Health Food Wall Amsterdam

The Health Food Wall in Amsterdam

The typical Dutch snack wall concept, has been re-invented into a healthy option; Health Food Wall. And you can find it in Amsterdam West.

If you’re not Dutch, this needs a small introduction. The Dutch like to snack. Deep fried croquettes, hot cheesesoufflé, burgers, you name it. If you’re hungry, and crave for a quick snack, you walk over to your nearest snackbar, and you may just find yourself a wall full of small glass doors that you can open with 1 or 2 euro. Behind the glass is a warm (mostly deep fried) snack. It’s a thing that has been around for decades and the “food from the wall” has become part of the Dutch culture. 

The Health Food Wall
Anouk Snelders took this popular concept, and turned it into something healthy, for everyone! She founded the world’s first Health Food Wall and opened on the 1st of September 2018. In her first flagship store, located on the kinkerstraat in Amsterdam, you can not only enjoy our vegetarian and vegan meals from the infamous wall automat, but you can also great coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, breakfast bowls and vegan sweets. 

Healthy food

The Health Food Wall works digitally, and you can find the menu on the wall and on a screen, where you can select. The menu consist organic, and local ingredients to make sure that it’s tasty and nutritious. All meals are prepared in the kitchen located on the first floor, where you can also lounge on the pink sofa or chairs. 

Health Food Wall

Health Food Wall
Select, pay and eat

Health Food Wall

The veggie and vegan menu keeps changing per season, and as of the 1st of November you can choose between homemade beet burger with feta spread, or black rice noodles with tempeh. Feeling lazy to 

Health Food Wall
Kinkerstraat 66a, Amsterdam
Website / Instagram



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