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If you really want to step up your game when it comes to photography and video, it’s time to invest in a drone. DJI gave us the brand new Air 2S to try and now would love to share our best tips and tricks with you.

A few years ago, we tried the older version of DJI Mavic Air whilst travelling through Thailand and Malaysia. Here we shot photo’s as well as video but we had no clue what we were doing. Sounds a little familiar? For this reason we decided to take a closer look into the skill-book of drone flying. Besides, with the new rules surrounding a drone, you currently need a flying certificate in order to fly a drone of this size. Get ready to make some amazing drone photo’s and video’s with the DJI Air 2S! 

Koh Adang, Thailand Drone shot

Before you fly your DJI Air 2S drone

Blabla you may think, but nowadays everyone thinks they can fly a drone. It ain’t that simple folks. There are a lot of reasons why you should be cautious when flying your drone. Wind, aircrafts , no flying zones, people, weather conditions and those damn electricity cables. Know about these hazards and learn the basic safety stuff is key. When getting our certificate we decided to go for the A1/A3 + A2 Advanced course. We did this at Noordzee Drones. Easier said then done, we failed our first test! Thankfully, you get 3 go’s and you can re-watch the video’s you are provided with. It’s a whole bunch of information about safety measures and a lot to take in. But once you have it, you can fly in almost anywhere in the world and you are a classified drone pilot, whoopwhoop!

1. Check the flight tutorial before you start flying

Sounds boring, but we highly recommend you doing this before you start flying. This function on the Mavic Air 2S is especially handy if you are a beginner. It tells you all the basic settings and things to watch out for. You can find this tutorial once you connect your drone to your smartphone.

2. Set your photo’s to Panorama

Our biggest drone photography tip for Instagram! This way you can create the best looking vertical photo’s for the gram. You can find this setting the photo & video menu, scroll down on the right menu to “Pano”. Then tap on the vertical option. Cut it to the right size and done! Also great for stories.

Panorama photo setting drone
Create full length photo’s with the panorama setting

3. Create professional looking video’s using Master Shots.

If you are a little lazy (guilty as charged), this setting will make your day. While flying, lock a subject or person and the DJI Air 2S will do the rest of the work for you. It will fly around the person or subject, zoom in, zoom out and create professional looking video shots which may be a lot smoother then if you would try it yourself. Afterwards you can also pick a template if you want, with music and layouts. We decided to keep it clean. Check the video below to see how it looks!

4. Follow me modus

Equally important and a great setting is the follow me setting if you want to highlight one person or subject. For example, you can select an object like your car while driving it on an beautiful and empty road. (Always scan your surroundings first to make sure there are no electricity cables or no fly zones around) Select the “active track”. Make sure you turn on the obstacle detection so it won’t bump into trees.

Mastershot Drone

5. Use the map

Whilst flying the Air S2, a small map is displayed on the left or right bottom corner of your phone screen. Use this to navigate and check the surroundings. This is necessary also for safety reasons. This way you can see where you fly, if and where there are red zones etc. Again, having the right certificate will also teach you about these matters. Overall, this setting is handy to have.

Lauterbrunnen shot with DJI Air 2s

Other features we love about the DJI Air 2S

about this drone is that it has 30 minutes flying time, obstacle detection, Video at up to 5.4K quality and a 1 inch sensor camera, so that’s really an upgrade from the previous drone! It’s easy to fold in a fits into a pretty small bag, including the batteries, extra propellors and lenses. In essence, there are a lot more settings and options with this the DJI Air 2S but these are definitely the ones that stand out for us! 

Happy flying!


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