TOP 5 COUNTRIES TO LIVE IN (if you ever think about moving)

Man overlooking lake in Canada

If you’re planning to leave your hometown and find your luck somewhere else then you should check this list. 

What countries are best to live in if you want to live abroad? Based on a recent survey of 20.000 global people, these are the results.

1. Canada

This country has it all. Adventure, rough but stunning nature, pretty clean air, friendly people and the list goes on. The second largest country in the world particularly scored high on Quality of Life, Citizenship and the opportunities for entrepreneurship. Did you know that Canada is one of the best and safest places for solo travelCheck here for more tips and stories about Canada.

Lake, Canada

2. Sweden

Another Scandinavian country. This time it’s Sweden.  They just introduced a 6 hour working day so if that doesn’t already makes a person happy, you should read on. They give you 16 months of to spent that time with your newborn baby, so it is the best place for women where they get safety and they can see their child grown up. Besides this, you can breath fresh air and visit amazing beautiful places.


More people living in other countries than ever, says UN study

3. Denmark

Crazy but it has zero crime rates, murder, no corruption, and stability in economic growth, quality life, etc. All these things made it as one of the best, happiest and safest countries to live in the world. Nearly 18 weeks of paid leave is given to mothers and 79 percent of women are working which is comparatively higher than other countries. People in this country are more concerned about their environment and they follow excellent health care system. Let’s move to Denmark!

Snow in Denmark

4. Norway

When I arrived in Norway for the first time, I actually cried because I thought the sight of it was so beautiful. Mountains, Fjörds, valleys, waterfalls and clean air to breath. Norway is one of those place you need to visit before you die, so why not live there for a while! 

Girl standing in Norway
Elke in Norway

5. Switzerland

In short, we loooove Switzerland. The nature is just incredible and if you think Canada is too far, just come over to the Swiss side because it resembles a lot with the scenery.  Secondly, wages are pretty good if you live there as it is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. 

The Giant Swing Adelboden

Did you know that The Netherlands made it place eight? Lucky us!

Check the full list here.



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  • Kim
    Posted at 08:27h, 16 februari Beantwoorden

    Aan Nederland had ik inderdaad niet gedacht haha. Wil juist nu graag wel even een tijdje weg ;).

  • Irene Moschatou
    Posted at 11:42h, 16 februari Beantwoorden

    My choice for sure is to have a luck for leaving Amsterdam…is the climate..the people..the respect of the humanity..i don’t think better for me a better place to live… uppon my country which i love but make’s me unhappy because of no opportunities into work.

    To sumarise my thought , if i could ensure a job in Netherlands..i will possibly risk it.Why not..i have nothing to loose…

    Thank you Elke.

    Best Wishes-Love-Peace.

  • Megan Indoe
    Posted at 14:42h, 16 februari Beantwoorden

    Wow, all of these places sound amazing to live in! We moved to South Korea to teach ESL and have had a blast, but we are looking to try to live somewhere else! Any of these places would work for us! Thanks for sharing!

  • sallida
    Posted at 15:41h, 16 februari Beantwoorden

    How cool!! I didnt know that Denmark is that cool!, although if I could choose I dont know why I am more Sweden oriented! at the moment I am in Vienna, so the thought to learn another language after I am still struggling with german, it makes me scared! but who knows!

    cool Post!

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