This woman draws the most amazing art on surfboards

She was born in Indonesia but she grew up in The Netherlands. I met her a few years ago through a Dutch blog I used to write for called Moderne Hippies. I’m talking about Chanti Mai.This woman is special for several reasons. She is a yoga teacher, a masseuse and a cancer survivor.  Yes, she was diagnosed in 2013 and has been fighting this terrible disease for a few years. Thankfully, she is now cancer free.

But I don’t want to focus on the cancer. Because Chanti makes the most amazing mandala art drawings on surfboards! 

Surfboard art by Chanti Mai
Photo Credit: Caroline Løvehjerte

It all started when the cancer made her feel low on energy so she didn’t have the strength to surf. Something she always loved to do. She wanted to do something to keep herself entertained so she started drawing again, something she had done in the past. She didn’t think it would go somewhere until a friend told her she should start taking this “mandala drawing” seriously. She got asked to draw her first art piece on a surfboard and more kept on following. She has developed her own style so people immediately recognize her surfboards!

Mandala art on Surfboards
Photo Credit: Marie-Therese Reretsifp

Chanti Mai at work
Chanti at work

Surfboard art by Chanti Mai

You can follow Chanti on Facebook or read her blogs on Moderne Hippies. (Dutch only). For Massages, Yoga classes and Mandala Art, you can visit her website.
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