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Are you a festival lover? Or maybe you hate festivals. Whichever type you are, you’re going to love this one. H A B I T A S.
At Our Habitas you become part of a community. It’s not the typical festival that you’re used to. No major line-up, no commercial bullshit.
Habitas is an LA born concept that has evolved into something amazing. They call themselves like-minded explorers brought together by appreciation and passion driven creativity, self expression and adventure. Something we can relate to at Wander-Lust.

There is something extraordinary that occurs when you place a like minded community in a environment full of just the right amount of care.

Our Habitas Summer 2015

Habitas at Spring


The festival is small, exclusive and by invitation only. We understand why. You even need to fill in a short summary so that the organisation can check if you can be part of this special community. This way, the festival will keep it’s core values. 
If you do get an invitation, you will sleep in a bohemian setting, complete with tents, Moroccan cushions, rugs and dream catchers.
At Habitas, you are in for an unknown adventure. Just enter with an open mind and enjoy the setting, the music and the people.

Habitas in Fall

Habitas is hosting different themes in different seasons. Summer, Spring, Fall and now the New Years preparations in Mexico are full on their way.
Founders Eduardo Castillo (also resident DJ) and Kfir Levy are doing an amazing job by keeping the festival small and non-commercial. Something that a lot of festivals are lacking. It’s a place for grown ups that dare to be themselves.
Let’s just hope they organize more events like these because with only 200 entrees it almost sounds like winning the lottery.


More info on their website. Check this video for an impression.



*All pictures are owned by Habitas

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