This train station runs for just one girl.

Pretty cool. Your very own train. Well, kind of! The Kyu-Shirataki train station in Japan is open for just one girl.
This girl lives in Hokkaido, a Japanese island with a small population. Only 36 people live in her neighborhood but she is the only one of her age that goes to school every day.

Japanese train station open for one girl

“The train station basically ensures that Kana Harada is getting her education” 

Kana Harada is the only person getting on this train and runs twice a day for 35 minutes back and forth. Weird? Well, we think it’s great! Education is very important in Japan and this just shows that. The train basically ensures that Kana Harada is getting her education. 
The station was build in 1955 to take the children to school. So when she graduates in March 2016, the train station will shut down after all these years.
This is kind of sad but how amazing that the train is running just for her. 

She will be the last passenger on this train, ever.

Watch the video here:



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