October 26, 2015 Wander-lust

Tipi inspiration 2.0

At wander-lust we have a thing for Tipi’s. Big, small, white, colorful, you name it! A secret dream of us would be to wake up in a Tipi everyday 🙂
To give you some inspiration and how to make your own, read on!

Some Tipi inspiration that we love:

The Original 

The original Tipi with Native Americans

The Modern Tipi

Designer Antony Gibbon reveals The Nook, a modern Tipi (Source: Picturesdotnews.com)

The Festival Tipi

Let the festival season begin!  (Source: Festipi.com)

The Beach Tipi

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Beach Tipi
Beach Tipi’s are the best!

Decorative & Children Tipi’s

The dream of every bohemian mother

And.. The pet’s Tipi!

How cute is this! (Source: Craftshubs.com)

So how can YOU make one?
Traditionally Tipi’s are made from buffalo or deer skin, and as we don’t want you to start hunting, we will use a canvas.
If you want to, you can paint your canvas/sheet or you can buy one that already has prints on it.

1 » Start off by collecting your sticks. You need 6, all the same size. (depending on what size you’re going to make) Tie them together with strong rope and take the bottom half apart. Add some anti slip construction at the bottom of your sticks/poles if you use the tipi inside the house.

2 » Take a thin rope and wrap it around the middle or bottom of your sticks (from outside to inside and back) this way you make sure the sticks don’t slide away.

3 » This is the most difficult part. You can wrap different fabrics around your construction which creates a variation of colors, or you can have a one piece fabric that you need to cut. Make sure you measure everything before cutting! To put it over the Tipi, you have to cut a bit at the top, where the sticks stand out.
Wrap your canvas around the construction and in order to make it fit tight, you can make straps.

4 » The last part is totally up to you; Decoration. You can add feathers, a dreamcatcher or lights.

Let us know when you’ve created one!

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