Zaanse Schans without Tourists

The Zaanse Schans Without Tourists

The Zaanse Schans is one of Holland’s most famous tourist attractions, attracting more than 2 million (!) people each year. Now, during Corona, this charming Dutch neighbourhood is left almost empty.

Are you living in The Netherlands but usually avoid the tourists attractions? Now is the time to visit the Zaanse Schans. We actually paid the Dutch town a visit sunny Saturday afternoon and these photo’s proof that we were almost alone, except some locals, sheep and chickens.

Zaanse Schans Windmills

An empty Zaanse Schans due to the Corona Crisis

With so many visitors each year, you can understand that most locals avoid these busy places, and that’s a shame because we almost forget how many nice Dutch villages and locations we have. We decided to take a look, but because it was a Saturday, we expected it to be a little bit busy. But the opposite was true! When we arrived we saw about 4 other people walking around. Due to Corona, they have a few new rules. Arrows have been put on the ground to steer people into the new one way direction and you need to take a basket inside the shops. The bakery, souvenir shops and cheese and cacao shop remain open. Food and drinks are for take-away. 

Zaanse Schans without tourists
Arrows point people to the new one way direction

Zaanse Schans without tourists
No lines, no waiting, no tourists

Zaanse Schans houses

Zaanse Schans without tourists

Zaanse Schans Village

So, if you have never visited this amazing Dutch highlight, now is the time to visit the Zaanse Schans!


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