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With the Fall and Winter seasons being the perfect time to start your hair laser removal journey, we wanted to tell you about the benefits, give you an honest review, and tell you why we think it’s worth the investment. 

What is Hair Laser Removal?*

Hence the name, removing hairs by using a powerful, yet safe type of laser. Thanks to the quick development of laser techniques over the last couple of years, this method has proven to be the most effective when it comes to hair removal. The laser basically tackles the hair follicle and hair cells, so new ones won’t be able to grow on the treated area. Personally, it has been bothering me since I was a teenager. My hairs are dark and thick and I’ve felt insecure about them for I can remember. Besides, I also had to cope with ingrowing hairs because of shaving or even waxing. I decided it was time to tackle one of my biggest obstacles once and for all. 

Wander-Lust getting hair laser removal
Getting one of my hair laser removal treatments by Anne

I decided to work with De Laserspecialist Santpoort for my hair removal journey. The Laserspecialist in Santpoort uses the newest laser technology by GentleLase. This method has a unique cooling system, which makes the hair laser removal treatments pretty much painless. However, it may seem a bit scary, or you may doubt the investment due to the cost. Let me break it down into a few good reasons why I think it’s the best choice for unwanted body hair.

Laserspecialist Santpoort

Say goodbye to ingrowing hairs

One thing that annoyed me more than anything; those ingrowing hairs due to shaving or waxing. Painful hair follicles, that turned red, even leaving scars sometimes. Since I started my treatment at De Laserspecialist Santpoort, I can say, that I’ve had zero ingrowing hairs. Besides, the hairs that have returned, are visibly thinner and softer. After about 6 to 8 treatments, you are pretty much hairless.

waxing | why to go for laser

It’s painless

Honestly, during all of my 6 treatments, I only felt a pinch once on the back of my legs. This must have been a large, thick stubborn hair, but I’m pretty sure it’s not coming back! Besides this one occurrence, I’ve never felt anything! This is because of the cooling technique of the GentleLase. A millisecond before the laser touches your skin, a cold substance is sprayed onto your skin. After your treatment, you may feel some tingling on the treated area, and some redness may occur. This is completely normal and disappears after a few hours. Anne from De Laserspecialist Santpoort always takes a test at the first treatment to see how your skin reacts. Safety first!

It will save you money in the long run

An important statement to make, but it’s true. Think about the expensive waxing treatment, that you have to come back for every month or so. Or the shaving materials – think of the plastic you’ll be saving too! My laser removal treatment costs €840,- for 6 treatments. I usually spent about 40 euro on waxing each month, do the math ;-).

More time on your hands

think about all the times you took an extra long shower to shave, or that extra hour in the weekend to wax your hair. Time is precious nowadays, and I got it back! A new treatment is needed after about 7 weeks.

Shaving - Hair removal by laser

Treatments are super fast!

Deduct my personal chitchat with the specialist, and you are in and out within 25 minutes. Again, this depends on the amount of hairs you have to treat, but it typically looks like this:

Hairs are shaved beforehand (you may do this at home, but I wanted to discuss my results so Anne did this for me)

Lines are drawn with white chalk to highlight the area that is going to be treated

The laser does its thing, and takes one second per 3cm

Cooling gel is applied and you are ready to go!

The results are real!

I’ve had my 6 treatments so far, and I am happy to tell you that my treated areas are almost completely hair free! The hairs that are still there are extremely thin, lighter and can be counted. My insecurities about body hair are finally gone, and I can travel around, wearing dresses and shorts without having to think about it. What I loved, is that after about 1-2 weeks after my hair laser removal treatments, I saw the hairs falling out, I could just wipe them away! 

Are you in doubt whether a laser hair removal treatment is for you, or are you curious? You can book a FREE consult at De Laserspecialist Santpoort, and if you book with code WANDERLUST, you get 15% off your first treatment!

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about this issue, you can send me a DM via our Instagram:

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*A little disclaimer though; we are not saying that you should remove your body hair. You are beautiful the way you are and completely entitled to do with your body as you please. Having said that, this has been a personal journey, a decision I am so happy with and a result I would love to share with you guys.



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