The Wander-Lust of.. the powerladies behind lifestyle blog Tete à Tete

These girls come from a background in journalism so starting their own blog only came natural. With their combined love for fashion, food and travel, they started a killer lifestyle blog Tete à Tete. On their blog they interview inspirational women every Monday and they organize events where you will find tout hip Amsterdam. We love power women that know what they want so it was time for an interview! 

Hi Girls! Glad to interview some power girls this month! Please tell our readers who you guys are and what you do.
Hajar: “Kiki and I met through our work as lifestyle journalists and decided to start an adventure together. We launched our own lifestyle website Tête-à-Tête. On the site we write about fashion, beauty, food and travel. Basically it’s a dream job because we get to write about everything we love.”

When and why did you start Tete a Tete?
Kiki: “We launched about half a year ago. We are both journalists and started our careers at big news websites but made the move to start our own business, because we wanted to do our own thing. So far this adventure has brought is so much already. We can’t wait to see where it’s heading.”

Tete a Tete
Personalized macaroons at their launch party

A while back you organised a dinner for inspirational women from the Netherlands to show support for each other, how did this come about and why do you feel this is such an important subject?
Hajar: “Ever since we met, we’ve talked about organizing an event like this. We really believe that women should spread positivity and help each other out. Of course we can complain about how unfair and sexist the world can be, but it’s much better to actually fight it by standing strong together. We hope that we can continue bringing lovely and inspiring women together. Girl power is where it’s at!”

Motivation dinner Tete a Tete
We were one of the lucky ladies invited to enjoy the motivation dinner for women

We know you guys love to travel, explain to us why you like it so much.
Kiki: “That’s easy. Without travel, we can’t write. We need to get out of The Netherlands (as much as we like it here) to get inspired. Sometimes we book a city trip for inspiration and we’ll try to see, taste and experience as much as possible. But sometimes we book a relaxing holiday at the beach, so we can unwind and return to work super fresh.” Hajar: “Both of these holidays are essential for us to be the best writers we can be!”

If we are correct, Kiki, you have a fear of flying just like Elke, how do you cope?
“Basically, I don’t! Haha. But I just try to accept and deal with it. If you want to see the world, you kinda have to fly. The more I fly, the more I hope the fear will fade. Or that’s just an excuse to travel more ;)”

Tete a Tete in Venice
Travel, Fashion and food, the 3 things these ladies live for. (photo by Tete à Tete)

We are addicted to Emirates. What’s your favorite airline and why?
Hajar: “Mine has to be British Airways. Always on point.”
Kiki: “On my last Iceland Air flight, I had excellent WiFi! Soooo nice. And I love the service KLM too.”

You guys have a great sense of style, which items do you always bring on a trip?
Hajar: “Thanks! I like to bring dresses and jumpsuits because it’s a complete outfit without having to mix and match. You just put it on and you’re good to go. A big hat is also a must. Not only will it protect your hair from sun or rain, it also looks quite fabulous 😉 Kiki: “I don’t really have any comfortable travel clothes. If I feel like it, I will get totally overdressed with high heels for a short flight. In my suitcase I will always have clothes that I can layer, so I’m prepared for all types of weather. But to be honest: I usually pack half of my wardrobe, I’m a notorious ‘over packer’. Especially when it comes to shoes, I always pack way too many, but I just like to have options!”

Schermopname (203)
Pretty pictures is what you can find on their Instagram account

What’s the worst piece or souvenir you have ever brought home with you?
Hajar: “You’re speaking with the queen of terrible souvenirs here! My sister and I have a really strange running gag: whenever we travel to another country we try to find the ugliest, most useless souvenir and bring them home for each other. We have to put them on display too so there is a shelf in my house that’s filled with little thimbles and spoons. It’s weird, I know.”

What advise would you give beginning bloggers?
Hajar: “Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect your blog to be a success overnight. Think about why you started blogging in the first place. Is it because you love writing or photographing? Than keep on doing just that. Trust me, hard work pays off.”
Kiki: “As a starts blogger, you’re tempted to work 80 hours a week, which of course is important in the beginning. But try take the time to be offline too, get some rest and see the real world (instead of seeing everything though an Instagram filter). Enjoy life!”

IMG_1207 2

Any countries on your bucketlist still?
Hajar: “So many! But Japan is on the top of the very long list. I simply HAVE to see Tokyo!”
Kiki: “Indonesia! It’s where my roots are from and I can’t believe have never been yet.”

What song can we find on your travel playlist?
Kiki: “We’re actually working on a plane playlist on Deezer. You can check it out on our site soon. This summer (an every other season!) all playlists should have some Beyoncé on them.”

And finally, what kind of traveler would you consider yourselves?
Hajar: “I’m a city girl so I live for city trips. I pack light and try to see as much as I can. Even when I’m on a relaxing island, I need to find out what’s going around me. Always looking for where I can eat the best food and where I can see the prettiest sights.” Kiki: “If it’s not a trip for work, my holidays really should be relaxing. My ultimate holiday: chill on a tropical island for at least 3 weeks with my boy, literally doing nothing. Hang out in beach houses, visit some local stores, read books I usually never have time for…that kind of stuff.”

You can check their blog here and be sure to follow them on Instagram for your daily dosis of Lifestyle!



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