Since we are all home-bound until further notice, a little comfort and luxury in your own house is not a bad idea. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself once in a while.

We had a little peek in a few of our favourite hotels in the Netherlands and we are happy to give you some tips so that you can get the luxurious hotel feeling in your own home. Enjoy it!

Fresh breakfast in bed | QO

Nothing is more delicious than a lazy Sunday morning, because say your day starts just a bit nicer when you can start nice and quiet. Breakfast in bed, good company and a newspaper with it; do nothing at all. But why wait until Sunday? After all, you can organise your own room service every morning of the week! Every morning at Persijn, the restaurant in the QO in Amsterdam, a fresh take-away breakfast including a bread basket, boiled egg and yogurt with fruit is waiting for you. To give it a more luxurious touch, you can serve it at home on a made-up tray. For example, use linen napkins and your most beautiful tableware for an extra bit of flair. An extra tip from our side, prepare some nice glasses with your favourite and healthy juice!

Hotel take away

For the hard worker | BOAT & CO

Working at home sounds nice, of course, but it often does not always benefit productivity. You are regularly distracted by your partner / child / pet and as a result the work piles up. But yes, a fully equipped workplace is not for everyone. Of course you can try to make the best of it. Hotel BOAT & CO will help you out. Every day, the hotel rooms will transform into flexible workplaces from 9 to 5. There is enough space to get started actively, creatively and positively. Balance is key here so give yourself enough breaks, take time for a healthy lunch in the available kitchen or do a yoga session in between. Keep an eye on the Instagram & Facebook of BOAT & CO for the fine yoga classes of Tatiana Capozzoli from i move amsterdam. Workspots can be booked from €39 via 020 246 1500.

Working Hotel Boat & Co

Stimulate your creativity | BLOOMING

Because more time is left and you relax more, more creativity will automatically arise. And hotel blooming thinks this is important. The hotel itself is a source of inspiration due to the beautiful surroundings, nature and the colourful and quiet interior. Blooming previously released a bath book. She set up a writing competition and gave undiscovered writers the opportunity to submit a story. Do you also want to make your writing dream come true? Then keep an eye on

Blooming shared five tips with you:

  • Daydreaming. Try to do nothing for a few hours and let your mind wander. Take notes if something special comes to mind;
  • Describe the story in a few sentences;
  • Describe the main characters in a few sentences as if you know them through and through;
  • Although the writing itself is a nice process, it helps to make a planning with purpose and end date; Just write!

Writing hotel

Extra Tips

  • Use all those small hotel toiletries that you still have left from your recent travels
  • Treat yourself to some new sheets, hotel quality! Our favourites are Crispsheets
  • Buy an expensive scented candle, hey, it’s OK to treat yourself!

Do you want more tips during lockdown?

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