can also make it smaller, to a size 15L. Given that it’s only 3,5 kg in lightweight, you can easily bring it along in the public transport, on your back or anywhere else you want. When you buy the PAKAMA bag 2.0, the following gym equipment is included;

3 resistance bands
3 Mini Bands
2 Footstraps
2 Handles
2 Slides
1 Bar
1 Speed skipping rope
1 sling trainer
1 Door anchor
1 Fascia Ball
1 Foldable mat
1 month premium access PAKAMA Training App

PAKAMA backpack black gym tools

Sounds pretty good! That being said, you can extend your 2.0 bag with more options if you want. Besides, there is still enough room in this bag for a notebook, clothing or camera equipment. The waterproof zip and fabric, makes it possible to bring your gym bag in any weather condition. 

The App

This bag wouldn’t be complete without an up to date fitness app. The fitness app offers individual workouts under the guidance of top trainers and complete weekly programs – adapted to your individual goals. No time for a long workout whilst travelling?  There are even 7-minute quick workouts, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore your favourite destination and still stay fit. To emphasise, The PAKAMA App has more than 500 exercises and nutritional plans!

Get your PAKAMA Gym Bag here.

Happy training!


*This article was written in collaboration with Pakama athletics. We always pick our collabs wisely so we can give you the most genuine tips.  

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