abandoned castels

This town in Turkey is full of Disney-like abandoned Castles

One build for rich foreign buyers, Burj Al Babas now looks like a ghost town with over 500 abandoned castles  Take a look and be amazed. 

Sources say that the project costed over $200 million, but because Turkey experiences an economic downturn, the project’s developers have filed for bankruptcy, and buyers have backed out of their purchases. Some of the French Chateau looking houses even have some of the inside building works finished such as the floor heating.

The building project started back in 2014 and the houses are were planning to sell from $400,000 each. It’s located in between the mountains in West Turkey.

Even though the economy in Turkey doesn’t look very promising, the Burj Al Babas’ architect remains hopeful that the development will open by October 2019. To see how the castles would look like when finished, check here. For the latest images (sorry, we are not allowed to publish them) check here.



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