Top 5 » Street Food spots in Amsterdam!

Happy days! Greasy hotdogs and not so tasty ice-cream are a thing of the past. Amsterdam is opening her doors to a whole new and healthy Street Food era. The city of Amsterdam is the first city in the Netherlands that will allow 50 entrepreneurs to provide street food from food trucks at various locations in the city. The trial will last 2 years and officially started on the 29th of June. Besides the trucks, there are also new kiosks where food entrepreneurs can sell good food and make Amsterdam more healthy than ever before.

1. Vleesch noch Visch
I’ve been a fan since the beginning. Vleesch noch Visch first caught my eye on the Sunday Market in Amsterdam-West about 3 years ago.
They only sell one thing but it’s the best thing around. A vegetarian Greek Gyros Pita. I know what Greek flavors should taste like and let me tell you, they’ve done it! Even if you are a meat eater (like my boyfriend), you will looove this pita. They’re everywhere; Festivals, Rollende keukens, special events and now they are opening their own kiosk in the Schaepmanstraat! They are waiting for the final approval before opening so keep an eye on their facebook page.

The best street food there is
The best street food you can wish for: the Gyros Pita!

Ready for business! 

Friska is driving around to give you that healthy street food
wander-lust is all about these kind of foodtrucks)

3. Juice Brothers
Food bloggers around the country love the Juice Brothers. Slowly pressed juices are hot & happening this year and the Juice Brothers have heard the prays of the health freaks. Smoothies, Breakfast, Salads, Raw food and of course the best juices you can wish for. Apart from their cleansing course which you can via email, they now have a Kiosk in Amsterdam West. Street food has never been so healthy!

Green is not so mean after all! (Source: Juice Brothers)

4. Healthy foodies
Another healthy foodtruck that I’ve seen driving around in Amsterdam. The Girls from Healthy Foodies make the most delicious fresh meals for you . Their meals are pure ; prepared without artificial additives , sugars and unhealthy fats. You can find them in the famous Vondelpark, Amstel station and more locations around Amsterdam. Have a look at the agenda to see where they will be.

ealthy wraps, slow juices and more..

5. Braai
And now something for the men amongst us! Streetfood screams meat right? Well, Braai serves just that and more. They are proud owners of one of the newly established kiosks in Amsterdam. If you watch the TV series House of Cards, you will love the fact that they got their inspiration from Freddy’s BBQ joint from the hit series. Slowly cooked ribs, big tasty burgers and grilled veggie salads are all on the menu. Their situated near the vondelpark and they also have a small terrace. Check their website for more info.

Inspired by the hit series House of Cards (source: FB Braai)

The way burgers should look like..

Bonus » Curry Up!
They haven’t received their licence yet but they sell the best curry in the country! You can find them at most festivals and food markets. Colorful food made with the best Indian spices. This truck makes you want to travel! Check their FB or website for more info!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

The guys from Curry Up bring that healthy spice to your life!

Way to go Amsterdam!



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