From Amsterdam to London by train in just 4 hours!

Traveling by train from Amsterdam Central station to London in just 4 hours! Arrive in the center of London in comfort, and find out why we never want anything different.

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The train speeds up to 300kmh and will eventually take around 4 hours to get from Amsterdam to London. Previously there was an extra stop in Brussels where you needed to get your passports checked, and this takes around 1 hour extra. Eurostar was planning to change these international agreements a while ago, but apparently this took a little longer than expected.

The comfort of train travel

Reasons to travel to London by train

  • It’s better for the environment
  • You arrive in London’s city centre (St. Pancras)
  • It’s comfortable and easy (no long waiting lines, easy check in, comfortable seats)

Tickets are already made available to buy, and are as cheap as €40,- for a single fare. Book early if you want to catch this cheap fare though. Sure, taking the plane is faster, but not so great for the environment, and if you have a fear of flying (like I do!), this is such a great option!

See you in London baby!



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