Travel Hacks you should know before travelling


We all know you should at least bring your passport before travelling, but there are some things you may not always think of that might come in handy. Save these tips for later!

Here are seven handy travel hacks to think of before you head off to your new adventure.

1. Search for flights with an incognito browser tab

In order to make the most of this post travel hack, make sure to clear your cache first and additionally open an incognito tab. If you are returning later, do the same again. It doesn’t mean you automatically get a cheap fare, but it certainly won’t rise when you visit next, making it a more affordable option to book flights!

2. Roll your clothes when you pack

Honestly, this travel hack will save you a lot of space. Besides, it will leave your items cringe-free so no need for ironing in your hotel room! In fact, you can roll just about anything from your jeans to dresses, T-shirts and tops. Believe me when I say; you always need more space and this is the way to do it.

3. Bring a SIM-ONLY phone card

Depending on whether you’re going far and how long you travel, this is a hack many people often forget. Bring an affordable but reliable SIM-only phone card so you can be online and reachable anytime, anywhere. Also, if you get a sim card with Hollandse Nieuwe, you simply pay the costs for internet, calling and texting abroad from your bundle. Within the EU you pay the same rate as in the Netherlands. You also pay for internet outside the EU from your credit, only you pay a different rate per MB than in the Netherlands and the EU. Would you rather not use data abroad at all? Then you can turn off data roaming.

Sim Only travel hack

4. Turn your bank worldwide payments ON

This is a new safety feature for most international banks where you can turn off bank withdrawals in different continents. If you are traveling to Asia, you need to turn this setting ON otherwise you won’t be able to withdraw or make any payments while you’re there. It happened to me when I was in Doha and decided to buy some souvenirs. I had no wifi at the time, so I couldn’t change it when I wanted take cash out. Make sure you select a period and add a limit to your daily amount in case you lose your bankcard. 

5. Select a seat in the back

Most people will select a seat in the front or the middle as you will feel less of the turbulence, but the difference is limited. However, if you do select a seat as far in the plane as possible, you are often left with empty rows! More space to rest your head and did you know it’s also the safest spot on the plane?

6. Fly Business Class if you can

Back in the days this was something that wouldn’t be on my mind, but since the pandemic, I have come to appreciate the value of business class. I think if you have a long flight, it’s worth the extra cash, depending how much obviously. We know many airlines have lowered their prices and for 300 euro upgrades are possible! If you’re lucky you might be upgraded (see here how to narrow your chances), otherwise check the prices at the counter. 

Business Class Upgrade

7. Bring printed documents

Nowadays you need PCR-test results, hotel bookings, tickets and more. If you want to be organised, print a copy of everything and add them in a map so you can easily reach them if need be. Your phone may die or you might nog have wifi, so don’t rely just on that. Also, print a copy of your passport where your personal number is covered and your photo is blurred. Hotels copy your passport but they are not allowed to if you feel un-easy about it! Giving them your copy should be enough if you show your passport additionally.

8. Do some research about your destination

A must do before your travel! Do you need vaccinations or malaria pills? Are you visiting a religious country or spot where you need to cover your shoulders and legs? How is the climate? Is it safe to travel around as a solo female traveler? What type of plugs in the hotels? Many questions you should take into account before heading over there! Better be safe than sorrow.

Happy travels,


*This article was written in collaboration with hollandsenieuwe. We pick our collabs carefully, to give you the best experience and genuine tips.

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