best beaches of Ibiza

Most beautiful beaches of Ibiza

Ibiza has everything you need for the perfect summer holiday; Sunshine, palm trees, sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, great food, terrific views and very friendly people – and don’t forget the sexy language:). Exactly what you needed after some months. 

So what else has Ibiza to offer? Stunning sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and hidden coves it is! Each day you can try a different beach to find out what’s best on the island. Check our Top Five beaches of Ibiza:

1. Cala Olivera

Ibiza 2

Close to Cala llonga, east of Ibiza – you will find this quiet almost private small sandy rocky beach. On the right side you can climb up the rocks where you will have a good view of this peaceful area. Check out the beautiful houses in the hills – can you imagine you live here? This beach even has a small restaurant that serves fresh fish! TIP » Try the sardines and their cocktails!

2. Playa Cala Mastella

Ibiza 5

It’s a great experience to go to this almost private stunning sandy beach in the north of Ibiza. On the way you will find this small village called San Carlos where you definitely need to stop for a coffee. Such a lovely place. Playa Cala is a very tiny beach where you can relax big time. Not known by many tourists and that’s exactly what we love!

Purpose: Chill, relax, soak up vitamins, tanning and eat as much as possible!

3. Aguas Blancas

Ibiza 4

Close to Playa Cala you will find this great beach! When you arrive at Aguas Blancas you need to pay 3 euro’s for parking and it’s a long walk to get to the beach, but it’s so worth it. Walk all the way to the right where you have more privilege. The water is incredibly clear and perfect for snorkeling. Don’t be alarmed when you find people walking around covered in a mud to get the perfect golden summer tan. Does it work? No idea, but I tried it:)

Covering myself in mud

4. Benirras

Ibiza Benirras

Drive up in the hills to the north of Ibiza where you will find this small beautiful beach Benirras, located between rocks and hills. Only 3 restaurants and some water sports facilities are available, but you don’t need anything else. Incredible breathtaking views on the right side of Benirras. Make sure you are on time when the sun goes down, it’s just perfect! Restaurants serve great fresh fish and in the evening there’s live music and men playing the drums.

5. Cala Carbo

Ibiza Cala Carbo

A 10 minutes drive from San José you will find this small, chic, secluded cove, surrounded by pine trees. They have the best sun beds loungers, but it come with a price; 7,50 euro – mattresses and sheets included! Located south west of Ibiza of only 50 meters long, ideal at the beginning and end of the season.

TIP » Rent a car so you’re free to travel where and when you want.

For more tips in Ibiza, check below!



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