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Top 5 » Best Airlines in the world

They call it the Oscars for the aviation industry, the yearly world airlines awards.  Each year the numbers shift and it’s always good to know who you’re flying with. Sarah and I fly a lot. European flights more often than worldwide, but we’ve done a fair bit of testing! 🙂 No one can predict what your flight will be like because of the number of variables, like; date of the flight, type of aircraft, the route and the mood of the flight crew.

Airlines are not all the same. Some are obviously far better than othersThis is our top 5:

1. Emirates
I will never forget my first backpacking adventure to Australia. I was 24 years old and traveling solo. Next to that I already had a fear of flying so the thought of being in a large plane for at least 16 hours wasn’t something I looked forward to. But Emirates made my experience sooo good. First of all, the staff is amazing. I really believe they are this nice! No fake smile, just an excellent service. Besides that I had the best tasting food on my flight to Australia. I also love the variation of their offered entertainment. Emirates stops at Dubai airport and I must say that’s a great stopover as the airport looks amazing and if you have a long stopover, it’s always nice to do some shopping while you’re there right? 😉 Emirates have been in the worlds top 5 for years now and if it were up to me, they can stay there for many years to come.

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Is it a bird, is it a plane?? Yes. It’s a plane

2. KLM
It’s not because we’re Dutch. It’s because we flew with KLM many many times. This means we should have a pretty good idea about their service and capabilities. They have been praised about their extremely good user engagement. If you have a question or complaint and you post this on social media, they are extremely fast in responding. I flew to Hong Kong recently and had an extremely good organized flight. On my way back, the steward came up to me and asked me if I had a good flight and if I wanted to join their Airmiles system. No annoying advertising emails but now I can enjoy all the perks of being a frequent flyer! KLM

My flight to Hong Kong was great with KLM!

3. Lufthansa
The low cost airline is doing extremely well in the top 100 list. They fly in at number 12. Sarah flies to Germany a lot and she always flies with Lufthansa. Reliability is the key word for Lufthansa. Sarah always feels save and that’s why she always chooses Lufthansa. Word goes around that Lufthansa doesn’t have the warmest crew but Sarah’s flights were always pleasant. You get free drinks and snacks, and during lunch or dinner you will get a sandwich. Not very posh, but Sarah loves it – like many other with her – it’s the fact that you don’t have to pay for it.


4. EVA Air
This Taiwanese airline flies over 40 international destinations and comes it at number 9 in the top 100. It’s not just the female name that does wonders because this airline does it really well. Some say that they have the best business class service there is and they are the only airline that I know that serves Dom Perignon champagne. Their premium economy has great leg space and that’s something many airlines still lack.

Heart airlines
Not in our top 5 but Easyjet has been good to us flying to many European destinations

5. Quatar Airways
Still on top of the bill. Quatar airlines is still one of the best airlines in the world. They also won in 2012 next to a numerous other awards, and this year they climb back up from number 2 to the first spot. So why are they so great? Well; Best business class, Best on time performance, Best in famenity kit, Best economy long haul experience and the list goes on..

Fly fly away!

So my advice would be to book your next flight with one of these above mentioned airlines so that your holiday starts from the moment you step inside the aircraft!

Check here for the full list. What’s your favorite airline?



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