If you’re a frequent flyer, you know that long flights can be tough on your body, skin, and immune system. Besides travelling with a comfortable and good airline, there are a couple of things you can do to get your body & mind up to speed. Here are some tips for a long flight.

1. Your body

Important to mention, that you need to keep moving. There are several in-flight exercises you can do like moving your feet and walking up and down the plane. But we all know this right? If you want to get that blood really flowing, you should practice these Yoga moves as soon as you get to your hotel:

Down Dog Split: Start in down dog, then lift the right leg up.
Knee to Nose: From down dog split, pull your knee toward your nose and hover.
Pigeon: Slide the right knee behind the right wrist and come to pigeon pose, fold forward, then sit up in pigeon.”Pigeon releases the hips which get super congested when you sit for too long,” Yoga specialist Kernaghan says. The deep stretch also alleviates lower back pain, which over time can improve posture.

Yoga pose

Janushirsasana: Turn yourself to the side. Place right foot on left inner thigh. Side body bend over the left leg.
Seated Spinal Twist: Step left leg over right leg. Lift the right arm up and twist to the left side. This move will help relieve the spine and lower back, and make breathing easier and twisting also helps to get your digestive tract going. Repeat on the other side.

2. Your Skin

During a flight, your skin will get dehydrated to the max. This is because of the lack of fresh air and the air-conditioning. So what can you do? Well, we swear by this product: Multi-Active Toner (50ml) by Dermalogica. Pack it into your carry on luggage and spray it onto your face every 2-3 hours. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Cucumber soothe the skin and Lemon & Arnica bring the skin back in top condition. 

Eat well. Greasy airplane food can be terrible for your skin. Try to bring some healthy food bars and if the airline allows it, also bring some fruit.
Drink Well. And we mean water, but you already knew this right?

As we breathe this air our bodies become dehydrated from the inside out, and moisture is drawn out of the skin

Your life saver in flight
The one thing you shouldn’t forget in your carry on luggage! (no spon!)

3. Your Immune system

I always feel a bit under the weather when I get off a long flight. If you share a plane with 200 people, you can bet on it that there will germs inside the aircraft. You can wear one of those white mouth masks like they do in Asia, but we all know that you won’t get an upgrade to business class this way lol. We’ve highlighted this handy stick in a previous post about the best travel gadgets, so it’s no surprise that we want to mention it again. This easy to bring nasal sanitizer reduces the risk of infection and keeps you save, killing up to 99,99 procent of germs.

Life saver! 



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