Tiny Houses in the Netherlands

Now that many of us are looking for a staycation, holiday homes are more popular than ever. If you are not the camping type, but instead you love to stay in a cute accommodation and support a bit of eco-tourism, check these out.

Since a few years, these holiday homes have grown in popularity. They are cute as hell and often located in the middle of nature. Are you looking for a different kind of staycation this summer? These tiny houses in The Netherlands may be exactly what you are looking for.


This amazing place is already fully booked until September, and there is a waiting list. So why mention it? You should definitely add this place to your staycation list for 2021! In total, you’ll find 7 tiny houses on the premises that are surrounded by forest. To get to your rented home, you must hike for a bit, which is an adventure to start with! The Cabins, which are one hundred percent circular and off the grid. And with off the grid we mean: no wifi, no sockets, just you and your thoughts. Book here.

Cabiner offers overnight stays in comfortable cabins in the most beautiful and remote places in the Dutch wild nature.

Tiny Houses Nederland, Cabiner
Photo by GabriellaKoster

TINY HOUSE at DROOMPARKEN Maasduinen, Limburg

Located in holiday park Droomparken, you’ll find these cute Tiny Houses. They offer two different types of Tiny Housing, one accommodates up to four people and the other is for two people. Both are equipped with a bathroom, kitchen (even a dishwasher!) and small living room. It’s perfect for a few days off with your friends, every couple could rent a house. In de evening you can enjoy the lights hanging from the house and sit on your porch with a glass of wine. These tiny houses are open throughout the year. Mind you, Droomparken has more places to rent, so you won’t be all by yourself, there are also tiny houses available on the Veluwe. Book here.

Tiny House, Drromparken
Source: Droomparken

FREELODGE, Amsterdam

I bet you didn’t know about these Tiny Houses in De Tuinen van West in Amsterdam. They were build in 2018 and are available for rent but you can also buy them! In total, Freelodge Amsterdam offers seven beautiful lodges, all with the same layout (sleeping 2 + 2 in 2 bedrooms), large terraces and lots of green space around. Each with its own interior style (Marrakech, Botanic, Vintage etc.) Because of Corona, special attention is being paid to cleaning and hygiene. Because they leave all lodges empty for a minimum of 24 hours after a stay – freelodge can only accept bookings of at least 3 nights. In some lodges the minimum is 5 nights. Book here.

Tiny Houses, Freelodge
Source: Steengoed

VAARHUIS, Friesland

Imagine waking up in a tiny house on the water! You can book this in Friesland. You can book for one night or more, in an original setting, what’s not to like! There are different kinds of floating houses available in Friesland, but the most famous one is type “ScheepsHuisje”.  Don’t worry about playing the captain, your tiny house is being driven by someone who knows how. Good to know, you always pay a Vaarhuisje per person, not per house. Once docked, the captain will leave and you can enjoy the waters and surroundings. You can book several cruises (yes, this is what they call them), 3, 5 or 7 day cruises, that include dinner and of course the captain as your guide.

Tiny Houses Netherlands, Vaarhuisje
Source: VaarHuis Vakanties


And the award for the smallest tiny house goes to Waterlandhuisje! Although this may be true, this tiny house is perfect for writers or people that need to clear their heads for a few days. In the house you will find a sleeping loft with a double bed that you reach with a ladder. Furthermore, there is a sitting area with a sofa bed, plus a dining table which also operates as a chess board. You won’t get bored, there are plenty of board games and a wind-up radio. In addition, there is even a shower and toilet in the house and a small kitchenette with a refrigerator. Waterland huisje is located in Plug-In-City on Strijp-S, an experimental district in Eindhoven, a sanctuary for alternative forms of construction and accommodation. Book here!

Tiny House, Waterland Huisje Nederland
Source: Waterlandhuisje

Have you ever stayed one of these amazing treehouses?

WOODHOUSE, Oldeberkoop

Similarly to the other tiny houses, this one is made completely out of wood. yet, it’s one of a kind. This Finnish IGLU-HUT + SAUNA is the only of its kind in the Netherlands and brings you back to the simplicity of real outdoor living. Also, the Woodhouse is located next to Villa Vredewoud that dates back from the 1800’s, a stunning sight. From here you have endless walking paths, canoe and bicycle trails, plus nature to enjoy. Book here!

Tiny houses, Woodhouse
Source: Woodhouse


Together with being a Tiny House, this one os rather special. Because Wikkelhouse is build from recycled cardboard! Made and designed by Fiction factory in Amsterdam, these tiny houses are build Like Cabiner, this house has no wifi or television, but who needs any of that if you have nature surrounding you! You can buy your own Wikkelhouse from €30,000 so who knows, if you feel like living off the grid, this is the house for you!

Tiny Houses, Wikkelhouse

The Yurt Project

These authentic Yurts are really created in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia and brought to the Netherlands for the authentic experience. You can now find these Gers (as they call it in Mongolia) in the most beautiful places around the Veluwe. A wonderful base for walk, bike rides or to relax in nature. Due to Corona, the public toilets and showers are closed so they will provide you with private sanitary. In total, there are five yurts to choose from, and each one of them has a 2 persons bed and a cooking stove. However, they differentiate is sizes. Book here.

Tiny Houses, The Yurt Project


Imagine waking up by the sounds of waves, opening your doors and seeing the the sea. You can book this tiny house on the beach in Zeeland, the most Southern part of The Netherlands. It has everything you need and nearby you’ll find some beachclubs where you can grab something to eat, but the tiny houses are also equipped with a small kitchen. 

Tiny Houses Nederland, Beachhouse
Largo Beach

Bonus: Nature.house

Super handy, this website offers countless Tiny Housing located in the middle of nature! Some are unique, some are on the water and some tiny houses are big enough for a whole family. Pick your favourite, all over Europe. Check here for all the Nature Houses in The Netherlands.

So which of the above Tiny Houses will you pick?


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