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A few months ago LOXUP sent us a lock expert who told us exactly how secure our home was and what we could do in order keep burglars out. Well, our home had an entire security make-over and I am exited to tell you what we did to make sure we can travel without having to worry.

On the platform LOXUP, you can find a lock expert near you, with all the advice and service your house needs in terms of security. The platform works with partners that are working with professional tools and high-quality locks. This is how they helped me make my home burglar proof.

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Because I moved homes just over a year ago to a neighbourhood that is unfortunately attractive for burglars, it was time to get a full security check. For my job (and pre-Covid) I travel a lot, so I want to leave the house feeling safe about it. LOXUP found our perfect match and connected me to a lock expert near me. Peter from Lockforce came to the rescue and found the following hazards that could easily be solved.

lock expert

Kitchen Door

This was by far the biggest hazard of all and needed a full make-over. Our lock expert used a special machine (that made a lot of noise) to remove the side lock and replace it with a three point lock including a deadbolt lock. Thankfully I had already replaced the glass door for double glass. 

Kitchen Window

Too easy for a small person to enter the house. For this risk there was a simple solution; to place a steel frame on the inside of the window. This way you can also leave the window open during those hot summer nights.

Kitchen window lock
The kitchen safety bar

Living Room Door

This door already had a multipoint lock in place, so all we needed was a dead bolt lock. This is a lock that basically scares unwanted visitors off. The effort and noise it takes, is not worth it so they will most likely move to the next house that isn’t as secure.Kitchen door lock

Front Door

Recently, I had a new front door placed that dates back from the 30’s. Beautiful for sure, but unfortunately not very safe. What this door needed was a multipoint lock and a security claw. Like all doors, my front door also got a deadbolt lock for extra safety. 

EXTRA TIP: What do you think about your shed or garage? Burglars are looking for any opportunity to get anything valuable, especially during the current pandemic.

In order to solve all these issues Peter came back last March and solved our security issues in just one morning! Are you in doubt about whether your home ticks all the boxes when it comes to security and having the right locks? Go to LOXUP, find your match and get a free quote for your house!

Safe Travels!


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