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It’s THE trend in travel at the moment. Workations. During the pandemic we started working from home, but travellers decided to take it a step further. Why not work in the sun, remotely?

What’s a workation? Simply explained; a combination of work and a vacation. It’s travelling while continuing to work online. That being said, not all countries are great options for that matter. So, we made a list with the top 10 places for the perfect workation. 

Workation desk

What are the cost?

The holiday home rental website Holidu has analysed a number of factors that are important to every digital nomad, and then determined which cities around the world score best on these factors. These factors included the monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment, the number of activities to do with a rating of 4 stars or higher, the cost of after-work drinks, the average number of hours of sunshine and, most importantly, the speed of the internet connection.

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1. Lisbon

The cheap (and tasty) wine, the food, the climate and easy access to many beaches. Lisbon came in first and we totally get it. You can get lost in the many narrow streets, yet it feels familiar and comfortable. Lisbon didn’t score high on all points but did well overall. 

2. Barcelona

Personally we would pick this city as THE perfect workation. We’ve travelled to Barcelona many times and it feels like home away from home. With the beach nearby, it’s perfect for a swim after work or coffee with your friends. The city is full of trendy lunch spots and we kind of love the siesta that the locals are having, sign us up!

Cycling in Barcelona
Sarah cycling in Barcelona

3. Budapest

That being said, if you’re looking for warm weather, Budapest isn’t your best bet. The city gets on average less than 2000 hours of sunshine per year. But what it lacks in sunshine, it certainly makes up for in the price of drinks. Budapest is a great base for coffee lovers, because a frothy cappuccino costs only €1.40 on average. The town is also a good choice for anyone who likes a drink after work, with two pints of local beer costing around €2.81. Read more about Budapest here.

4. Istanbul

This city has two faces. The modern, trendy one and the old historic one. We love the fact that this city is located in two continents, Europe and Asia. You are definitely going to love either one of those. Come during spring/summer for the best rooftop bars but also the winter has great options, read why here.

Workation Istanbul

5. Bucharest

Don’t confuse this city with Boedapest. No this one is different but came in the same top five. Romania’s vibrant and bustling capital has made a big comeback in recent years and has a lot to offer for telecommuters: one of the fastest Wi-Fi speeds in the world at 54 Mbps. Furthermore, taxi fares are cheap averaging €0.41 per km and drinking two pints locally beer for about €3.25 is a bargain!

Bucharest, perfect workation

6. Madrid

It is the largest city in Spain, with hundreds of things to do. No wonder the number of posts with hashtag #Madrid is so high; 44 million to be exact. This Spanish city did well in the European ranking. Be careful you don’t spent all your earnings on shopping though!

7. Sofia

Not everyone has heard of this city. Let’s introduce you to the capital of Bulgaria that came in at number seven, surprisingly! There are lot’s of parks, drinks are cheap, the locals are friendly and it’s not so touristic as Prague for example. 

8. Kraców

It is one of the oldest cities in Poland and it is full of spectacular buildings that, for the most part, survived the 2nd WW. Although they are hundreds of years old, they are well preserved and well worth exploring. After a city tour you can enjoy a delicious Polish meal for only €6.59!

9. Belgrade

The Serbian capital Belgrade is in ninth place in the European ranking. A very versatile destination, with on the one hand a city full of nightlife, discos, bars and parties, and on the other hand, a city full of history and stories, as one of the oldest cities in Europe. You just have to go and discover the city for yourself. After a hard night, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee for only €1.54.

10. Prague

By far one of our favourite European cities. In fact, it was the first city we flew to on a press trip once we started this website. Good memories all round but apparently also a great city for a workation! The food is fresh and good, living is cheap and the bars are full with great cocktails haha. Read all about Prague.

Prague workation
Sarah & Elke in Prague

And Amsterdam? Well, with hotel and house prices so extremely high, we understand that digital nomads may not pick Amsterdam over the above destinations. However, our Dutch capital did make it to number 43 as it does have great work spots

So, have you been on a workation yet?


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