The Wanderlust editor Stephanie Broek

She travels in style and does it effortlessly. She young, beautiful and she has a dream job at Glamour Magazine. She recently started a video series called Glamour Hi Fashion with the Makers Channel where she interviews fashionista’s and visits the best fashion shows around the world. Next to the glitz and glamour, she loves to travel. Her dream destination is India and she would love to go vintage shopping in Los Angeles. This is the wanderlust of Stephanie Broek.

So in short, who are you and what do you do for a living?
My name is Stephanie Broek, I’m 27, and I live in Amsterdam where work as a fashion features editor for Glamour Magazine in The Netherlands.

How many countries have you visited so far?
15 I think. Outside of Europe I traveled to Morocco, Turkey, the US, China, Malaysia, Thailand and I’m finally going to Indonesia this year!

Nice! Being a fashion girl, what is the best shopping place in the world?
Ooh, that’s hard! I think Los Angeles, even though I haven’t been there yet. I love vintage shopping and I’ve heard the flea markets, charity shops and vintage stores in LA are unlike every other place in the world.

Downtown LA
The skyline of Shanghai by Stephanie Broek

Time to book your ticket Steph! 😉 So apart from LA, which country is on your bucket list and why?
India. I’ve been drawn to the country for many reasons. I think I would feel really at home between fellow vegetarians. The country is a world on it’s own. So colorful, chaotic and unique. I would love to see the Taj Mahal, stroke the cows on the streets and go to the island Goa. I would come back with so many sari’s!


We’re curious, where have you bought your favorite fashion/travel piece?
Morocco. I found some amazing djellaba’s in the souk in Agadir.

What’s your favorite travel outfit?
I love a mini skirt, T-shirt and sandals for comfort, yet stylish.

Favorite travel outfit Stephanie Broek
Stephanie’s favorite travel outfit

The wanderlust of Stephanie Broek

What is one item that you always bring with you while traveling?
Sunglasses! I can’t live without them. My current favorite pairs are from Ace & Tate.

“My ideal travel situation now would be to sleep in a big yurt”

Where do the most fashionable man live?
This might surprise you but it’s India again. In Little India in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia I already saw so many well dressed men. I love how colorful their traditional clothing is and there techniques to tie turbans are mesmerizing.

Fashion in India
Indian style icons

Name one song that would definitely be on your travel playlist
2080 by Yeasayer. My favorite band of all time. I get emotional when I listen to that song every single time. It makes me feel both extremely happy and sad. It evokes a feeling of freedom and chasing your dreams. I feel alive and in the moment when I listen to it.

And finally, the question we ask everyone in this segment; What kind of traveler are you? 
(without hesitation) I’m a Glamper! I used to camp every year with my parents and still love it. There is nothing better than being outside the entire day.
Sleeping in a tent is so romantic! But I became a bit spoiled ever since I started working for Glamour. I travel a lot for work and sleep in the best hotels, which now has become one of my biggest hobbies ;-). My ideal travel situation now would be to sleep in a big yurt that has a good shower or bath and a clean private toilet.
Or I would love to sleep in one of those design tree houses in Scandinavia. The best of both worlds.



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