The Best Travel Gadgets for 2019

2019 has already been a great year for travel and with that come some amazing travel gadgets. Things that make your travel experience a little easier. These are our Top 5 Travel Gadgets of 2019.

1. Olympus EM-5 Mark III
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This compact camera has been seen in every top 10 list this year and we totally agree. 
Both Sarah and myself own an Olympus and we are very happy with the results. With the most powerful image stabilizer in the world (oh yes ), you can shoot the most beautiful images. Control the camera from your phone and use the built-in WiFi to save your photos on your mobile device. The camera includes a touchscreen and interchangeable lens . Oh yeah , he also looks super stylish! If you’re hesitant to spend all your savings immediately, check its siblings the OMD EM- 10 or the PEN series.

2. The Life Straw

For the real backpackers among us, this is quite a godsend . In countries like Thailand , Greece or Africa , you can not drink water from the tap. But with the Lifestraw you can! (It has even been tested with toilet water!) It filters water 99.9999 of bacteria and parasites. The handy straw (which weighs almost nothing) can filter up to 1,000 liters of water before it needs replacing. Even if you drink eight glasses a day would you can use it for 3 years before it needs replacing. Useful? Yes! 
From €25.00 available from various camping stores around the world.

You may have seen this one on Instagram a few times. The beach people (from Australia) created the first original round beach towel and since then it’s the new hottest item to bring to the beach. It’s available in different prints and sizes but we are fan of the limited edition: Palm Springs.
You can buy it online or find a shop in your region as there are many good imitations available like on Etsy for example.

4. Nozin

This is something you need if you are a regular traveller like us. A lot of times you will find yourself catching a cold after a long flight. Did you know that we touch our nose an average of 250 times?! With this in mind it’s not strange that in a cabin with over a hundred people you can get an infection of some sort. This easy to bring nasal sanitizer reduces the risk of infection and leaves you a little more at ease when somebody next to you in the plane sneezes into your face! 



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