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You may recognise this travel behaviour.
Perhaps you’ve gone to Thailand, got drunk and woke up with a What-Have-I-Got-On-My-Ankle-Moment?!, or maybe you never want to forget that special time you’ve had in South America. Whatever the reason, the Travel Tattoo is something that a lot of wanderlust types carry along with them.
Whatever you may think of it, one thing is for sure; it’s a trend amongst travellers all over the world and we like it!
Here’s our top 5 Travel Tattoos.

1. Wanderlust
It’s in the name right?
“Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel & explore the world.”

One word that says it all. This tattoo is getting more and more populair by the day.

PicMonkey wanderlust

The wanderlust tattoo from Jenny Alvares aka Healthyfans.


2. The Map
To remind you where you’ve been, and where you still need to go..
PicMonkey map
Our friend Ray shows his love for Indonesia and his heritage.

3. The small Plane
Fly fly far away. Where would we travellers be without the aeroplane?


4. The Compass
To keep you on the right path or guide you in the right direction.. wherever you choose to go!
Did you notice that we always use a little compass in our own Instagram photo’s?
PicMonkey kompas


5. The foreign tradition
You visit a new country and you get inspired by it. The people, the traditions and yes, the tattoos.
With Sak Yant (Thai), Polynesian/Maori and of course Chinese being the most populair ones.
PicMonkey Collage

So there’s only one question we need to ask you.. Do you have a travel tattoo?



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