JEU de boule bar Utrecht

There is a JEU de Boules Bar in Utrecht and it’s awesome!

With its bites, boules and beers, JEU De Boules bar is the latest hot spot to hit Utrecht. If you are looking to unwind, catch up with friends and enjoy a drink or dinner, then you have come to the right place.

The set-up is super cool with 11 boules courts, tables scattered around the edges and a top-notch bar. The whole place is made from wood and reminds me of a trendy bowling club – which is not surprising, the current generation have turned the age-old game of boules into a hip sport.

Jeu de boules bar utrecht
Game ON!

A bucket of icy beers is one of JEU’s specialities and can be enjoyed at the lanes while playing a game. Boules is always played in two teams and can be played with 2, 4 or 6 players but don’t worry, each lane as instructions for those who are not familiar with the game. Each game goes for fifty minutes and it is highly recommended to book in advance as the lanes get booked out quickly. My team won, 13 – 5 (winning!)

As we are playing, the Plank De Petanque arrives for us to nibble on, which is a plank packed with hot and cold snacks and it looks awesome! The board is filled with various cheese’s, bitterballen, nachos, bread, meats, onion rings, nuts and olives. It is perfect for sharing and we snack while we play.

snacks at Jeu de boules bar Utrecht
Snacks at JEU de boules bar

If you are still feeling peckish after the game, you can order a couple of JEU hot dogs – the Hotdog A La Francaise with mustard, ketchup and sauerkraut and the same hot dog but with a vegetarian dog. They come out on classic checkered napkins and really hit the spot.

JEU is located on the ground floor of parking garage Paardenveld and just next to ROOST aan de singel. We will definitely be going back for another game!

Jeu de boules bar
Paardenveld 3, Utrecht

*Rahima is one of our new guest editors from Australia who lives in Utrecht and loves everything “gezellig”! She will write about the best and most delicious hotspots in Utrecht! Follow her via

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