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The Spanish island Ibiza is incredible for sun, sea, beaches, nature walks and food. Discover the island in a different way by staying at hidden gem ‘Casa Terra Familia’, on a private estate. Whether you are looking for a romantic stay, a family vacation or an escape to recharge,  Casa Terra Familia offers the perfect hidden getaway.

Ibiza Casa Terra Familia relaxing area

Close to everywhere

Just a 15 minute ride away from the airport, close to Santa Gertrudis and many other charming villages, you will find Casa Terra Familia. An absolute dream! This 500-year-old finca is transformed into a stylish and ecological conscious casa, that runs entirely on solar energy, with the water supply coming mainly from rainwater. The finca is impressively modernised with respect to the original features of the house. 

hidden Gem Ibiza Casa Terra familia

Kids proof

This perfect hidden getaway is owned by a lovely Dutch family. They live on the same property and they are super friendly and helpful.
It’s i
deal for kids, and also very nice for parents. Casa Terra Familia has something to offer for all family members. Firstly, the beautiful tropical garden with nice sitting areas is where you can recharge and relax and where kids can play.

Hidden Gem Ibiza Casa Terra Familia

Secondly, the eye-catching pool, surrounded by palm trees, has a lovely terrace with comfortable sun beds. Thirdly, the suites are spacious and beautiful, with comfortable beds, a private kitchenette and outside terrace. Lastly, their soccer field is where kids can play all day long. On request Casa Terra Familia offers several activities like hikes and pottery. 

Hidden gem Ibiza

It’s all about beauty and comfort

The stylish common living room creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with attention to crafts such as ceramics and art. As a guest you can grab your own wine with some snacks in the kitchen area. Think of it as a stylish home, with several relaxing areas and four spacious and stylish suites, each with beautiful modern and natural materials, with an amazing outdoor sunset terrace overlooking the garden or pool. Every detail resonates with love and and care.

Casa Terra Famillia crafts

The shared living room

Hidden gem Ibiza Casa Terra Familia
the suite

Fresh vegetables and fruit

From farm to table. Their breakfast will win over everyone who normally is not into breakfast. Imagine starting the day outside enjoying a delicious fresh breakfast (the pancakes are so delicious) with fruit from their own garden. In the morning the owners serve fresh breakfast at the poolside dining area or in your private finca suite.

Breakfast casa terra Familia Ibiza

In addition, in the summer they offer sometimes Finca Family Dinners, some favourites are Paella Night and a BBQ with local farm grown meats and vegetables from their own tiny garden. One big table in the garden is set to enjoy dinner with a great view. You might get the know some very nice new people! Interested in going out, there are many amazing restaurants around the property. 

For bookings pls contact Casa Terra Familia directly So many memories are made and soon many more to come here!!



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