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Formerly known as The Student Hotel, the Social Hub may have changed its name but it has stayed the fun and inspiring place to come together. Time for a little re-introduction! We’ll tell you all about this awesome place and why it’s much more than a hotel.


From the Student Hotel to The Social Hub

It all started in the Netherlands back in 2012 when Scottish entrepreneur Charlie Macgregor had the idea to find well-designed co-living and co-working spaces for students. Now, with 6 countries, 15 cities, and more than 10.000 rooms, the Social Hub is a place where students, travelers, mobile professionals, creative nomads, and enterprising minds can connect. What makes it different than other hotels, is that you can also book extended stays for more than 14 days. This makes it perfect for students or digital nomads. Enjoy discounts, perks, and extras if you go for longer stays.

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The Social Hub brings together our global community and empower them with the means, skills and connections to build a better society.

Community & Events

They are two of the most valuable pillars of The Social Hub, its community (people), and getting them together through various events. Each month is filled with events, from inspiring talks, to not to miss parties, or workshops. Travelling alone, or are you looking for new friends? Join TSH for Monday’s coffee, community lunch, or join in a yoga or kickboxing class. More than 200 events are being organized throughout the hub each month. Hubs are guided locally by the 150 TSH Ambassadors, who are all connected to a city. From artists, to entrepreneurs, community organisers, museum directors, social impact specialists and other professionals. To emphasize the leading role in terms of events and inclusivity, The Social Hub has been selected twice as the main Pride Hotel in Amsterdam City and Groningen in 2022. 

The Social Hub takes its sustainability commitments seriously, with a number of key initiatives to reduce its environmental footprint.


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