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Exactly one year ago, the famous club Trouw closed it’s doors in Amsterdam.
The Trouw was a place that had a solid fan base of techno music lovers from all over the world. The worlds best DJ’s played there and it was one of the only clubs I would stand in line for longer than 45 minutes. So when it closed, people didn’t really had another club to fall back on with the same allure.
Until now. The School (De School) has opened it’s doors yesterday with an opening party starting at 9pm tonight.

Club Trouw was a club with a solid Techno fanbase (Source:

“New Kid The School is suppose to close the hole left behind. Will it live up to its expectations?”

De School Amsterdam
The toilet area at The School (source: De School Instargram)

Situated in Amsterdam West, The school is not just a club but also a Cafe, Restaurant and Gym. 
The restaurant is open 5 days a week and you can choose between a 3, 5 or 7 course meal starting from 35 euro’s per head. We still need to test the food but it’s already cool idea to be eating in an old school building with perfectly set tables and candlelight.
If you feel like signing up to a healthier lifestyle, you can join the oldskool gym (build in the 60’s)  for several group lessons like yoga, boxing or kickboxing.
They are really bringing an old building back to life in a cool kinda way.

The School Gym
Get your boxing skills up to speed at “het Gymlokaal”  (source: De School Instargram)

The club already has an impressive line up on their program that includes the likes of Seth Troxler, Job Jobse, Barnt & Cinnaman and Makkam.
These Techno heroes will have to make this new club into something people are going to talk about in the next coming 5 years. That’s the amount of time the club will exist for (until further notice). Together with the industrial ambiance, The School is set to bring something fresh to the Amsterdam’s clubbing scene.
Check here for the full club program or their Facebook Page for news.

De School
Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat 1
1056 AB Amsterdam



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