Hidden Gems Split, Croatia


This city has a reputation for vibrant nightlife, but in reality, has much more to offer than that. A cute center with countless streets to get lost in, tasty restaurants, and a huge amount of history. We took a look!

Streets of Split

Kastel Gomilica

This authentic village on the outskirts of Split has managed to retain its charm. Its Venetian architecture and cute little streets are still hidden from the masses. It is no surprise that this town appears in Game of Thrones as the Free City of Bravos.

Zalogajnica Dioklecijan

Somewhere among the alleys of Split, go up some stairs and you might accidentally end up at this hidden gem. Traditional music reverberates from the speakers, and there are some plastic tables and chairs. But you overlook the harbor, and you really feel like you’re in a different destination. Here you almost certainly won’t run into any tourists!


A historic city what used to be part of the Roman Empire, including an amphitheater, ruins and even tombs. You can walk there while learning a little about history. It is located on the northeast side of Split, and it is never too crowded.


Probably the best and hippest coffee shop in Split, and even though this is not a real hidden spot, it is a gem to be named. Good barista coffee is guaranteed!

Kava, Split

All in all, Split has some hidden gems, you just need to search for them a little. But that where you found us đŸ˜‰

Find more hidden gems below!

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