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Andalusia is an all-around, creative, and highly cultural region in Spain. Surrounded by nature that is more diverse than one might expect. Full-time travel family Labrie spent the past eight months in the region and selected five intriguing eco places to stay in Andalusia.

Add the Spanish siesta and fiesta flavour, and you know you can’t go wrong. This area personifies the word vacation, even for those who want to contribute, learn, or keep a small footprint when travelling. Due to potential desertification, you can find many sustainable accommodations.  No matter what you’re looking for, something fabulous or easygoing, there are many exciting projects you can choose from.  

Finca la Gloria 

If you are looking for an exceptional rural experience where body, mind, and soul are spoiled equally, this unique farm must be on top of your list. Finca la Gloria is a permaculture estate boosting an intimate boutique hotel within an intensive agricultural development. Art, crops, and inner wellness in this peaceful place morph into one philosophical statement. They merely have five rooms, meaning that booking ahead of time is quite essential. Each room has its character, defined by the decoration of well-chosen art and antiques. It’s heartwarming to see how much love and effort goes into the whole Finca. In short, It’s all about rural comfort and unassuming luxury.

Finca la Gloria, drone

finca la gloria, eco stays Andalusia

But there is something more to this particular place. They offer a land-to-table experience that will wake up your taste buds but, more importantly, give you a better understanding of why growing food the way they do is truly healthy for the future of the land. Let Oscar take you around the property and passionately explain their ways. It’s inspiring. And when food is served, you’ll be reminded what fruit and veggies should taste like. All in all, a visit to Fina La Gloria is a wholesome happening. Want to know more? Please have a look at this video.

Wanaka, Natural Park of Los Alcornocales

Sleeping in a yurt or tipi tent is in popular demand, and this place takes glamping to the next level. At Wanaka, they know how to treat you right while maintaining the relaxed, laid-back vibe suitable for this type of holiday. The yurts, tipis and bell tents are beautifully designed, and the peace and quiet are soothing. Plus, the many activities you can be part of, like yoga or kite-surfing, keep you active and entertained, but there is more. Located in the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales Cádiz, Wakana offers 180,000 hectares of Nature and Peace. It sits on a lake with three islands, one of the most magical and protected from antiquity. To protect this rare piece of earth, they ensured Wanaka is 100% sustainable, and the owners integrated this ethic with their focus on community value.  There is so much more to share about this place, but summing it up as an immaculate glamping experience is why it deserves a spot on this list. 


Wakana, eco stay Spain

Foto de Andrea Savini, protegida con ©

La Donaira, Montecorto , Málaga 

There are numerous spectacular places to stay in the world, but we haven’t seen anything as spectacular as this one. Quite a statement, but it might actually be true. Their nine rooms are exquisitely designed and impeccable in every way. Their eye for detail is splendid. Plus, they know how to pamper you. The state-of-the-art facilities alone, like the natural spring pool and spa, will awaken and care for your senses. And then some. La Donaira is a farm with an open and experimental approach to agriculture based on permaculture design principles. These are the heart of everything they do, from the ecological education to the overall design and the people with whom they collaborate. This includes volunteers, experts, and guests from all walks of life. 

Eco Retreat_La Donaira

Eco Retreat_La Donaira

At La Donaira, they embrace fresh thinking – a philosophical polyculture that creates brilliant new ideas about better ways of doing things. When you visit, you feel their respect for life, making it easy for you to do the same if you’re up for it. You get a sense of purity. Check their website and get inspired.

Casa Olea, Malaga province

Clair and Tim found this old olive farm after visiting at least 40 Cortijos in the same area. Their love for nature and Andalusia guided them to this vastly overlooked national park. The ruin and the land came to be the inspiration for this 100% sustainable renovation project, and their shared passion for food, wine, and the possibility of hiking was the second most important motive. You can find a whole chapter about their sustainable building on their website.

The Subbética mountains are one of the least-visited National Parks in Spain.

Even though it’s entirely off the beaten track, this exceptional homestay is easy to reach by train, car or plane. And whether you rent a car or have one of the owners pick you up at the station or airport, once you get to the house, there is no need to go anywhere if you don’t feel like it. Are you looking for a revitalising time away from home with the proper doses of great home-cooked local food and wine? Do you enjoy supporting farmers who grow organically and care for their animals and land lovingly? This family has you covered from a-z.

Ermita del Carmen

If you are intrigued by this unique part of Andalusia mentioned at Casa Olea, but you want to have a whole house just for you, we found another very outstanding sustainable gem. This 15th Century Ermita was once erected in honour of Venus and is now fully refurbished to the highest standards, even incorporating the historic building. The house can host eight people, and the land surrounding it is an old olive garden with an ‘acequia’ filled with a natural water fountain.

Ermita del Carmen Andalusia
Photo by Ermita del Carmen

The vegetable and fruit garden can be harvested all year round. And this location comes with impressive views of a 360 degrees horizon. You can walk or bike through these astonishing surroundings for hours to unwind. You can enjoy quality time cooking food from the produce you just got from the garden. Or you can swim and hang around the amazing 15-meter saltwater infinity pool. At night make sure to gaze at the numerous stars, as this area is best known for watching stars due to its little light interference.


Kim & Sebas (Fam Labrie)

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