The Stoner Foodbar

The Stoner Foodbar Pop-up, only in Amsterdam

The locals will tell you that Amsterdam is not all about drugs and rock & roll..and yes, they are right. It’s definitely not only about that..
But this article is. It’s about the soon to open Stoner Foodbar Pop-up. 

The Stoner Foodbar

On Saturday the 31st of March, you can enjoy a wonderful food menu that will feed your cravings when you are high. Yes, I’m talking about marihuana people. If you haven’t smoked weed before, this may need a little explanation. But when you have, you know that a massive food craving sets in, and it’s not the healthy kind. The sweeter and the fatter, the better. You may have noticed all the sweetness in the touristic area’s in Amsterdam, designed to feed their cravings. This is when the idea started.

Stoner Foodbar Amsterdam

Chef Hendrawanto and companion & event organizer Adna (Ome Ad Serveert) came up with the Stoner Cookbook Youtube channel last year, and with the success, because they are finally opening a pop-up restaurant; The Stoner Foodbar.

Chef Hendrawanto: it’s the only restaurant in the world where the dresscode is high AF.

The Menu
What to expect? Stoner cravings with a twist! Besides a few puffs from a joint, guests will be welcomed with the famous Sneezy, which is basically a snickers wrapped in a piece of melted Dutch cheese. It’s one of the most easy to make dishes, but with great affect! The entree will be a salty one, think of a bag of natural crisps, but with extra ingredients that will turn the bag into something extra special. For mains you can expect a fatty bite; sweet waffles with on top Crispy Fried Panko Chicken with a Japanese sweet & sour sauce, served with sweet potato fries and spicy peanut sauce. Dessert will be sweeeeeet! A pancake filled with Faja Lobi (which is a spicy peanut butter from Surinam), Nutella, and slices of banana. 

The Stoner Foodbar Menu
Crisps with a twist at the Stoner Foodbar

From around 10pm, there will be music with DJ’s like Sanka Soundsystem, so plenty of reason to have a look. Tickets are just 15 euro. I mean, that super cheap, considering that you’re going to be well fed and high at the same time!



The Stoner Foodbar Pop-Up
At Huis van Iemand Anders
Van Woustraat 2, Amsterdam
Facebook Event

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